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Small amount of people in Medical Assisting program which allows for more pertinent abilility to learn more. Staff accessibility is strong and always available for course assistance, scheduling and assisting students who require tutoring or offered assistance in the study of Medical Assistance
Would like a fitness center.
Everyone is friendly and always smiling.
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The classwork and homework is not overwhelming it is so eaay to navigate without any problems. I maintained a 4.0 thru the entire program I hope to do the same in my next program. There are at least 10 different jobs that i will qualify for once im finished.
After completing the MA program I re-enrolled in the AAM program...This is a wonderful Institution...I recommend that anyone go there. The instructors really care thats what I love most about this school. I also love tge Igniters Ambassadors I was one when I was in my first program. Thank you all.
All the people at the school are very nice and helpful.
would like option for night classes or online
Did not receive financial aid though did qualify for a loan
Eager to assist in Job Services
Open Air Feeling, Great Courtyard
We each have access to our own Laptop each day!
They try to help but the hours they have conflict with the fact I'm a night student.
The students are segregated by their classes and don't socialize with others.. I've tried but most of the time I'm ignored. The I'm just here to try and get a better than minimum wage job and that's all attitude is prevalent. And disheartening.
My school is located in a shopping plaza that seems a little rundown. Which means lack of space and it's creepy walking to your car at night near such a busy road and gas station.
The education I'm receiving is decent ... I just wish I would have qualifies for financial aid or a grant .... I'm a full time student And due to medical problems I'm not supposed to work and go to school. Which makes a difficult time trying to find a way to pay for all the expenses including both of my student loans.. Honestly the drama within the falculty ,lack of hands on lab time and lack of professionalism should qualify me to only have to pay half the tuition. It's sad if you ask me.
I chose this school because they are will to help me move forward with my life and help me get my GED
Every one is very helpful and caring. They do the best that they can to push us and to make sure we walked at the end
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Applied Management is a great course to take. I thought the course was going to be a little to much but it turned out to be great I am almost done this is my last semester I graduate October 2013.
Everest is pretty good about getting all students registered on time and have their schedules in their access before the semester starts.
school Is great anyone you need to speak to in whatever department they are willing to help. This is a ethnic school all different types of people attend college.
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