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Pros include lots of great teachers and smaller class sizes, cons include ridiculously expensive food and a confusing/uninformative website & email.
this college is one of the best community colleges I've been to, I felt like the advisors here really want to help you get through your major and meet your dream career.
It was quick to get to from my house. The classes had decent teachers and were at reasonable times. The prices for classes were decent as well. Book prices could be a bit pricey, but there were rent options that helped to reduce the price.
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I absolutely love it here at EvCC! The campus is small, the classes are small, it was like I was back in high school again and the professors are awesome!!
I have particularly like the ease of navigation throughout the school resource system. I am taking a math and college success class and have found the material and instructors enjoyable to learn from.
This school is affordable and close to my house. The instructors I have worked with were all knowledgeable and friendly. My employer covers a portion of tuition for staff members and Everett CC makes the process very user friendly.
I have had good and bad experiences, but have enjoyed myself nonetheless. I definitely appreciated the facilities, and the instruction I've received as a biology transfer student.
My experience may be different from others', since I started here when I turned 13. However, the professors are all here because they want to be here, and almost all of them are very flexible and love to help students! The campus is beautiful year round, and there are cafés on campus and a Subway and Starbucks (among other places to eat) just a few minutes away by foot.
Everett Community College has a high level of education. They strive to be the best. They tend to make their students jump through hoops to get to where they’re going and are strict on certain criteria that doesn’t necessarily need to be.
EVCC was great because it was super easy to take college classes while in high school and isn't far from where I lived. The campus is very new and they have an amazingly new recreation facility with a nice and fancy gym, indoor track, and mini indoor rock climbing. Receiving credits there was super simple and I would go back in a heart beat for any credits I needed in the future because they are very affordable.
I think that the curriculum itself is wonderful, but the staff is where it excels on some parts and where it is lacking in others. Some of the staff is excellent, making it very easy to ask questions, feel welcome, and ensure you are getting the best education. Other members of staff make students feel as though they are a bother and when asked questions, often make students feel dumb or annoying for asking. Also, parking and parking passes can be an issue. You are required to pay for the number of credits you are enrolled in when getting a pass, even if most of your classes are online. Therefore, when buying a parking pass I had to pay the maximum price for a pass because I was enrolled in 12+ credits, but only actually had one class worth 2 credits at the school that I needed the pass for. Then, once paying for a parking pass, you are never ensured a parking spot that day anyways because there is a severe lack of parking spaces available given the number of students attending.
I have had great professors at EvCC, but also bad ones, use rate my professor! this is really helpful, as you will be able to read about others students experiences.
I am currently enrolled at EVCC through their running start program. This allows me to earn my AA by the time I graduate this year from high school. Overall I love the courses and the teacher's involvement in student success. The only thing I would change is the course registration system, it can be difficult to register for classes and sometimes leaves you unable to get into the classes you need. Taking business courses helped me prepare and start my own business to save money for college.

John L. Cramer Jr.
Founder, CEO
Stylo Ink
EvCC is super awesome with helping transfer students get ready for a 4-year college. The dorms are amazing but they're a bit pricey. It's about the same price as living in an apartment in the area and you have to pay the total price after classes start in your quarter. If you have to leave after Winter quarter, you'll have to move out during finals week. I found the financial aid offices to be understaffed and sometimes unhelpful. If I kept on it, I got my answers eventually. Their work study is always full. Love their library, nice staff and quiet study area with a lot of resources. The campus is beautiful, the only gripe I have is that the fitness center was a further away from the other buildings. Starbucks too. There's a lot of diversity here, you'll find huge amounts of international students and varieties of cultures and peoples throughout the campus. Everett itself is a bit sketchy, but the campus is chill. Overall, I imagine you'll enjoy your time here like I did!
The professores are great and you learn quick. I love the environment and how great everyone treat. great tutors especially other students help with a lot of information on how to succeed in college
I like that class size is on a smaller scale compared to most colleges. It has more chances of having one on one with each of your professors.
EvCC is a great place. They offer many resources on-campus. However, I don't recommend international students to attend at this college. Due to the tuition and rules, I don't think this place is worth your money.
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A friendly place with good teachers, although the councilors aren't very helpful. I have enjoyed learning at this school. It is very diverse, but everyone is friendly and doesn't judge.
This is a good school to get your associates at. The professors work hard to make sure you understand the materials discussed in class! The campus staff are all very friendly.
What I like about Everett Community college is the acadmic levels they have, the diversity in classses and majors that one can pursue, the diversity within students. Classes are small so the teacher and student can get one on one. Their is also much help offered there such as advising, tutoring, library and much more.
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