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After Extern – Career Services allows us to experience in our community the clinics or facilities in order for extern and later for a real job.
One on One Relation – Their small classes and clinical practices become easier for students and new students that enroll every month.
Everest has showed me how to be independent and reliable to what I have signed up for. They showed me all types of opportunities I can pay school with. The instructors as well as all the staff go straight to what we would experience in the outside world. Financial aid advisors have been the number one priority that have made Everest a reliable and affordable institution.
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Medical Assistant – The health care positions are on a high demand and I really enjoy working with people who need help genarally speaking from childrens to eldery, and I knew this is a very good opportunity to do so. I would like to continued my education as a RN after I graduate from MA. Thank you
Medical Assistant Course – I feel that Everest Institute is very well put together. The staff is friendly, and willing to help the students with almost anything. I enjoy the small class setting, as well as the cleanliness and tidiness of the classes and labs. I have no major complaints, and would definitely recommend this program to anyone!
Quick Career Placement – As soon as you are finished with your last module... you will go into an interview process. After interviewed, you are given a site where you will do extern and possibly be hired... they also will help you get a job after you have left.
Hands - on Programs – We start injections as soon as you are enrolled in class which isn't given in a four year institution. So it feels as if we are already working and its prepares us for the career of our interest
We Are Provided Lab Time Once a Week on the Weekend – Because we are only in class on the weekend, we are give about 4 out of ten hours of computer time. My current instructor gives monthly powerpoints, and weekly projects which she keeps our flashdrives so the work can only be done and saved in class... unfortunately the networks often cut off.
Everest Is My School – Evey teacher is there to teach. you get hands on training as well as one on one with your teacher. they are small classes but teach you a great amount of things that you need to know about what want to have a career on. They also help you find a job once you finish for the finacial aid part in my opinion i think that its great! they let you pay in low payments every month and help you find grants and other type of aid to pay for your school, books and what ever else is needed.
Just 10 Min Away – My first time attending class was a typical class setting. I didn't know anyone and vice versa. After the first week of school, mind you only 10 min from home, I was involved in everything that I needed. At first, it was a little difficult to 'catch on' to injections, but my teacher gave me helpful tips to help me keep my hands sturdy. With confidence in myself and teachers, I will get the job done!
Getting What I Need.. Everest is a very positive school. I love to do injections, take care of patients, and do the hands on activities. If I were to start over, I would most definately choose this school. My favorite part about this school is small classes; 1:20 teacher student ratio. Not only am I getting what I'm paying for, but I'm learning more responsiblity and professionalism that's perfect for my career field.
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