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Fairfield has a great campus atmosphere and I love being there. I've met many great people at Fairfield. The professors also offer great support for your overall academic success. You also have many opportunities to get involved.
I would love to see more diversity at Fairfield. The only real diversity we have is in the commuter lounge and diversity lounge, which is sectioned off in a portion of the school. But a plus would be that academics are very serious here. There aren't the best professors, especially in some STEM departments, but the ones that are good are great.
Fairfield University is a place which provides students plenty of opportunities to use their education as a way to better themselves- not just in their field of study, but throughout their entire lives. That being said, the student body as a whole is seems to be apathetic to the world around them, and more concerned with the here and now than the future which their education is meant to prepare them for.
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People are very nice at this university. Just don't be afraid to put yourself out there because there are always people more than willing to get to know you. Can make friends in classes and meet like minded individuals. There are professors that also care about their students success and are willing to help them as much as possible.
I went to Fairfield for 4 years and it was an amazing experience. It wasn't my first choice school, however I grew to love it and met the best friends in the world! Everything happens for a reason, and Fairfield was my place. I excelled in academics, enjoyed the party scene, and lived on the beach, which is the most unique college experience by far.
I have only completed my freshman year at Fairfield University. However, going into my sophomore year, I can say with confidence that I deeply respect and enjoy this school. The Jesuit education is extremely effective for students that actually want to learn.
I had an amazing experience at Fairfield. I met friends that I can call my family and who I will hopefully remain close with for the rest of my life. The one downfall I can say about this school is that Freshman year sucks compared to the 3 years following it. Freshman year is still a good year but it is not going to be one of the "amazing" years you will experience at Fairfield. The school really gets fun once you are a sophomore and have larger dorm rooms (especially if you live in the village or Faber) and more connections at the townhouses and beach so partying is not as awkward. Once you have your own townhouse or beach house Fairfield gets that much better. I have had the best memories as a junior and senior that I honestly cannot go visit my old townhouse or beach house without crying because I miss it so much.
Great academic cirriculum for the nursing program. Making friends can be tough, and it is a very cliquey environment.
I really enjoyed my time at Fairfield University. I have met friends that I know I will keep for the rest of my life. Most of the professors are very personable and understanding. The small class sizes really put emphasis on the student getting the most out of the course. The University finds a way to align all it's matters with the core Jesuit values, without being overbearing. Everyday you will be in contact with the positive community of staff, faculty, and students. The Town of Fairfield in itself is beautiful, with the beach being right down the road, but the campus always seems to be green and lively, even on the coldest winter day.
Fairfield has everything you need to define who you are as a growing adult and gives you ample preparation to become a functioning adult. Like most schools, your experience at Fairfield is what you make of it! If you are true to yourself and recognize the importance of the education you are receiving, it makes it that much easier to find people to hang out with and to establish life long relationships.
Fairfield University allows students to meet with professors on 1:1 basis; make great lasting friendships; become a productive member of the community; and prepares you for a life worth living outside the campus.
I absolutely love Fairfield. The people, the town, the campus, and the education are amazing. I have found lifelong friends as long as a wonderful education.
I absolutely love the campus and size of Fairfield! The Jesuit community mixed with the small campus makes for a welcoming school.
Love the new nursing and business buildings. The campus is very pretty and I like how they are trying to put the Fairfield name out there.
Fairfield university is a great investment, however this only applies if you are in the business school or nursing programs. Fairfield University is an extremely strict school when it comes to its students and their behavior. Too many write ups and you’re out. In addition the housing options are mediocre at best. The public safety here ate almost too good at their jobs and like to bust everyone’s balls. The students are generally white rich preppy kids from Long Island that use their parents money to splurge on food via uber eats because the food in the dining commons is so bad. All in All if I had the chance to start over I definitely would not have attended Fairfield University but rather a school that didn’t monitor every move a student makes like a private high school.

Words to describe the University:
WAYY too strict
No access to car until junior year
Hinders your ability to mold into an adult
List goes on...
Really nice school! Professional and knowledgeable professors and many new renovations and upgrades to the campus. New Dolan school of business building opens next year.
School sports spirit is really the only area that I’m feeling a little light on...
Wonderful school in an excellent location! Very friendly environment with many opportunities and benefits. Very small faculty to student ratio allowing a very home-like feeling.
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I am only a first-year at fairfield, but I love it. They have a very diverse curriculum and excellent facilities upon which they are always improving. The disability services are excellent and the professors treat their students respectfully. The only thing I would change is the extensive core, which I believe is a bit too extensive to where it interferes with a student's chosen educational path.
What I know about Fairfield University, is that they help every one who wants to make their dreams come true. Fairfield University makes that happen, they help you with all the questions, or concerns you may have. When you decide to enroll in this University, is the best decision you can make. People help you without judging you. Also, they give you the best advise you need. They help you, even when you think everything has fall down, they give you hope. My dream is to graduate from Fairfield University, because they have given me this hope I was waiting for. A long time ago I decided to stop following my dreams. But I believe in a God that makes everything possible. I've found the University of my dreams, if I did you can too. whatever your status in this country is, do not stop following what you want to be in the future. If you have dreams, keep seeking them. A lot of people will close doors at your face but, God will open o lot more for you.
Wonderful school, with attentive teachers and a positive community! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a reputable college in the area!
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