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Fairleigh Dickinson University - College at Florham Reviews

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I like the atmosphere and how nice the campus is. I would like to see the dorms get renovated and I would like better food in the cafeteria.
The campus is beautiful, and the people are amazing. There are always little events and thing going on that students can attend. However you will have a much better experience asa resident of the school and a commuter
From recent visit I loved the staff, they were very pleasant and attentive to my financial situations. I love that they act as family constantly encouraging current and incoming students.
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FDU is a small school with nice people, intimate classroom settings and a historic campus. My experience at FDU has been very average... The campus life here is poor students leave on the weekends and people are hardly outside. The campus is very quiet most days but FPC does a fine job creating events do to attend but these events get very old quickly.

As a freshman, I often felt stuck in a box or like every day is monotonous. It is difficult to leave campus and there are nothing but offices around the school. Be prepared to UBER everywhere or stay on campus/ in your dorm on weekends.
FDU is an amazing campus. It makes you feel important and part of such an amazing world. The campus environment is loving and fun. The natural world is all around and relieves so much stress!
Very beautiful campus and I love my classes. The Madison area is very nice and the proximity to New York is perfect for those who love the city. However, life on campus is fairly boring and the food isn't that great.
My favorite thing about Fairleigh Dickinson university is the small campus. It a friendly area where everybody knows everyone. There is a friendly face where ever you look with facility and student.
I really liked the academics at FDU-Florham. The professors, for the most part, are really kind and willing to work with you. They offer a lot of opportunity post-college for their students, but other than academics, I didn't like what it had to offer. There is minimal student life, and almost nothing going on. Its a closed campus and very small, so you see the same faces and never see things happening. I felt very alone all of the time, and since its so small, everyone knows everyone's business.
When you arrive at Fairleigh Dickinson you're surrounded with their nature and taste of history as you step foot on their campus. In distinction to any other college, you can attended to a class/lecture inside the former Vanderbilt mansion, which was a seasonal home owned by the "Gatsby-era" Vanderbilts. Not only where the sizes of these historical-kissed classes enjoyable, but the staff and community are the diamonds and pearls of this University. You are not just a student at Fairleigh Dickinson, but part of a international family who encourages you to shine the best of your abilities and lay a strong foundation for your future career/profession. You create bonds, friendships, and relations with your fellow schoolmates and professors that you will cherish throughout your years at Fairleigh Dickinson.
Fairleigh has many opportunities and programs for their students. The University will challenge you, and turn your field into a discipline to master.
The campus is beautiful, there's a plethora of options to get involved on campus, the staff is all around friendly and helpful. The only thing I would change is more diversity within my major.
I liked the diversity and the overall campus and teachers. Its very secluded so it is not for people who like the city.
I love the look and feel of the campus. But it is very unorganized and needs to have better sports and professors.
I love the atmosphere and some of the teachers are very good at what they do, but others are good and have no idea how to teach people about that subject. The food isn't always the best unless there is a campus event going on either.
Amazing school, upholding it's reputation. FDU has a beautful campous with wonderful people who are very helpful.
i'm a freshman at Fairleigh Dickinson i"m very happy with college life there is a lot to choose from, it's small which was one of the reasons i choose there is a great program for students with learning disabilities and academic i'm still undecided but working toward a major.
Very good atmosphere to learn with teachers who generally care about your progress, as well as free tutoring and all other sorts of great things a student would need
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Honestly overall I love going to FDU. The only problem is the cafeteria food. If that changes the school will be 10/10.
The campus is small so it's easy to find your place within campus life and meet a lot of nice people.
I have applied to FDU and should hear a decision soon. The campus is beautiful and the staff are very helpful on a personal level. I look forward to advancing my education at this university and meeting new people. FDU also is offering a 7 year DO program, which I have applied for and I hope this will be the means to achieving my goals.
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