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Fairleigh Dickinson University - College at Florham Reviews

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I love this school. I just wish there was more to do on campus. I feel like all I do is study and not connect with other students because of how small the school it. On the other hand, the academics here are amazing.
The school as a whole is fine; decent academics, beautiful campus, and great opportunities. But if you ever plan on getting work done anywhere other than your dorm or off-campus, think long and hard about coming here.

The Florham campus' library is genuinely the worst library I've ever seen. It is laughably small (there are literally about 16 tables to suit the entire school.) 9 times out of 10 I've walked in and walked out because there was no place to sit. The Orangerie is a bigger room attached to the library building, but it is often taken for some student or college run event. (So even if you can sit in there during said events, it is noisy and incredibly distracting.)

But, again, if the library caliber isn't of high value to you, then I would recommend this school.
Fairleigh Dickinson University is a wonderful school, great professors who actually care about your progress and you're not just a number. Small Class sizes.
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The school is small is but very spaced out. The professors are great, the atmosphere and environment is great. Everyone is very helpful. Although I would like to see the commuter's lounge change. It is a very small space and needs to be expanded.
clean-small--great campus great majors-pharmacy school has dual degrees available and is brand new.campus is off site away from other majors. Madison area is a quality geographic location.
I like the class sizes that Fairleigh Dickinson offers. It's usually less than 20 students per class, which is better suited for my learning style. I like interacting with my teachers, rather than listening to a professor lecture to 200 students. The student body is not that diverse so it's difficult to connect to my fellow peers. The teachers are also very determined in helping their students succeed. I wish they gave more financial aid because they are quite an expensive school. Also, I have been on the high honor roll for one year but it had no impact on my tuition.
I love Fairleigh Dickinson University so much. Although it wasn't originally my first choice in college, when I went to visit the school for the first time at admitted students day, I completely fell in love with it. I really liked all the people there and the campus is absolutely gorgeous. The professors are extremely good at what they are teaching and love doing what they are do. Most of them are very enthusiastic in teaching. There isn't usually much to do in campus, but when there is something, it is fun to do. You will also find the best people at this school and will find your people.
It is a great school that offers the best opportunities to those who want to invest in furthering their education.
What I like about FDU is their support for me especially in Silberman College of Business. The Dean of Business touch base with me and he makes sure that I am on the right track as well as the provost of the who entire school. They do not work for themselves, but they work for us students who needs help and is growing to achieve their dreams.
I have just completed a summer course and I am registered for the Fall. This was my first online course. I was guided professionally as to how to proceed. The professor was great. I reached out to him several times and he responded promptly at all times. I was made to feel like I was his only student. The Administration is great. I have visited most of the offices on the campus and have always been treated respectfully. I attended a two day Orientation last month. The students who were the volunteers answered all of my questions. The students that I met as future and current students were very friendly. This is a terrific campus. You will not be disappointed.
Professors are lovely and the campus is beautiful. However, the administrative staff have terrible attitudes and the food sucks. Overall good school though!
A Finance Major with two minors in Wealth Management and Accounting in the Silberman College at FDU. My advisors, professors, and coaches helped me balance being a full-time student, member of the Conference Champions of the Women's Lacrosse Team, a member of the Student Athletic Committee, and still having fun times with friends. There are many abroad options like a quick summer course at the campus in Wroxton, England or in Vancouver, Canada. The food has gotten better over the years, Omlette Lady is the BEST! Housing isn't great after freshman year, but live with some friends of campus and it could be great.
FDU has both its pros and cons. The campus, as well as the surrounding towns are beautiful. Academics are decent, I have had some professors that were tough and weren't really available for the students. Party scene is awful, it seems that if you aren't on a sports team or a sorority/fraternity, you won't be going out much. Campus food is mostly awful, I got sick from the food. Campus life is okay, some events are really not that interesting, and many trips off campus fill up within minutes, making it almost impossible to join. However, their study abroad programs look interesting. They have a lot of options. My biggest complaint is with housing. I currently do not have a place to live because FDU's housing is very limited and they accept way more than they can hold.
Academics and professors are great. Career Development is great in helping students place jobs and internships. Housing and food needs improvement.
The teachers there are amazing. They help you with life after college and try to give you all the tools that you need to succeed in the real world.
FDU is a small school with big opportunities. The school presents you with several internships, jobs, and future education outlets through their career service department. The people here care about you and will help you achieve your goals. I would like to see a better use of tuition money to improve food quality and building quality. The science program needs more funding to update their building and technology.
Fair leith Dickinson Unviersity is a very good school that I would recommend to many people. The academics are amazing and everyone around campus are very friendly. If you're looking for a party school this is not the school for you. However, they are big on Greek life!!
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I love the way the staff interacts with the students. The student body is small, so getting to know your classmates and your professor is very easy. However, the services provided are vastly overpriced and tuition is much to high for the quality of the school. I love going here. I love the proximity to the city while still being in a small town setting, and the students are friendly and lovely, but the campus just doesn't care much about the quality of a lot of services.
I like the atmosphere and how nice the campus is. I would like to see the dorms get renovated and I would like better food in the cafeteria.
The campus is beautiful, and the people are amazing. There are always little events and thing going on that students can attend. However you will have a much better experience asa resident of the school and a commuter
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