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Evergreen is truly unlike any other school. "You get out what you put into it" is what you often hear and it is absolutely true. If you are willing to put the work in and apply yourself, you will walk away with a unique, interdisciplinary education and a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you. If you occasionally show up for classes and don't do the work, well, you'll probably still have a good time, but that's not what you're here for. Also, I can't say this enough, take advantage of the beautiful Evergreen woods. I became myself in those woods and owe so much to Evergreen in general. Go here. You won't regret it.
Amazing experience, received many tools for my future here. Professors, however, can sometimes be hit or miss -do your research before picking a program.
The one reason why I gave Evergreen State College a four star is because of the independence to design my major. I get to craft my own curriculum while exploring myself and with others. However, if you read through other parts of the review, I note there are a ton of students that are snobby, entitled, and lacks social skills, or somewhat came from the hippies or postmodernist background. it is because of these reasons that the school has started to went downhill ever since the protest from last year, with the administration's people-pleasing attitudes. They started to fund the diversity and inclusion department when such money should go to study abroad, STEM, and the humanities. When it comes to the professors and students, I found there are two divided camps: the first ones are the serious minded who sets high expectations and give. The other camp is the social justice warrior with lousy identity politics with no common sense and show signs of mental disorders.
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Located in an amazing location! Beach and rainforest between the Olympic Mountains and Mount Rainier. Amazing and dedicated professors.
I love the atmosphere at Evergreen. Everyone is very accepting and the school offers programs that make you think differently. It's very alternative, you can;t fail any class and they don't have majors and minors. I also enjoy the college recreation center and can appreciate that they let the community use the center as well.
all my friends are older like me and that is super nice! i enjoy the evergreen lifestyle, although the food makes me sick alot. they have nice dorms with showers that actually work!!!!i love my studies and they help me to see my potential. speedy the seal is amazing! i love how nobody really excerises but we all love to eat! (insert flushed emoji) glad to have a school to love someone as old as my and my new friends!!
So far its been an experience. I've had issues with classes, professors, and housing. But I've meet some really great people and have enjoyed many student life activities.
Evergreen is such a great place to learn interdisciplinary skills and knowledge, and to bond with your teachers and classmates. It's far from a traditional school in the way the programs are set up and how faculty work together to create and teach interesting and creative classes every year. Faculty are happy to work with you closely or from a distance, whichever one you're comfortable with. I have yet to meet a faculty member that did not care about my success, my health, and equity on campus. Everyone that is here wants to be here. Classmates make you feel supported in and out of the classroom.
A lot of the stuff that goes on in the college is blown out of proportion because it is a tight knit comunity where everyone knows everyone.
The campus police is the largest problem. It lacks adiquat training and is extremely over funded which gives them a god complex.
Evergreen State College is a regionally accredited 4-year college that follows a Montessori style education plan. Tucked away in a state protected forest, the campus is surrounded by ancient evergreens and unbothered wildlife. The environment is progressive, captivating, and breathtaking. They will literally bend over backward to make their students succeed. Did I mention that its one of the most affordable institutions in the nation?
At Evergreen, I really feel that I'm learning what I need to and what I want to at the same time. I'm impressed at how how program materials compliment each other in a way that makes my learning have substance.
I have spent almost two full quarters at Evergreen, coming from a private catholic school I love the individuality Evergreen has. There truly is something for everyone here. The professors are amazing and genuinely care about their student's success and their progress. If any students have problems or special needs in the classroom professors are ready to accommodate their students. The interdisciplinary learning style that is used here has taught me to problem solve like I never have before.
Evergreen has positive vibes. Also It is very inclusive. My experience at Evergreen has always had me feeling empowered. Evergreen has a way of connecting all types of people in academics and hobbies. The teachers at Evergreen have a huge heart for all there students.
So far Evergreen State College has been pretty good to me. At first I had to adjust to the people there due to the fact that they were "different".
I respect the fact that Evergreen accepts people for who they really are and for the most part the accept movements to for example the "Black lives matters" banners that are shown around campus.
Incredible amount of opportunities for students to explore interests inside and out of the classroom and community. Beware those who are not self driven, because so much independence is expected of students.
Great school except for the focus on social justice. I understand teaching social justice but at a certain point you become more political rather than a educational institution. Firm but fair teachers and you get out of it what you put into it.
Evergreen allows individuals to have the freedom to design their own education and build independence. My only judgement I wish it provided more programs and classes. However, It’s interdisciplinary learning system allows students to learn in depth. But you have to work for it. Instructors and faculty work hard to help you achieve your goals. People here are passionate, diverse, and yes, eccentric. One sterotype about this college is that it’s just a punch dumb hippies and stoners. Yes there are the occasional drum circles in the hallways and the friendly neighborhood stoner named Kyle or Elijah or Shaggy but otherwise there are a lot less than I had expected. If you’re the kind of person who likes to challenge yourself and broaden your knowledge then Evergreen is the place for you. Especially if your interested in topics such as environmental science, visual arts, and social justice. I had my doubts at first about this college but I was pleasantly surprised and you will be too.
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The staff and teachers make an effort to connect with students like I've never experienced anywhere else. The education style is alternative, hands-on, and experience/discussion based. Perfect for students with different educational backgrounds and needs. Freedom to intersect interests and majors with the opportunity for independent study boundlessly expands the educational experience. Not to mention the campus is beyond stunning with over 700 acres of undeveloped land, including beaches and forests.
Evergreen has an interdisciplinary approach to college which I enjoy and is the main draw to this college. I do wish more emphasis on technology, particularly coding and new media, was put into programs. Also next to nothing for business and marketing is offered.
I have enjoyed the atmosphere and students in general. Some of my professors have being amazing and some have been just okay, but I feel the focus is mostly on the love of learning, and the small class size is an added bonus.
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