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Every time i go into this school everybody is so helpful. No matter if you look lost or not assistance is always offered. Also alwasy seeing people smile makes others feel alot better about coming out of their shy shells. At first, I was pretty shy , but after two or three days visiting this school I started to talk more and it helped out a whole lot more.
I loved how the financial aid lady sat there with me and went step by step to help me do what i had to do instead of going home and doing it alone on my computer. Also, I loved if i needed any documents that she told me up front and that the next day I came in I could bring the documents I needed. No matter what the financial aid lady helped me with she never seemed to be rushed and was very patient about everything and answered all my questions to the fullest of her ability.
I have not yet started to even do my classes because classes don't start till the 28th, but I already see a huge change. every day that I have went in to do what I have had to do the faculty and staff have been so nice no matter what. Every one is so nice and sweet and no one ever seems to be in a bad mood. Honestly that helps other people out to keep the students in a good positive enviorement.
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The financial aid rep was very knowledgeable & helpfull. The process was explained cleary, follow up phone call to ask if I had any additional questions or concerns.
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