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The instructors here are a hit or miss. I've had three good instructors here, out of nine. Some instructors are horrible, and I almost dropped their class, but decided to hang in there and finish because I didn't want to repeat the class. Students are friendly here. I have met a lot of nice, helpful people, including the staff at the book store, cafeteria, and counseling office. I received my AA in Health Science, back in May of 2017, and will be starting their RN program in Spring 2019. I'm excited about this, and nervous at the same time. Good luck to you future students! Keep your head up!
Evergreen Valley College make sure EVERY student is informed about all the great opportunities they have to get help . The counselors are extremely helpful and informative. They campus is beautiful and I really enjoy the taco and boba trucks that stop by in the Campus. Evergreen has been the first college where I actually felt safe and welcomed. Professors are amazing and caring and do a great job challenging you and pushing you to do better. As a person who has been insecure with speaking up the energy most of the professors have make the classes feel like a safe environment. I absolutely love this college and recommend the school to any one .
My experience so far has been pretty good! I like all the art department classes I’ve taken and the professors tend to be really kind and understanding.
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My overall experience with Evergreen Valley College is an okay experience. Some of the professors her are pretty great while others seem to be unorganized and very old fashioned with their teaching. However I do like the diversity here at Evergreen Valley College, they try their best to get the students involved, they bring out different activities to do every once in a while.
Campus is clean and spacious. Classrooms were nice, but felt barren. Parking was hard and a daily struggle.
Evergreen Valley College is a very welcoming place, but is unfortunately filled with so many people. Many of the classrooms have been impacted, and it can be rather difficult to get the classes you want if you are not first or second priority registration. Most of the professors I've had have been very nice and helpful, but I do know many others have not been as lucky. Despite this however, the classes are good, the people are nice, and there are many academic resources to be had; you just have to know where to find them.
Evergreen Valley Community College has a thriving student life, an aesthetic campus, and invested teachers that care about your success as a student. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far, and I have nothing negative to say about my so far experience. I have developed long lasting friendships, along with reconnecting with previous close friends.
Overall a great school. Sometimes I do feel like I am back at high school with a ton of students being recent high school graduates, the maturity level is pretty low. Aside from that the faculty is great. All the professors so far have been great at making sure their students succeed.
I liked that everyone that goes here is there to get their things done and they do not go here to party or to kid around. You have serious adults working on serious adult things.
Campus is easy to get around.

My teachers where amazing.

When I need more help they are more than willing to lend a hand in class or through email.
The professors I have taken taught very well, going over concepts and examples that helped the class understand the topics. The staffs are somewhat helpful, sometimes some would have an aggressive tone, but others would be very helpful and understanding.
I enjoy how peaceful and tranquil Evergreen Valley College is. There is a lot of nature and the vibes on campus are definitely serene. However, it would be nice for the campus to feel alive and energetic once in a while.
Evergreen is the best community college and best place to start building your future. I only been there for 2 semesters and I am already liking it.
So far, it is a great place to walk around and conversate with friends. The Lounge at my cafeteria is a common place I go and talk with my friends or work on homework or projects. The instructors are very nice and helpful, and it shows that they care. I would recommend it greatly.
Evergreen is a good college. What I like about the school is that they have a lot helps for students who can't afford to buy or pay their school fees. I only been one and half semester but it's already getting better for me. I get free money for passing my classes and I hope everyone love the school as I do.
So far it has been good. I am taking online classes so I don't get to see the campus a lot. However, I do visit friends and the times I have been there it has always been good.
This is being my first community college being attended. I have been here since 2015 and professors are pretty nice and easy. Just get to class, do all your work, and you should be good to go.
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It's a great school to come and get your general ed completed & to quickly transfer to a 4-year. They've remodeled a lot of the campus & it looks really nice!
beautiful renovated campus. tons of resources available to help students through the process to include academic counselors, library resources, computer labs, library, and tutoring centers.
Overall, Evergreen Valley College is an excellent community college. Opportunities are available to those who seize them and I decided to be as involved as I could as a student, joining my college's Associated Student Government. At the time I joined, I had no idea how this position would influence my decisions and the decisions of those around me. Over the next year, I attended workshops, trainings, conferences, and meetings. I began to understand how my community college operated and what role I played in the large scheme of things. As a representative of the students on campus, I began to hold myself accountable for my own actions. I became aware of the way I interacted with those around me, my own work ethic and the way I presented myself. I've met some of the most hardworking students and faculty members at this college and I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've received at this institution.
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