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My experience at Everest was average. I did learn a lot. I also love the teachers or professors. But what I did not like was the my externship experience. It wa horrible. I honestly do not think they went to check this place out! All of my referral interviews were horrible as they all wanted more experience.
As soon as the shy shell is broken everyone here are good friends and help out each other.
Its okay not what I expected, I thought it would be a lot cheaper because it was a trade school.
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They really want you to meet with them before so they can get an idea of who you are and what you want. It would really help them with finding you a job.
The academics offered there are really great. Not just your professor and advisor care, but the whole school wants to be apart of your success.
We get to do a lot of hands on activities and go to labs and experiment.
Since I been there its been nothing but love and support and I really love it. I thought it would be the same as every where else but its really different.
All students like to help each other.
The staff was very supportive in making sure I started right away.Err
Financial aid was a breeze
The school was very flexible and offered classes all day.
Online courses are very achievable to do because you can work at your own pace.
The career service department interacts with you from the beginning of the course to the end to make sure you get a job when you are done.
Right now I am not taking any online course but when I do decide to I will let you know how the classes are. From previous experience I liked the online courses you worked at your own time and you were able balance life.
I like being here the classes are small the teacher's are informative the staff is very kind and the students help each other. They do hands on learning and they also have career service that helps you find externship sites along with helping you get hired on a job.
It's a school to obtain a quick diploma or certificate, I wouldn't risk a degree now that I know any attempt to further my education requires me to take my currect and previous classes over because they don't transfer.
We want to have fun and interact but we're not given much opportunity, especially on the weekend. There aren't very many places for us to "shadow" or see first hand the work environment of our majors, but we manage the best we can.
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No the cleanest place, not very much access on weekend.
The worst slowest network. and Wi-Fi, forget it!
Not available on weekend for weekend students.
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