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Fairfield University is a great school, they focus a lot on students well being and learning and if you want to get that one on one time it’s perfect because the class sizes a relatively small.
Online school is not my preferred method of learning but the professors did an amazing job of making sure we the students were engaged and not “zoomed” out.
Fairfield is the best place on the planet. There is something in the water here that just makes it feel like the right place to be. A mile from the beach, a train ride from Manhattan, and vibrant bar scene (without covid), darties at the point, and a very personable campus? sign me up! Business school is ranking higher and higher every year! GO STAGS!
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During COVID, classes are online. I think every student across the country is in the same boat where they're not enjoying online classes, but they're making the most of it.
Every instructor handled the shift to remote learning with professionalism and compassion, making the transition easy.
The campus enviornment and culture is really excellent. I feel like I can do anything with a Fairfield degree.
I am presently a Freshman at Fairfield University in the time of Covid. The experience is definitely what you make of it. I am in the honors college and those people are mostly kind and genuine. There are mostly snotty rich kids and you will feel judged as you are walking through campus, but once you find your core group Fairfield is a great place to be. There are many movements to increase the feeling of being accepted and there are many organizations and clubs to join to help you fit in. The campus is the most clean of those I have seen and is kept very well. There is landscaping weekly and cleaning the bathrooms by the hour. The food, even during Covid, is great and there are a lot of options. The dorms, especially Jogues, are clean new and beautiful. I recommend living in a LLC. It is a party school but you can easily focus on academics and find people with the same values. Overall, Fairfield is a great college to choose.
The professors are very understanding and are willing to talk and help students out. The professors are a part of what makes Fairfield so great.
I've been enjoying my time at Fairfield, it's a great community and I feel like a lot of the friends I've made here are family.
It's a work in progress, it's coming down to how I feel as thought I learn and work best. A one size fits all approach to measuring or evening employing a system is tough.
The online schooling here is as good as it can be. The mission of teacher kids online is a hard mountain to climb and truthfully there is only so much a university can do when trying to accomplish it. As far as online classes go- Fairfield surely makes the mission as accommodating and easy for its students as possible.
Everyone I have met thus far is kind and inviting. The teachers take personal interest in each student and readily help them as much as possible. The campus is beautiful and the perfect size, everything is nice and close by but it's not so small that you feel trapped so to say. The only thing I have to mention that does not add an extra praise to the infinite list of positives I have for Fairfield University would have to be the price tag. Depending on personal situations this varys as an issue one might come across. Though this comes as a disappointing side to the school, the return on this investment is unmatched. Every alumni I have had the pleasure of meeting says that the ability to follow a dream job is easily found after graduating from this amazing university.
It's a very good school with things to do and good education. Fairfield u university is a very big school and is a very populated college.
No I didn't take any classes online in Fairfield University yet but I did online learning when I was in high school as a senior.
Having to switch to online learning was not something I think the school was prepared for. They were very professional and I appreciate the school making an effort to continue our studies.
This school is amazing and I have zero regrets coming to this school. It was somewhat of a random choice for me but the professors and students are great. There are a ton of clubs on campus as well as many different outlets to have fun on the weekends.
Teachers were very accomodating, but I personally do not like online classes. Some professor pre-record lectures which is really nice to go back and study at your own pace.
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As a new student, I was very excited to attend Fairfield University. However, I quickly realized how clique the school is. However, the campus is beautiful and professors truly do care about their students.
Fairfield University has such a great student to teacher ratio and perfect class sizes! It is a lot of fun and in the best location!
Due to the pandemic, we were online for the last part of second semester. Teachers were awesome and able to work with students in the best ways possible in order to get their teaching across.
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