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My English Course – I was required to take a english 091 due to my score on the CAT-W. From the start of the first class, I made an obligation to pass the CAT-W. Thrugh the duration of the class I began to understand the fundemental mechanics that involve writing. Such that, an essay is an extension of a body paragraph; the proper usage of the diffrent sorts of punchuation can make a simple essay into a sophisticated literature. As a result, out of the seven essays written in this class four have the score of 80 and above.
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Technology's Improvement – Hostos is a community college located in the Bronx. when i first got there it wasn't as developed as today. we had a 30$ printing copy card but now we have 70$ per semester. however, if a student is taking the summer session, he will get less in his copy card. our computer labs are nice and large and we had all the materials we need in order to learn. we also have the opportunity to lend a computer for 3 days and it is really great for students who doesn't have computer at home.
  • Sep 10 2010
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Limited Drug Scene – since I've been in the college, i never heard about drug, and alcohol abuse. it is true that the college is in the Bronx where most people tend to believe how bad the neighborhood is. it depends of which part of the Bronx, though. students are not influenced by peers because most students come from different part of the world. there are international students and Latinos.