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Everest University is the school to attend. I can go to school at my leisure and my GPA stays up and is not as stressful as I thought it would be. Instructors and the classmates administrators are all friendly and they help me whenever I need help with anything.
people at everest work with there students. they help you to understand. it is smaller classroom. and they are very open to

any questions that we have.
I love everest university the teachers are willing to work with there students.I would rate this school

Number 1 always
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Its a very good college everest is the teachers work with there students they have books and

Tutoring for those who need it.
My first 3 semesters I got close to 1500 dollars in return...My 4th semester I only received almost 900 dollars in return. I called the financial aid office and they could not explain why I got that much the first few semesters that I should had only got the 900 dollars back. So I think that they need to be able to answer you why things got cut or if they send you the amount like 1500 dollars the first few semesters than you should get that amount since that what you are used too.. Some people like myself depend on the extra money. I am disable and do not work so I depend on the extra money and when its cut that cuts into my budget to support myself and my son..
They used my credits from a college I attended before. They also made sure I had classes that were just for my degree.
The employers were great at helping me get started with my college experience.
I really don't know about this but I hear that they are very good at helping you finding good jobs when you are done.
They are very easy going.. They help you understand things if you are not sure of whats going on.
The teachers were always there within 24 hours to answer your questions. They are always very helpful. If there is something you don't understand they will try to help you to understand, by giving you links that explain in more detail of what they are looking for.
Everything is good with my major in Web Design. I just wish that they offer a bachelors in web design.
The online courses are easier to follow and you have a lot more time to learn as you get your assignment as soon as the class starts.. So if you are able to you can always work ahead in your classes.
They work with all the major hospitals in Orlando.
It was o k at first and then I did not have the support I was promised.
My major is in Criminal Justice because I want to be a Lawyer.
It cost money to stay on the internet, I am on a fixed income, I asked to take beginner classes for computers to brush up on what I know and they gave me power point and how to fix a computer,
While attending Everest at first I was happy after Ashford dropped me due to lack of communication and it was time for me to get my stipend and that made me feel like all they cared about was the money not my getting a degree.So I started looking for another school and I chose Everest, and like I said it was o k at first but then I could not get ahold of a student advisor and I was taking classes I did not want to take.
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do research on current events for assignments
much easier to do work and do classes since don't have a strict time i have to be in front of computer, just follow guideleines
I am able to use there mobile app to join class discussions when i have to be away from the computer
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