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The thing I love about Everest online classes I am able to work toward my degree while still taking care of my family.
I have already taking the time to explore the services offered from the school and each of them are very helpful.
The professors are great they are there when you need them no matter what time it maybe.
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With the help of the resume service all is possible.
The program, workload, curriculum, facilities as well as the opportunities are the best.
Everest makes it easy for anyone in search of further their education.
Since this is my last year of school, student service has been in contact with several times concerning helping me with finding a job in my field of study.
At Everest University they do offer online tutoring if you need help with any of your classes. The professors also make themselves available by phone or email if you had any concerns.
My major is Accounting. The workload can be overloading sometimes because being a wife, mother, working a full time job and going to school full time, sometimes it seems like I don't have enough time for self.
I am a online student at Everest University. I have been attending school since April 2012. I have never been to the campus, therefore I have no comment as to how to describe the resources on campus.
Some of my credits transferred from Bladen Community College to Everest University and I was very much pleased.
I choose this university again because the workload is reasonable to students work schedules.
I think that the professors are very knowledgeable.
My overall experience with Everest University is positive. I would attend this university again if I had to do it all over again.
I have had a excellent experience with Everest University and the online learning environment differ from traditional classrooms because you do not have to be afraid to ask your questions even if they seem to be "dumb questions."
Everest University student body is very informative and will answer all of your questions.
I think that the Tuition and Financial Aid Resources was helpful and fair.
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Everest University help their students to find jobs once they are completed.
I think that Everest University have a great registration process along with the student workload.
I am a student at Everest University and I like the academic experience there. I currently hold a 4.0 GPA.
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