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So far as a freshman I’ve come to consider the university my home. There are so many things to do on and off campus. There are so many clubs and activities to participate in. Since the campus is in the middle of two cities there are so many different places to go visit and hang out with. The safety of the campus is always promoted with public safety always around making sure everything is in order. In terms of academics I’ve encountered professor who actually care about me and my future and because of it, made me strive to do better and be the best version of myself.
Fairleigh Dickinson University is a great university that you have to take into consideration, if you are looking for a good college. They have many programs that help Latino students achieve their professional goals. For example, HACER and Latino Promise are excellent programs that you should know about it if isn’t English your first language. These programs allow you take ESL’s classes to improve your English skill and academic courses, as well. This a great opportunity that you should have in mind when you are looking for universities to attend.
I'm in the nursing program. The quality control of professors is nonexistant. I have one that's great, another that's ok and three who are unfair, tell you their expectations after an assignment is due, don't cover their own material and can't answer questions directly about material from the book, don't answer emails, and power hungry. I would describe one as abusive. Tha administration doesn't care. They won't audit the classes and don't allow you to record them. I have never been in such an unsupportive environment. Do yourself a favor go somewhere else.
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I love Fairleigh Dickinson University. I'm very comfortable on the Teaneck campus, where I commute to. It's an easy drive and parking is convenient. I love my professors and lectures. The counselors are super helpful in all areas. I made friends in my grade and we have study group sessions, which I love. I also use the gym on campus to get some exercise. I'm very happy with my choice of Fairleigh Dickinson University. In a few years, I'll have a double major masters degree and will be ready to start a new chapter in life.
The opportunities to study abroad are numerous which I took advantage of. The advisor for the Two Worlds program helped me transition from high school to college life every step of the way as well as involving my parents and easing their concerns. BUT! She got fired for a legal issue and her replacements haven't matched the bar she set. The advising of those after have been spotty and unreliable.
As for the professors they are really approachable and insightful, clear and concise. They are generally available for one on one meetings for any questions or concerns you might have.
Commuting to this school very easy to do as many buses run their route to accommodate the students here; It is located 30 minutes away from the city. Many events are always happening too. Intervarsity and Nubian ladies events are my favorite to attend. Also, the free stuff different groups and guests give from time to time are cool.
Wouldn't say it was worth the money. like all universities out there, they use old facts about themselves to attract anyone to enroll. getting to fdu was easy in the late 90's, just take the sat and even with an 800 you can be accepted even with a C average. counselors are not that helpful and were more into making sure you follow your bachelor checklist, the engineering faculty is outdated and very much outside the scope of what the actual market asks. hostility and resentment are in the minds of some professors and some exams dont match the course material. dont bother appealing, the director will do his best to deny your appeal. after graduation, chances are slim if you want to be in a good corporate environment and you might end up doing things outside what you supposedly learned. the networking events are poor since everyone's on the same boat looking for a chance up the ladder, dont recommend them. the diploma seems a bad stain of bad luck, better off at Rutgers or Montclair.
There was no social life, the return of investment was maybe you could probably apply being a cashier at a convenience shop and much of the so called global education wouldn't even be useful for real world things. academics were outdated unreal and most of the professors were reckless , uninformed and useless. i tried to transfer out but the gpa stopped me from leaving this mediocre school. luckily i had better gpa and opportunities at NYU than this excuse of a global education, all universities by now global with its diversity. it's a poor sales pitch and they should remove poor quality professors that are tenured.
At Fairleigh Dickinson University, I have come across some professors who can really explain the material and do a great job making sure everyone understands the material; however, I have also ran into a few poor professors. I made a few close friends that I would not trade for anything and became involved in campus by joining the cheerleading team. When it comes to activities and food, I feel as if the school could do a better job. I always end up leaving campus to eat and participate in fun activities.
My experience at FDU is good. Because of the location, there is not much that you cannot do without a car, but you can easily get on a bus and go to New York. The campus is small, so you tend to see the same people around daily. The professors are nice and want you to succeed. The food is average; it is like high school food. In the fall, there are a lot of events of campus, but in the spring it is the opposite.
The metropolitan campus could use work on the building's exterior... it is outdated. It is a small and quiet campus and the professor to student relationship is good. FDU is a pretty diverse campus and has many other campuses in other locations.
Went to this teaneck wasteland of a school due to my school not sending my transcripts on time to my original choices. Engineering faculty was a joke and overall unpleasant, decadent, outdated, close minded and overall cheap. I never heard of fdu before and has not helped me find a job, luckily i did go to an ivy league but fdu was not worth it. It had no social life, dead clubs that ceased in the late 90s, hostile deans, and unfair gradings.
I was a commuter, where most students at this campus are, and it was difficult to make friends since you spend so little time on campus. It seems as though you don't really get the full college experience here. However, there are many amazing professors who teach here.
As a second-semester freshman, awaiting to embark my sophomore year of college, this school is great...for me. FDU - Metropolitan can be described as a beautiful, quiet college campus. There are numerous student organizations for students to join, but have set activities planned during the week. For me, this is great. I get to enjoy my weekend studying for upcoming exams and quizzes, and de-stress cause college is VERY, VERY, stressful. To make your own opinion, come check it out for yourself! (:
FDU was good, but I feel as though the MA in Forensic Psych should only be offered with the BA/MA program. To me it felt more like a 5th year undergrad program, rather than a graduate program. It seemed as though it was more introductory than anything else, honestly. It's also only 1.5 years. At first that sounds amazing, until you realize you're taking 12 credits for 3 semesters in a row (full-time for graduate is 9). Spring semester almost destroys everyone, and I wish there was more experience with assessments.
Fairleigh Dickinson University is an okay school. I can say that I made many friends here because everyone is pretty much approachable. As far as campus involvement goes, I feel as though this school does not do much to get students involved. You have to go out of your own way to find out what is going on on campus. What I do enjoy about this school, is the diversity. There are many different people from various places, which makes it interesting here.
Very good opportunities to intern, volunteer. Many clubs for involvement and student activities. Very strong alumni base that gives back with many scholarships and seminars
I love the classes at Fairleigh Dickinson. The professors are very chill and informative. As a communications major, I love the social media classes that are offered.
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I love this school, except that my financial aid package was changed after I had already been cleared, which meant I had to pay the amount I wasnt prepared to pay.
I love that I live close enough to walk to campus. Small classes, and pretty tight instruction. Lots of Study Abroad opportunities, take advantage of as many as you can, particularly the Global Scholars program.
The professors are excellent and the courses are relevant. I feel safe on campus. The campus security is very nice and helpful. The campus is not too big, so you can walk everywhere.
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