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So far it has been good. I am taking online classes so I don't get to see the campus a lot. However, I do visit friends and the times I have been there it has always been good.
This is being my first community college being attended. I have been here since 2015 and professors are pretty nice and easy. Just get to class, do all your work, and you should be good to go.
It's a great school to come and get your general ed completed & to quickly transfer to a 4-year. They've remodeled a lot of the campus & it looks really nice!
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beautiful renovated campus. tons of resources available to help students through the process to include academic counselors, library resources, computer labs, library, and tutoring centers.
Overall, Evergreen Valley College is an excellent community college. Opportunities are available to those who seize them and I decided to be as involved as I could as a student, joining my college's Associated Student Government. At the time I joined, I had no idea how this position would influence my decisions and the decisions of those around me. Over the next year, I attended workshops, trainings, conferences, and meetings. I began to understand how my community college operated and what role I played in the large scheme of things. As a representative of the students on campus, I began to hold myself accountable for my own actions. I became aware of the way I interacted with those around me, my own work ethic and the way I presented myself. I've met some of the most hardworking students and faculty members at this college and I'm so grateful for the opportunities I've received at this institution.
There's some really great teachers at EVC, but only a few. Aside from that, there's not much else to like about the school. There's also many teachers that aren't that great, that the deans do nothing about. Additionally it seems as if most staff in admissions & counseling have NO CLUE what they're doing. (Everyone will give you different answers to the same question.) Also many planned events that don't go through without any notice.... like the "grad fair" this semester.
My experience at Evergreen Valley College has been great thus far. I applied to Evergreen because it is a cheaper alternative and close to home. I didn't know what to major in at the end of high school, so I went to EVC. Evergreen has amazing teachers and counselors who are very hands on with their students. They care about student's successes and will do anything to help.
I've had great teachers here. The campus is clean, not so crowded, or feel too small.If I had to give criticism it's the difficulty in trying to speak to a counselor. You really have to put work/effort to speak to one. You have to pay attention to the sign up sheets and the schedule etc.Other than that, If you are going for transfer or a program is offered here, do not hesitate. No need to travel across town to do the same thing.
Since i started going to evergreen they have been remodeling it and it is looking really nice. i love the teachers there and i really like that teachers in their administration of justice programs.
My experience with Evergreen Valley College is so good. From studies to campus, everything is very good. Teachers are very good at explaining things. You can always take help from them and they'll help you with whatever the problem is. My experience with the counselor was also so good. She helped me with my Ed plan because i didn't knew much about US at first. I was new in US, so she helped me in figuring out what i really wanted to do and explained me everything so nicely with every detail. They have so many programs to help students if they can't afford studies. They have different clubs which helps a student to get more smart. They have a very good environment. Relations of teacher-student and student-student is so helpful and makes you comfortable in learning more and more without any hesitation.
My experience being a full-time student at Evergreen Valley college was great. I was apart of the Women's Soccer team and the ENLACE community. I had the opportunity to make some great friends and focus on my studies while playing college ball. Overall, the campus is always clean and the professors at evergreen make school easy and fun.
the campus is nice, everyone is there if you need anything there is always someone to ask. everyone minds there own business.
College is so different from High School, you have older people around and you always seem to be lost have of the time. All I can say is that Evergreen Professors really do care about your future and want you to succeed.
This is a pretty clean college. They provide good tutoring. The people that work there are really nice and they will always help you out if you tell them your problems.
Next month will be my second year studying at this school and am very happy I chose this school for my college education. The profesors I have had throughout my classes have all been great instructors. They have been helpful and have taught the course curriculum in fun and friendly way. It has been easy for me to talk to my profesors, since they have all been easy to talk to and approchable.
The experience I had with Evergreen overall has been wonderful. I couldn't ask for better professors and better classmates. It has been a journey trying to get to where I am today and I am proud to continue my nursing education with EVC.
Evergreen is a pretty independent school. No one really minds what you do. Take the time to visit your counselor if you want to transfer quickly. Other than that, some of the classrooms are super old and smelly. Only the m&s building is renovated.
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Counselors arent very good. Hard to transfer out of very low rates of graduation. I am going to transfer to De Anza after this semester, their transfer rate is 75%
I like that it's close to my house and that's pretty much it. I don't like the general counselors though their ASPIRE program seems to care more. I'm upset at the lack of student life but then again it's a commuter school. There isn't any dorms which isn't surprising because it's a community college. I'm only going here because it's cheap and to fulfill my credits for the future.
Evergreen Valley College is a great college who studying engineering like myself. there are many good professors in the field. i love the hill-like area. give fresh air. the school are building some great faculty.
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