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I enjoy going to school here because it is close to home and they treat you well! I feel that our safety should be more of a priority and that our should safety come first!
When I visited Fairmont State it felt like a well rounded, helpful institution with great qualities and great people.
Fairmont is a small university. The nursing program fills up quick. The school also has a lot of different facilities for its students
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It's okay. It's college, I guess. The food is terrible and everything is always breaking, but the professors and other faculty are really nice and it's a good education.
My college experience at Fairmont State so far has been excellent! The professors genuinely care about every student and they take they time to personally get to know you as an individual. Not to mention we have some of the best places to hang out and get food and drinks right on campus.
I am a transfer student from Potomac state college of WVU. Fairmont state welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to become a falcon right on the spot. Financial aid, student mentors, and teachers all gave me answers when asked and helped me when i was struggling. the only thing i would have to say i dont like is the fact the university is on a hill! It is quite the workout i must say. other than that, Fairmont is my second home!
I started attending Fairmont State in fall of 2017. I was a recent graduate of a local high school in the area. Like any other new student I was nervous, but the staff, and my academic adviser made me feel more than welcome! They go above and beyond to help their students, and they really do care about your academic success. Fairmont State also has a beautiful campus, surrounded by plenty of housing, and a diverse community. I have only been a student there for a year now, but I have loved every minute there. It's safe to say when graduation day arrives I will miss Fairmont State's campus, and the staff working there.
I like the small campus and the one on one attention from professors and advisors. They always make time to answer any questions.
Since new presidentcy Fairmont State as a whole has gotten a lot better with admissions, education, and athletics.
they provide accommodations for people who drive and often free food and snack along with a library you can take naps in so you're not living in your car.
Very nice school, small class sizes so you get the help you need. A lot of class choices and variety of times to take them. Great nursing program, however don't get behind. Amazing athletics. Everyone knows everyone type of school. Small town, not a lot to do. Dorms are very nice but expensive. Not a lot of scholarship options for nursing students.
Most of the faculty is friendly and easy to get along with. However, I would like to see a significant change within student services. I can’t speak for other advisors, but one of mine doesn’t really help with learning what all I need to take, but that is an easy fix. All that aside, Fairmont state is a pretty decent university, and I recommend the small campus to anyone who is nervous about leaving home.
I love the professors, they are top notch, at least in the computer science department. I would like to see the financial aid office change. As of this writing they really seem like they either have their hands tied and can't help, or they just don't care and won't help. As though they delight in red tape.
FSU is a small school, so you get lots of one-on-one attention. I very much enjoyed being a big fish in a small pond. The teachers really care about their students, and they have a great theatre program.
Fairmont State University gives you a great college experience with small class sizes, it is located in a college town, and excellent resources for students. The campus constantly has events happening in order to get students more involved, and there are many different types of people that attend FSU. It is located in the mountains in West Virginia in the small town of Fairmont with a plethora of dining options, as well as outdoor recreation. The dorms are brand new and are extremely safe with RA's on duty at all times.
I am an Accounting major and I absolutely love it here! The class size is small, so you get one on one time with the teacher, who knows your name. The teachers care about your education. They are experts in their field, and are great teachers. I would not want to go anywhere else!
Fairmont has been one of my best experiences thus far in life. I have learned many life lessons, and made many lifelong friends along the way.
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I love how the entire universty is accessible by foot travel once on campus. I enjoy the small class size and the interaction with the professors.
It is an amazing environment that is so friendly. Mostly, everyone knows everyone and if not new friendships are established. The classes are very informative. Professors work with the students in the best ways! It is an amazing school and everyone should take time and check out FSU!
Good campus life I love chi alpha but too much drama and racism Alicia the head of housing is very rude
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