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Evangel has such a tight-knit community, and the professors are incredible! The faculty and staff are always willing to help students with issues, whether they are academic or personal.
I absolutely love it. I'm a non-traditional online student. Teachers are caring and class size stays small. I learn so much and am able to finish my degree at home.
The professors are very passionate about their course material, which makes it easy to want to learn. The staff is very eager to help you succeed in any way possible. The campus is beautiful, and homey. The environment of the school is overall likable in every aspect.
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I enjoy the intimacy of smaller classes and the student community. A person typically gets what they want to out of their college education, and Evangel University has a lot to offer.
They have been so helpful in helping me apply and transfer. The campus is beautiful, and they have a super helpful community. Love that they incorporate faith with education.
Evangel Unveristy is a great post-secondary institution. The community is great and the Christian values are awesome.
This was a great school. The faculty is brilliant and getting involved is very easy. I learned a lot at this school, and it prepared me for future studies.
I went to Evangel my Freshman year and looking for a new start. It was very small but has a close tightknit community. The professors care deeply about the students and help them succeed. As far as a typical college experience, it is very different. The relationships built there are long-lasting and meaningful.
I love Evangel because everyone here is so friendly including the professors and staff. The professors know me by name. I have so many opportunities here already and I’m only a freshman. I wouldn’t change anything.
Evangel University is a fantastic facility in education and in it's fellowship within the community! It shows great Christian morals, while also having a modernized approach.
Evangel University truly embraces it's mission statement, "Evangel University is a comprehensive Christian university committed to excellence in educating and equipping students to become Spirit-empowered servants of God who impact the Church and society globally." The professors are dedicated to each students success in the classroom. The university emphasizes the importance of students relationship with God, and incorporating that in their everyday life.
Evangel is filled with amazing and loving faculty and students! I have been welcomed with open arms and there's no place I'd rather study!
Evangel is a really pretty campus with good professors. Dorms are so/so and it is pretty strict. There isn't any night life here either and not tons of support from students for athletics.
I love Evangel University. It has a beautiful campus which you can cross in 10 minutes or less. The staff is wonderful and keep you updated on progress you're making (especially when it comes to the application process) and the enviorment and students safe and fun. The only change I would currently make is how expensive it is. For many families this school is not an option because the total yearly coat can add up to$31,000.
Evangel is very costly and the dorms are not the greatest. However, Evangel has a very welcoming atmosphere and for the most part, full of very authentic people passionately pursuing a relationship with Christ.
Evangel University is one of the best Christian communities I have ever been involved with. There is a great amount of support that each person can find through fellow students, faculty, and even administrators. It is a great place to not only grow one's faith and beliefs, but to also grow their education.
I am currently a Junior at Evangel and would not change one thing about it. I love how personable the professors are and how willing they are to go the extra mile to connect with the students on a personal, academic, and spiritual level. It is so important to me that I have adults in my life that are going to challenge me to be a better, well-rounded person. I am being challenged academically and am excelling in all that I am doing. I wouldn't change one thing about Evangel University and encourage everyone to come here!
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I really enjoy the small class style and how students can connect more with the professors. I also like how the university incorporates spiritual life into our everyday schedules and encourages us to grow in our faith. I wish there were more options for campus food, but overall it isn't terrible.
The best part of Evangel University is the community environment and the education offered. All of the professor care about student success and design courses with students in mind. As for the community, there are so many event to attend and groups to get involved in. Even walking around campus someone will smile and wave at you. With Evangel being a smaller university, it is a great opportunity to connect to both peers and professors.
Good school And Good people. They have really neat Programs. The school cares about student and their future, so they will do everything to assist student. The professors are very nice and patient. They will help students to fix their problems in academic area. Some of them even like to hang out with student.
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