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My experience being a full-time student at Evergreen Valley college was great. I was apart of the Women's Soccer team and the ENLACE community. I had the opportunity to make some great friends and focus on my studies while playing college ball. Overall, the campus is always clean and the professors at evergreen make school easy and fun.
the campus is nice, everyone is there if you need anything there is always someone to ask. everyone minds there own business.
College is so different from High School, you have older people around and you always seem to be lost have of the time. All I can say is that Evergreen Professors really do care about your future and want you to succeed.
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This is a pretty clean college. They provide good tutoring. The people that work there are really nice and they will always help you out if you tell them your problems.
Next month will be my second year studying at this school and am very happy I chose this school for my college education. The profesors I have had throughout my classes have all been great instructors. They have been helpful and have taught the course curriculum in fun and friendly way. It has been easy for me to talk to my profesors, since they have all been easy to talk to and approchable.
The experience I had with Evergreen overall has been wonderful. I couldn't ask for better professors and better classmates. It has been a journey trying to get to where I am today and I am proud to continue my nursing education with EVC.
Evergreen is a pretty independent school. No one really minds what you do. Take the time to visit your counselor if you want to transfer quickly. Other than that, some of the classrooms are super old and smelly. Only the m&s building is renovated.
Counselors arent very good. Hard to transfer out of very low rates of graduation. I am going to transfer to De Anza after this semester, their transfer rate is 75%
I like that it's close to my house and that's pretty much it. I don't like the general counselors though their ASPIRE program seems to care more. I'm upset at the lack of student life but then again it's a commuter school. There isn't any dorms which isn't surprising because it's a community college. I'm only going here because it's cheap and to fulfill my credits for the future.
Evergreen Valley College is a great college who studying engineering like myself. there are many good professors in the field. i love the hill-like area. give fresh air. the school are building some great faculty.
I've seen people I know with satisfying faces when graduating. I am very impressed with the school as a whole.
I like the simplicity of Evergreen. There is a balance of fun on the campus and enough focus space to do your own work.
Great campus ! Most of my teachers have been pretty good, but I also do research before registering in a class. The campus is beautiful, and it's easy to get help with your class there's free tutoring for students.
This campus is great, the teachers are good, and the people are nice! The only thing is that they should really invest in building a parking garage, parking can be a pain if you have day classes!
The things that are great about the school are the professors. Most of the professors that I've had are really great at what they teach and are very knowledgeable. For a community college, I think it's one of the better schools in the south bay.

That being said, the biggest downside is the food in the cafeteria. It's fairly small and there aren't a lot of options. And although I'm not very familiar or up to date with all the activities happening on campus, there's a lot of activity I see happening on a week to week basis. Great way to get involved with other students.
EVC was one of the best schools that I attened for the education, student involvement, the relationships that I built with the faculty, and my development. For the past eleven years, I had been at EVC for my college education. There were many instrucators, student tutors, faculty who redefined my skills as a student for subjects like Math, English, science, and history. There were times where I failed courses and I retook them for a better grade. Three years ago, I brought back the news paper club and rebranded Journalism to give a fresh start.
In addition to getting an education at EVC, the Disabled Student Program, Tutoring Center, and faculty were essential to my success as a student with a learning disability in language that affects reading, writing, and speaking. The Disabled student program helped numerous time with testing, assistive technology, and speaking for my behalf. The Tutoring Center sharpened my language skills for my English courses.
The campus is very clean and modern. They have just built a new math and science building featuring computer rooms and tutoring centers. The new automotive center is beyond beautiful. The campus is full of energy and help. This school is a very good school to finish your prerequisites.
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The teachers at Evergreen Valley College care about their students. They are always willing to help students if the students reach out for it. The campus overall is nice, with new buildings.
Evergreen Valley College is a college that is full of diversity, knowledge, and age group. Students that attend at this are always curious for knowledge and are motivated to do well. There are many who came back to college to expand their knowledge as well and many who have chose this college as a start. Professors here at this college always want the best for their students are willing to help students if needed. Evergreen Valley College is full of resources that students can always access for help.
I think it is good college and easy to get around. The counselor are great and very helpful. I am transfer from University of North Texas, so the counselor had to lot of work to figure out the classes I need to get a AA. The professor are easy to talk and very understanding.
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