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Fairfield University has a beautiful campus with a mix of older and brand new facilities with more on the way. The education standards are pretty high and the party scene, not so much. The town of Fairfield, Ct is very nice, but a little too far to walk. One of my biggest gripes, besides the food, is that you cannot have a car on campus until your Junior year.
Fairfield U is a great school to go to. But just like anything what you put in is what you get out. If you just sit in your room you will be board. It is important to get involved. Professors are amazing, they want you to succeed. Campus is beautiful but the food could be better. While the sports are not the best, it is made up with the beautiful rec-plex. Over all a great return on your investment plus a great place to meet real well-rounded people.
Fairfield University welcomes everybody. The staff and the students are friendly. What I really love is that there is always something to do at Fairfield. FYE helps freshmen to find their place and make new friends.
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Great school! Never want to graduate! Thinking about staying for a masters program. Well worth the money your parents will pay.
Loved my time at Fairfield. I was able to make great friends and learn a lot from my professors. Living on the beach senior year is obviously a highlight but the townhouses junior year are even more fun. The party scene is great consisting mostly of townhouse parties, off campus houses at the beach, and of course the Seagrape.
What I like about Fairfield university is all of the faculty and students will make you feel like your apart of this big family, which is important i feel when your a freshmen.
Fairfield University is a very close minded university. The students are all a part of a very specific subset of people, those of whom are extremely privileged in every aspect of life. The professors do not seem to care about your future unless you are one of these trust fund babies. The staff are not willing to compromise, provide clarity or sometimes even offer generosity.
Fairfield has a great learning environment and everyone feels like a family. I love that there are so many clubs
Don't appreciate the negative reviews on this site. Fairfield University is a very respected college.
Nice campus, really great professors, good student body. By the end of my freshman year, I had made excellent connections with a range of professors and older students, got a research opportunity, leadership in clubs, and am very integrated in the Fairf community.
School name is worthless. Wont get a job with a degree from this school save your money and try to go somewhere better.
This school deserves a solid three stars. While I love how Fairfield will prepare me well for a future in marketing and my academic experience so far has been 10/10, I am disgusted by the people here. School should not be about how pretty you are, or how much money your parents have. I have met genuinely mean people here and go home constantly due to a lack of friends. Coming from a very diverse high school I am astounded by the ignorance of the stuffy and racist white people here. I am very lucky to have gotten a great amount of financial aid to attend Fairfield but the student life here is just pitiful. If you aren't white, beautiful, preppy, or a party animal you will most likely live a miserable freshman year.
Really beautiful campus, the people are all very nice, the professors are very intelligent and successful in what they do.
Fairfield University provides a solid education, with some aspects of their mission being inspired by Jesuit values. If you are not looking for a Catholic experience, there are ways to avoid it, and if you do want to be involved in Campus Ministry, you can. The large core of classes can be daunting, but it helps students become well-rounded and well-informed individuals. There are opportunities for research experience, club sports, and career-development - if you know who to talk to. Sometimes extra-curricular experiences are difficult to find, so make sure to talk to teachers and administration; they are happy to point you in the right direction. The town of Fairfield has very good food, and the campus is pretty, and in the process of improvements. Make sure to join a "Res College" your sophomore year - it is a wonderful experience that not many other schools offer.
I truly believe that I chose the university that best fits me. There is nowhere else I would have liked to call home and fulfill my college career other than Fairfield University. This prestigious school and close knit community made me realize that this is where I belong.
Great amenities and buildings. great professors/teachers/staff and academics. Food is okay, have lots of clubs and activities to choose from.
Fairfield university is a wonderful school with amazing faculty. The professors go out of their way to ensure that all their student feel supported and succeed. The one down side would be the cost.
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Best first year experience I've ever had. I have met many friends here and the whole community is very welcoming and inviting. I would not want to be anywhere else.
The teachers are amazing! The classmates are supportive, and the staff want's what is best for you. Administrative offices don't really pick up the phone often, but when they do, they are really helpful.
Freshman dorms are average. No AC. Sophomore living is limited, lottery is limiting. Sophomore housing is mostly really nice... unless you get a bad lottery number. Juniors and seniors have great options.
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