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I have applied to FDU and should hear a decision soon. The campus is beautiful and the staff are very helpful on a personal level. I look forward to advancing my education at this university and meeting new people. FDU also is offering a 7 year DO program, which I have applied for and I hope this will be the means to achieving my goals.
The small class sizes are great for any major that's not scientific or mathematical. The community is close knit, so if you want to establish connections here Florham is your place. Commuting is hard not enough parking spots, and residents will constantly take commuter spots. It's expensive to come here but they have great programs such as EOF, or a presidential scholarship which will cover your entire tuition.
So I recently transferred out of this university. While the campus was nice, the food and classes were not too great. I spent my freshman year there at FDU and just ended up hating it. It may have been the small size and the fact everyone went home on the weekends and left the weekends with hardly any activities. I am now at a large out of state school and my first two weeks have already been far better than my two semesters at FDU.
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Fairleigh Dickinson university is an amazing institution. There is a wide variety of courses to choose from, and most importantly, the professors genuinely care about the wellbeing of their students, both inside and outside of the classroom. The only thing that I would like to change is the the level of diversity in the school.
This is a small school so the professors are able to work with each student one on one and form connections. Faculty is generally extremely helpful, and services offered to students and alumni can't be beat.
I have yet to start living on campus as I am an upcoming freshman at FDU; however, I have been to admitted students day and a two day freshman orientation. From the small amount of time spent on this campus, the overall experience has been rather great. The cafeteria has been remodeled with exceptionally better food compared to the Teaneck campus. There are innumerable activities held at this school for even the most pickiest person to find a niche. During orientation the school provided two hours worth of sexual assault seminars, which indicate that they take issues of such nature with upmost serious. Student life seems very active and lively and with that, I am excited to start for the fall semester.
The science program that the school has to offer is incredible; I've learned so much. In the department of biology, which is my major, the professors are tough and challenging, but with good intentions. I think the school should offer more scholarships to deserving students, as the costs of housing and tuition continue to increase yearly.
The school itself is wonderful and beautiful. The campus is gorgeous and programs are fantastic. It is small which is good for people like me who like that student oriented school. I personally did not like living on campus at all. One of the only downsides to this school was how much it costs.
Fairleigh Dickinson University is such a pleasure to be at. I love the enviornment and positivity and safeness that you feel when you go there. So far I've only been at orientation but i can already tell that the students and teachers are all devoted to doing and being the best they can. The best part about the school is how quick they are to offer help, especiay when it comes to paper work. An amazing school which im extremely happy to be attending!
So far, I had a great experience at FDU. The school is a nice size and the campus is beautiful during all seasons. Because of its small size, it makes a great learning experience for many people. Also, it's very likely to know or see the same people around campus. FDU is not necessarily seen as a party school; however, it offers many events and activities on campus. The staff members and professors are very knowledgeable and approachable. Overall, FDU is a great school both academically and socially.
What I like about Fairleigh Dickinson University is the community. Almost all the faculty and staff is very helpful and make you feel welcomed. The students are very helpful with almost anything you need information on. The campus is a very beautiful and growing campus.
Fairleigh Dickinson has great psychology and criminology programs. The degree options offer plenty of room for multiple minors or adding additional majors. However, there are many general requirement classes that are similar to what would have been taken in high school and are unnecessary for certain majors who have decided their field of interest. The campus is beautiful and everyone is very friendly.
It's a nice university with a small and quiet feel. Unfortunately it's not perfect. Honestly, it's very easy to get lonely here on this university, as I did during my first year. The worst mistake I made was underestimating the importance of Greek Life. I assumed it was barely a thing because it was a rather small campus and there were no frat houses.

Also, it gets very quiet on the weekends, so it's best if you just go home then.
I love the size of FDU. After going to a large high school, FDU was a fresh start for me. The small class sizes make the lectures very personal, giving students extra opportunities for office hours with the professor if needed. There are free tutors available in the Academic Support Center in which students can schedule sessions online when convenient for them. Greek life is huge on campus, so there is always philanthropic opportunities daily. There are many clubs and organizations as well, so plenty of opportunity to get involved.
Excellent small school for those looking to stay in a cozy campus with wonderful teachers and activities. Campus life really cares about the students, public safety does a really good job helping out, and the professors really know their stuff- just make sure you learn how to cook during cafeteria off-days!
Such a welcoming environment. Everyone is so friendly and caring. Loved the campus. In a nice safe are where there are plenty of things to do on the weekend. NYC is 45 minutes away so its a good place to attend school. PLUS FREE LAUNDRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FDU is a good school. A great place for nursing degrees and theatre majors. The campus life coordinators always have an event planned so there's never a dull moment on campus. The sports games are also great to watch. Academically speaking, this campus has a great array of professors who are dedicated to their jobs as well as their students. If you're looking into becoming a teacher, I'd recommend studying here in the 5-year QUEST program. Great, great school.
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I came here for a tour and immediately felt at home. The campus, students, and staff are welcoming and friendly and I truly had an amazing experience.
Love the location of the school- close to cities and many big corporations. There is a very diverse and accepting student population. I wish the technology and facilities would be updated.
also beautiful and the neighboring area (Madison) is great. Most of the other NJ colleges are in pretty sketchy/boring areas(all the rutger's, tcnj,bloomfield,saint peters,etc) but FDU is in a small upper class town that has a great downtown and is near Morristown-a beautiful bustling town. I also really like the fact that FDU Florham has a campus in England. If you're looking for a 30K student state party school you're not gonna find that here, but if you're looking for a small liberal arts college, you've found the right place.
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