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Both the campus director and previous director of education have been ineffective for the entirety of my time here, things are never done in a timely fashion and there have been so many staff changes that the curriculum has suffered a lot.
SAE Expression College, or Ex'pression College as it used to be known, may have been a respectable college at one point but those days have long passed. Over half the teachers had left by the time I finished my degree and those who remained were overworked and generally unprepared to help their students.

Half the equipment was in failing condition, outdated, and there was never enough of it to go around. The number of usable workstations on campus it were also inadequate to compensate for the number students using them, in no small part because the campus effectively lost half of its previous floor space. This is due to the fact the college was struggling fiscally after a change in management and thus it was decided to downsize the campus as a whole.

My advice is that if you're looking for a school to study either digital film making or animation that you look elsewhere. This place is not worth your time or your money.
The school is great! I love the availability to be able to come back and do homework at any time or any day. The staff is very friendly and the teachers have their foot in the door in the industry that you want to get into. I feel that is key when you are starting the process into getting your degree. The tuition is a little pricey, but the school puts us first and I love it.
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Through most of my academic experience the school has been In transition. It was bought out and faculty and staff were leaving and coming in. So it's been a little in the tense side but current instructors are awesome.

The buildings are almost done with renovation and it's looking pretty great.
I'm in the BAS( Bachelors in Audio Science) program, where it's typically hands on, as well as the best student/teacher involved lectures.
I'm so excited about this experience. I am looking forward to the next three years here at Expressions.
You have 24 hour access to the school, so it is very convenient.
Nothing beats a hands-on experience
The school helps you look for jobs.
Everyone is there to get there degree and find jobs in their field.
They are very helpful and look out for you.
I get to focus and perfect my one and only craft.
It's very unique and allows you to focus on your major.
The staff has been so great for me. Everyone on the staff has been more than supportive and attentive.
I love that I can take my general education classes online, allowing me to work at my own pace. I got bored in grade school sitting in class waiting on other students to catch on, so this is one of the best ways to get my course work done while learning the things I need to be a better industry professional.
Our advisors are well connected and know many of the professionals in the industry today. So do the staff and instructor who are still working professionally as well. It's great for networking and getting those opportunities you read about.
Classes don't start officially until wednesday, but after the admission process and orientation, I've been able to speak with my program heads and others students who have given me a wealth of knowledge and the confidence to persue my degree at Ex'Pression. The intimacy in the classes is a bonus.
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I've already learned of alumni form my school who have careers at Pixar and other companies as well as those who decided to go the entrepreneur route and have been highly successful. I am currently an independent music artist, so this is the final piece to my professional puzzle.
As a sound arts major at Ex'Pression there are seven full recording studios where I can hone my engineering skills, we also have several opportunities to collaborate with students from other concentrations on film, animation, gaming and more. There is endless opportunities for students to become a subject matter expert in their own field of study while still learning about other artistic fields that blend with your major.
I've attended traditional university and nontraditional and Ex'Pression seems to be the best place to earn an education in your desired field and gain real life experience while networking at the same time.
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