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The staff and teachers make an effort to connect with students like I've never experienced anywhere else. The education style is alternative, hands-on, and experience/discussion based. Perfect for students with different educational backgrounds and needs. Freedom to intersect interests and majors with the opportunity for independent study boundlessly expands the educational experience. Not to mention the campus is beyond stunning with over 700 acres of undeveloped land, including beaches and forests.
Evergreen has an interdisciplinary approach to college which I enjoy and is the main draw to this college. I do wish more emphasis on technology, particularly coding and new media, was put into programs. Also next to nothing for business and marketing is offered.
I have enjoyed the atmosphere and students in general. Some of my professors have being amazing and some have been just okay, but I feel the focus is mostly on the love of learning, and the small class size is an added bonus.
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At The Evergreen State College I experienced both challenging and inspiring professors in the department of health sciences. My schedules often involved both lecture and labs, with hours available for group collaboration and research. Classes were well-rounded in theme and introduced clever integration between other departments. While obtaining my degree, Evergreen allowed me to explore other interests, while relating it to my field of study.
The Evergreen State College boasts an all-inclusive environment, difference in academics, and a community-based way of learning. As a trans, disabled, queer socialist student, I can assuredly say that this school is hypocritical in this arena. It's difficult to be anything other than a cisgender, hetersexual, white, liberal at this college. While there is a notable difference in academics, it's not exactly notably good or bad. Since you take one course (usually) per quarter, they expect your life to revolve around academics. Professors here are not as understanding as you'd like them to be. This all being said, it is (unfortunately) the most understanding and progressive 4-year in the Pacific Northwest. I am enjoying my time aside from the obvious blunders I've outlined here. And, of course, I have white privilege and cannot speak on the non-white experience at Evergreen.
I love it here, all students and faculty are kind, understanding, and reasonable. Everyone really wants to get along.
I came to Evergreen to visit a beautiful part of the country. The area is incredible. There is so much to do outdoors from hiking to rock climbing. I use public transportation to go to Seattle and Portland on the weekends easily. Owning a car is unnecessary in Olympia. However, my experience with the school is terrible. The faculty and admissions never seem organized and the the quality of education is clearly not a priority at Evergreen. Other than get a masters in teaching, I'm not sure what one does with a degree from Evergreen. The students themselves fulfill a certain stereotype of stoner hippies that rarely go to class and couldn't care less about their academic success which is probably to be expected from a school that doesn't award grades.
This school comes with a few caveats but if you're disciplined and motivated, you can truly gain some skills needed in today's workforce not emphasized in more conventional universities. You'll learn to work in a team, be flexible, and I believe this liberal arts institution is one of the few that actually teaches you "how to think" as liberal art universities are known to do.

It may not be a perfect fit for everyone, but give this weird place real consideration.
The best thing about Evergreen State College is the fact that whatever you want to learn there is room to learn it. I love their teaching methods, and their different subjects that challenges us to critically analyze the world that we live in a well as learn how to civilly engage in our communities and environment. I especially love my Native Indigenous studies which is captivating and alluring to us being human and what it means to be human. We also engage in a lot of subjects that looks at the balance or lack their of when pertaining to societies discourses. The crafts and tools that we learn is incomparable in contrast to regular "banking system" colleges as well as the public school teaching methods. I love the woods and I love the fact that I can commune with nature and man in a wide setting.
Evergreen is a non-traditional school that provides students application-based degrees. It's uniqueness allows students to flourish rather than worrying about traditional college ideals. Also, it's set in a forest and is one of the most eco-friendly universities in the region!
There is a lot of strong awareness about sexual assault
I can't say enough good things about my school!
I love the diversity of the classes offered and how friendly it is to all abilities and body styles.
This college is the best place to learn, explore and make friends. I can't say enough nice things about it!
While it is legal in Washington State to smoke weed, it is still illegal to smoke on Campus. The school is very serious about that. If the law catches you, well then you just got caught. I don't see why some people can't wait till they get home to do these activities.
Whatever course you choose just know that you will deal with social justice, discrimination, feminism, education, as well as other fun topics like Drawing, science, history, pottery etc. You really have the power to choose your class so long as you choose it on time. the professors are no nonsense, but they are a lot of fun too if you put aside your judgement. Also professors want to make sure that you do your best so they will always have a critique for you to improve. Don't be scared of the process.
Even though I have heard maybe three incidents happening on campus, I have not experienced any assault and I often walk on campus alone, that's just the New York person in me. I always make sure that I have day time classes where I am seen all the time as well. I don't ever walk into the woods alone either. As great as I'd like to be one with nature, I was not born yesterday. The Police department which is located on the campus is always patrolling, and will even escort you if you really feel that you cannot make it by yourself. Also recently students have now come together and form groups to walk home together.... great idea, and we do hold meetings about incidents while protecting the privacy of all victims. That's what I like about this school.
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The prospect for gaining any employment is good so long as it's something you can do, or you took classes for. I have heard and seen many former Evergreen alumni start their own businesses, as well as work in some pretty major places. When I tell them I'm from Evergreen, they say to see them when I graduate, so I know there is always going to be job opportunities waiting for me. The career center is very essential to all students who graduate. It's the starting of a good support group system when it comes to finding and networking jobs.
I love campus housing, though I wish they had one for people who are married that attend the same college. It would have made it convenient for my spouse and I to be able to enjoy solitude. If I were single it would not be a problem at all. I love how spacious the rooms and common space are, and the location of the residence which is tucked away in a beautiful forest. I am a nature lover, so this was very important to me. The amenities, which is great, includes light, electricity, and school internet access. I would just say, make sure you know which roommate you are getting, you do have the option to change if space is available. Evergreen students take some time to get use to, if you have attended for a while. I'm an outgoing person, so I don't have a real problem socializing... I'm older so I tend to stick to those in my age range or higher. I am not twenty again where I can just make all the crazy mistakes I want and wake up the next day and say "Oh I just did something crazy". Oh, I cannot forget to mention the walk to the beach is long and worth the walk. We have trails and dozens of deer trotting about. There are also ample hang out spots. If you are an out of state student, I would think long and hard about whether you want to spend your tuition here. If you are an inner state student, you will get by easy. That's all I have to say about that.
I don't know if we have a "Greek Life". I don't want to know such a life. I already have to deal with tail gating parties at football games, though I've never been to one... just a citizen passing by. I am all about people who don't drink and drive. I have seen too many accidents with people who drink and party. No thank you. I have seen one time the Greek Life in New York City. They blocked the whole corner in their beautiful toga costumes laughing and carrying on. Great for them, but I just see it as an unfortunate mistake waiting to happen. Sorry I cannot tell you more
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