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They were always helpful, no matter when! Best atmosphere to learn. I loved the tutoring classes too.
the tour at evcc was good, i am excited to go there next fall 2018. the campus tour was good and it made me feel like home, its small and i like it and i am excited because it has the classes and majors that i need and its close to home
Nice campus with plenty of open quiet places to study or hangout before your next class.... Too bad this community college's tuition is super expensive.
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My experience with Everett Community College is through the Running Start program, where I take college classes in high school to get my 2-year degree by the time I graduate. Initially, I was afraid that I wouldn't it in because I'd be younger than most of the students there, but I was wrong! The campus is what I first fell in love with-- it’s quiet but there's still student life with several study areas. The students have been nothing but nice and accepting. Everett just added gender-neutral bathrooms which is incredibly cool and inclusive, further showing how welcoming it is here. I've made incredible friends throughout my time here who I'll remain close to and the professors are generally good. I haven't had any issues with any of my professors-- they're always enjoyable, nice, and understanding. There are several tutoring centers with several assistants readily available for all students, which has really helped me.
I liked that EVCC is a small community but to me it felt like, despite having a small population of students, everyone was very distant from each other.
The class were what I needed them to be, it was a great experience. Though parking on campus wasn't to great at certain times it was almost impossible to find a spot in any of the lots.
Amazing upper faculty, but when it comes down to some of the lower general classes, the instructors make the classes harder than they should be just in their inability to teach.
It’s good college but difficult instructure. I like this college, there is everything I needed. There are laboratories and advanced equipment that have all the equipment and supplies that students need to complete their studies.
Everyone is very kind and helpful. Some departments aren't great at answering phones but they do call back. The school offers great resources and many clubs.
I love the diversity! Theres is so much support for undocumented students and they make you feel welcomed.
I feel like the best thing about this college is its location is super accessible from surrounding locations. such as myself who lives in the lake stevens area but have easy access to the campus with the public transit system. On top of that the teachers are amazing and super clear and concise when explaining and helping students, at least from my experience.
This college is a great place to start your higher learning route. The campus is very clean and orderly. The diversity on this campus and the wide range of opinions is incredible. I would recommend EVCC to anyone looking to ease into the college lifestyle or thinking about returning to college.
Everett Community College has been great so far. I've always got into all of the classes I was wanting. Parking has got to be the worst part of going to school here though. There needs to be more parking.
Everett Community college is a good place to start a degree. The college offers a wide range of programs and also has outreach programs from different universities around the state.
I did all of my prerequisites here for Radiology tech and overall the science classes were amazing- especially A&P. Even though the physiology teacher was a little wonky they all taught in a clinical basis which made all of the information very practical and useful for future studies. It also made you want to -learn- the material, not just memorize information for good grades on a test.
The staff is very helpful and willing to work with you to help you get good grades and extra resources. The students are very nice and the teacher are willing to help you with anything you need.
EvCC has been so helpful in guiding me on the right path to achieving my degree. Everyone is so helpful, the advisors, counselors, professors, and other staff are always happy to help. The campus security guards are always around keeping the students and staff safe. The gardeners help to upkeep the campus and keep it a beautiful place to be. The academics challenge you and help prepare you for your future.
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This has been my first year attending Everett CC and the experience has been great! I'm seeking an engineering degree and have just finished my chemistry requirements YEA! the instructors are very engaging and have made learning new and challenging materials easier to understand. the new facilities are amazing too as the college has just added several new buildings for their STEM classes and the arts departments.
High student-to-faculty ratio, helpful staff, great instructors and you can always get extra help. Everett CC allowed me to pursue a degree close to home without the high tuition of 4-year institution.
Good campus, good people, excellent instructors, amazing food, location is not so great because downtown Everett, could use some more clubs like volunteer clubs, classes are a wide variety for it being a community college. The atmosphere is friendly and the people couldn't care less about who you are and they are very friendly, it’s a great place to get that college experience without have to go very far from home, great way to get a decent college education, a good starting line for school if you want to transfer, or just a place to advance yourself or add some extra training for your job
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