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The bulk of my educations has been acquired online but the one time I visited the campus I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere as it was family friendly
Excellent school, great student experience! I am loving my
Degree major and enjoying every aspect of attending EU. The faculty are truly
concerned about your overall experience. I was able to utilize tuition assistance to complete my masters degree and am excited to fulfill one of my life long personal goals! Thank you EU!
I like that there is a school geared towards health and wellness, specifically complimentary and alternative medicine. Proper health care is essential, so it is good to know one can learn about natural options along with conventional medicine, e.g. Ayurvedic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbology, massage therapy, etc.
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So far what I like about the school is not only do they have several outlets throughout the state but they offer online classes which are conducive and helpful to people like myself who work full time and enabling me to better myself.
I am so blessed to be able to find this University and the people working for it. I have been looking to go back to school and unfortunately things hasn't been so easy, but finally with the help of the staff and friends I am able to start a new future and I cant wait to the outcome. Beyond amazing every single person I have come in contact with.
I was extremely pleased with the enrollment process. Regardless of how many "bumps in the road" that I encountered, my admissions counselor very patiently, yet thoroughly worked with me to alleviate every situation.

Considering each area of the enrollment process, I was assisted through each area to achieve satisfactory completion.

There was nothing relating to the enrollment process that was not fully explained to me to my complete understanding.
I have had an overall good experience with Everglades University. The Dean and faculty has been very helpful, and the teachers, most are very knowledgeable. If they see me getting behind, they do whatever needs to be done to get me back on track. Classes are well formed, and for the most part, will look out for the students and their grades.
This is my first semester at everglades and it pretty awesome to be part of this university. I have taken intro to sustainability and the professor used his knowledge and tools to make the material very easy to understand. Because of the personal touch the professor puts in to explaining the material, it made me change my way of thinking. Now I am learning to live a sustainability life style, so our future generations can enjoy the plant aswell.
Customer service has been great! Everyone is so friendly and polite. Thank you so K! I cant wait to get started next week!!
I truly enjoyed having the ability to work online. All the professors are competent and knowledgeable in the course material. The students are engaging and deliver diverse backgrounds and experience.
I'm attending an online course. I loved it the minute I learned the system. It's been a wonderful experience.
Everglades really makes the stress of going back to school go away, they make the process really simple. They set you up for success, always their to help.
Do not attend this college. Their accreditation aside, Everglades is a complete insult to the many hard-working students out there pursuing a recognizable and worthy degree. Every test was open book with a time allowance that far exceeded that which was necessary to complete said test. You could go through the program never once cracking the book, do the very minimal discussion work, and take their mediocre exam and make straight A's. Let's be honest guys, as difficult as college can be at times... No one wants this. Why not just pay for a degree and call it a day? I eventually wrote a long letter to upper division faculty and was point blank in my accusations. I told them they should be ashamed to put themselves in the same ball park as well respected tenured teaching professionals across the globe.
I was so happy and impressed by the caring staff and faculty that when I graduated with my bachelor's degree I went back for my master's degree. Going to Everglades was the best decision I have ever made. My degrees have opened new doors with my current employer and I continuing moving up the ranks of my company. Thank you EU!
What a great school to attend, the teachers are very knowledgeable and concerned with the progress of the student. I would suggest this school to anyone who wanted to find a great online university. I am a Construction Management student and I am glad I am attending this school. The icing on the cake is the accreditation it holds along with the school overall raking. Plus, the honors and ranking the Construction Management department has been given.
I am extremely grateful for the opportunity this college has provided me with. I go to school completely online and am over the moon happy with my professors and classwork. The platform is very easy to use and your books are shipped right to your door. A few pitfalls they have is the communication with multiple persons throughout the counselors and financial aid divisions. Although it has these few problems, the online division has given me the ability to take care of my chronically ill girlfriend while getting my education at the same time!
The school has great staff and the teachers are great and very helpful and accommodating. My only issue is that school is so expensive.
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Excellent staff that will help you throughout your program. Always available and easy to work with to solve any problems you may have.
The classes where all informative and interesting. I have been a massage therapist for ten years and I was wanting to broaden my field. The desire to educate and show people how to relieve pain without drugs has been may motivation to learn more of alternative medicine. I am an Online student with four months left.
Everglades University is very unique. It is very convenient for me because of the one-class-at-a-time scheduling. It allows me to focus on one subject at a time rather than complicating my life with multiple courses. It is the best school recommended for Alternative Medicine online and this university allows you to concentrate on one subject, making it possible to master the material before moving on to the next course, and gives the flexibility of online education and this works best for me.
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