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Great teachers that help you succeed. They make sure u get what's being taught. Meaning the teachers are super awesome.
I am transferring from a University to Everett Community College to save money but let me tell you I am regretting this so much! First of all, it's very disorganized! Half of the staff is helpful, the other half is not (seems like they hate their job). For example, I went to the financial aid office multiple times to ask questions and they were very unwelcoming and not helpful at all. Everett Community College needs some new staff ASAP. I might be a harsh critic coming from a University, but don't have high expectations coming here.
Everett Community College is a fantastic local school for anyone who is location bound. They offer a wide variety of classes and everyone who works there is so passionate for your success as a student. The campus is beautiful and you have plenty of resources at your fingertips.
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The Everett Community College has a beautiful campus and kind staff. The offices are understanding and the cafeteria... ugh... to DIE for!! So delicious and comforting. The events that are held are fun too.
Very good school with lots of education opportunities. Lots of classes to choose from and class times. Teachers and advisors very helpful.
I love this school mostly white american there is diversity but not a lot of attention on sexual orientation. this is for more country living students rather than city dwellers. the campus is being remodeled and the food is excellent they need a smoking section on campus i believe. Teachers are caring and helpful and i like this community college best
I have been a student at EVCC for 3 years working on my prerequisites for a transfer to a 4 year college. The instructors here are amazing! I feel like they really care about my success as a student. Diverse student body, lots of clubs and activities too.
Everett has a warm, compassionate campus with a lot of support for students. I was a member of Studen LIFE and student government, and I made frequent use of the many ammenities on campus, including tutoring, sports facilities, a well stocked library, and tons of clubs and extra curricular activities.
I received a great education here and was treated with respect always. I graduated with a 3.7 in Business and received a high quality education.
As an international student in Everett Community College, the college helped me to understand the culture in the US. This is my first college after high school and also my first time being abroad without my family. The international officer has a complete set of guidelines for new upcoming students on what to do when you first arrived in the States. Besides, the college offers a lot of part-time job opportunity such as student ambassador which can help you build your leadership. The professors are nice and caring about you so if you are having any trouble, feel free to stop by their office.
Great class sizes. Many really great professors that really care about the class and students. Tons of useful information! Only downside is parking. There's very limited parking spaces and can be a pain to find a spot.
EVCC is a great environment with helpful teachers and students wiling to help you out on your journey through college. Teachers actually care about the students progress and classmates are always friendly and helpful.
Pros include lots of great teachers and smaller class sizes, cons include ridiculously expensive food and a confusing/uninformative website & email.
this college is one of the best community colleges I've been to, I felt like the advisors here really want to help you get through your major and meet your dream career.
It was quick to get to from my house. The classes had decent teachers and were at reasonable times. The prices for classes were decent as well. Book prices could be a bit pricey, but there were rent options that helped to reduce the price.
I absolutely love it here at EvCC! The campus is small, the classes are small, it was like I was back in high school again and the professors are awesome!!
I have particularly like the ease of navigation throughout the school resource system. I am taking a math and college success class and have found the material and instructors enjoyable to learn from.
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This school is affordable and close to my house. The instructors I have worked with were all knowledgeable and friendly. My employer covers a portion of tuition for staff members and Everett CC makes the process very user friendly.
I have had good and bad experiences, but have enjoyed myself nonetheless. I definitely appreciated the facilities, and the instruction I've received as a biology transfer student.
My experience may be different from others', since I started here when I turned 13. However, the professors are all here because they want to be here, and almost all of them are very flexible and love to help students! The campus is beautiful year round, and there are cafés on campus and a Subway and Starbucks (among other places to eat) just a few minutes away by foot.
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