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I'm just now transferring to Eureka, but I can already see the passion and dedication that the professors and other employees bring to the job. If you are looking for a intimate setting with unmatched academics, this is the place for you!
Full of fat and sloppy people who could care less about those around them. Extremely unwelcoming and small-minded. Horrible food and wifi is basically nonexistent. Very diverse to regards about race. Greek life is a nightmare/joke. They also say they don't haze, but my experiences prove otherwise. Pretty campus from an outsiders viewpoint, but the people ruin it/turn it ugly.
Eureka is definitely unique. I personally love the small town feel of campus. I also really love the balance between the old and new architecture. You feel the history but also the potential to make history there. I think it's ready for a few more updates though. The staff is unbelievably kind and patient. The Opportunities are endless. I'm so excited to go.
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Eureka is a great place to be if you love small towns. The atmosphere is welcoming and quickly become a second home. The professors truly care about you and you are not just a number on a class list.
I could not have picked a better college.
This school, while undeniably small, presents its students with huge opportunities to advance and excel in their education. I have yet to take a class with a professor who does not know my name within the first two weeks of school. The class sizes are small, anywhere from 5-35 students, which allows for a very personalized classroom experience. You are not just a "number" to your professor like you would be at a bigger school, and this leads you to have great relationships with your professors and peers alike.
In addition, this college has truly allowed me to broaden my horizons more than I ever thought possible. When I came here, I was incredibly shy, but my professors and peers encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. This led me to join various organizations, take challenging classes, and even go to London for a study abroad trip.
This school is amazing and has offered me endless opportunities. I would not hesitate to recommend it!
It is a very nice small school, but does not have much around it. It is also a bit to small for me, for I am use to the city, but it does offer great courses.
There are many career services that our school offers, but I feel like the students are not informed about them. I know they are there, but I am not quite sure how to access them. Also, to meet with someone, you must schedule the meeting several weeks ahead of time.
I absolutely love the small class size Eureka has to offer. Because of this, I have not had a single class to this day where a professor has not cared about my grade. You are treated as more than just a number here, however cliche that may sound. The professors really care about you and teach you quality information.
I, personally, feel completely safe walking home from work or class at night. There is always a campus police officer who is willing to walk you home if you feel uncomfortable or threatened (neither of which I ever have). To me, campus is very safe, and if someone feels it is not, there are resources to help him or her.
The older the buildings are, the smaller and more run down they are. However, I live in the newer dorms, which I simply LOVE. There is nothing bad about Alumni or Ivy. However, I do feel feel that the campus' laundry mat (in Ben Major) needs a major upgrade.
I have many friends that are involved with Greek life on campus, and they are amazing people. There is no hazing, teasing, or bullying. In fact, most of the Greek life cares more about service and personal development more so than they do partying. While they sure can host a great party, they have more values than just that. Some of my best friends (girls and guys) are involved with the Greek life, and it has inspired me to join soon as well.
Our school is a Division 3 school, so most of the athletes are just regular people. I think that we could use some more student involvement when it comes to having an actual student section, and we are working towards creating one this year.
I would not choose another college to go to. I am so happy with my decision to go here. The atmosphere, teachers, and other students have all helped me to grow as a person and become who I want to be. In high school I did not talk much and was not very involved. However, my college makes me feel like I am a part of something, and it has inspired me to strive to become a leader on campus and in life. I love this school and the people in it.
Cops and RAs constantly patrol making sure it's a safe atmosphere
There are very rarely career services on campus
Proffesors truly want you to care and are avid about you attending class. They expect hard working students who fallow instructions
He wallet friendly rooms are the equivalent to living in caves due to the lack of lighting. The police that patrol campus are sticklers and will bust you or try to by any means. The laundry rooms have multiple broken down washers and dryers which have not been repaired or even looked at for what seems to be over a year.
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As part of a fraternity it's okay to be in one. Nothing special besides extra support.
All the coaches here have the drive to push their athletes the distance. The only problem is the lack in facilities to train those athletes to become the champions that they have the potential to become.
Could be better. Athletes make up most of the school but are treated as side notes.
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