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Evangel has been the once of the best choices I have ever made. This school has brought so many Godly friendships into my life that I would have never experienced if I would have stayed home where I was comfortable. The professors have literally changed my life in so many different ways. I am so grateful for the years I have already spent at this school and the years to come that I will be spending at this school.
Evangel University is a beautiful campus with faculty and students who care about you and want you to succeed. If you want to be a professional in whatever field of work you choose, Evangel is the way to go. There are many opportunities to gain experience, learn and have fun. God is also an important part of this school. The Bible classes and chapels you attend have a positive impact on each students life.
I enjoy Evangel University, the price is a bit steep, but worth it for the education and atmosphere.
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Evangel University has a great community of students and staff that genuinely care about your success in life and relationship with God. Faculty at Evangel has been incredible at helping me find resources for financial assistance. While Evangel is a great school, one thing I have noticed that could improve is disabled accessibility. One of my good friends at Evangel is in a wheelchair and we have noticed that several doors do not have a working automatic door or do not have one at all. We also found out that there are no disabled-friendly dorms on campus. My friend has cerebral palsy which makes it difficult for him to take notes and some teachers do not have copies of class notes.
I absolutely LOVE this school. Not only are they academically strong, they are also willing to work with those who need assistance. Their heart is to see students win. Evangel University has a great atmosphere and is very welcoming. Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude for this school and what it has done for me.
Evangel is a small, private, Christian liberal arts school that really invest in its students spiritually, as well as preparing them for their vocations. The core classes are engaging, and most of the professors I've had were knowledgeable, relatable, and genuinely interested in helping you succeed. The community life staff is great-- there are rules (curfew, dress code) to follow, but they aren't unreasonable. Springfield is also a great place to be a college student!
Evangel has such a tight-knit community, and the professors are incredible! The faculty and staff are always willing to help students with issues, whether they are academic or personal.
I absolutely love it. I'm a non-traditional online student. Teachers are caring and class size stays small. I learn so much and am able to finish my degree at home.
The professors are very passionate about their course material, which makes it easy to want to learn. The staff is very eager to help you succeed in any way possible. The campus is beautiful, and homey. The environment of the school is overall likable in every aspect.
I enjoy the intimacy of smaller classes and the student community. A person typically gets what they want to out of their college education, and Evangel University has a lot to offer.
They have been so helpful in helping me apply and transfer. The campus is beautiful, and they have a super helpful community. Love that they incorporate faith with education.
Evangel Unveristy is a great post-secondary institution. The community is great and the Christian values are awesome.
This was a great school. The faculty is brilliant and getting involved is very easy. I learned a lot at this school, and it prepared me for future studies.
I went to Evangel my Freshman year and looking for a new start. It was very small but has a close tightknit community. The professors care deeply about the students and help them succeed. As far as a typical college experience, it is very different. The relationships built there are long-lasting and meaningful.
I love Evangel because everyone here is so friendly including the professors and staff. The professors know me by name. I have so many opportunities here already and I’m only a freshman. I wouldn’t change anything.
Evangel University is a fantastic facility in education and in it's fellowship within the community! It shows great Christian morals, while also having a modernized approach.
Evangel University truly embraces it's mission statement, "Evangel University is a comprehensive Christian university committed to excellence in educating and equipping students to become Spirit-empowered servants of God who impact the Church and society globally." The professors are dedicated to each students success in the classroom. The university emphasizes the importance of students relationship with God, and incorporating that in their everyday life.
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Evangel is filled with amazing and loving faculty and students! I have been welcomed with open arms and there's no place I'd rather study!
Evangel is a really pretty campus with good professors. Dorms are so/so and it is pretty strict. There isn't any night life here either and not tons of support from students for athletics.
I love Evangel University. It has a beautiful campus which you can cross in 10 minutes or less. The staff is wonderful and keep you updated on progress you're making (especially when it comes to the application process) and the enviorment and students safe and fun. The only change I would currently make is how expensive it is. For many families this school is not an option because the total yearly coat can add up to$31,000.
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