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My experience at Eugene Lang has been filled with learning about different types of films from other countries. I have been able to experience a different aray of voices from many experiences. Through my time at Lang have been able to see the world in a different viewpoint
Lang is amazing! I love my school. Academics are really strong. Amazing film/screen studies program. One of the best film schools in NY.
Small, discussion-style classes. Loved all my professors. Progressive. Lots of writing. A very underrated, very good school. If you are an independent thinker, you will love it.
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Courses can be pretty challenging but for the most part I like all of them. Some of the professors can be kind of rude but they still teach very well
They have a lot of events for networking
Nothing has really happened on campus so I would say it's pretty safe but I haven't really seen any of the security go above and beyond
I've taken a lot of challenging courses and I've learned a lot
I wanted to go somewhere else and I'm still trying to swallow the fact that I'm here
It's a pretty safe school although I'm pretty sure that for there was someone living on the fifth floor of the UC this entire semester
As a writing student it's a little hard to find valuable internships when everything is catered towards marketing for some reason
If a student wants to be fit they will usually take a dance class
I have been exponentially comfortable at my school given the accepting nature of the students and professors alike. All identities are welcome without question and many topics are discussed with regards to the experiences of different groups of people. I find this extremely important especially in a day and age where we still so such dominance of the straight white male in a culture where there are so many queer identifying (gender and sexuality) and people of color who wish to further their educations and endeavors without having to face the inherent prevalence of blatant privilege. Our school is extremely aware of this and makes a safe learning environment that I feel is rare at many other schools.
I like the people and the discussions are great.
The New School is not for everyone, but it's incredible for those who prefer a non-traditional urban college. I specifically attend Eugene Lang School for Liberal Arts. Academically, I love the school. There are very few required courses and for the requirements that you do have to fulfill, you typically can still choose from about 10+ difference courses to meet those requirements. Students are given a great autonomy for choosing courses and there is an option to design an individualized major (which is what I am doing). Course topics are very interesting and specific. Most classes are small, seminar-style courses. The teacher sits at the table with the class and they are heavily based on discussion. Despite their larger size, lecture courses are also heavy in discussion. Most first year students would agree that the difficulty of the coursework is equivalent to that of an AP course in high school, or possibly even a regular high school course depending on the class and professor. Most coursework is reading and writing intensive. As a liberal arts school, there are little to no exams given and a lack of emphasis on STEM subjects. All of the teachers that I have had are extremely engaging, as well as passionate, knowledgable, and accomplished. They genuinely care about their students and make class as interesting as possible. An aspect of academics that a lot of students (including myself) have trouble with is the feeling that there are not enough practical courses. For example, although the courses are interesting, they mostly discuss theories and society, rather than teaching skills. For this reason it at times feels like students are wasting money on tuition. The New School is not for everyone but for this who seek curricular autonomy and interesting, discussion-based courses, it is an excellent choice.
Growing up in Queens public schools, I'm more than comfortable with the amount of diversity at Lang. It's something I know I won't find anywhere else, unless I had gone to a CUNY. But Lang's open curriculum was another deciding factor that has made all the difference.
I really enjoy being here and the people are very supportive overall.
The students and teachers are dedicated and passionate about what they are studying/teaching. I think everyone's want to make a difference is part of what makes the environment so special. There's a mix of people who talk about change and those who actually try to make a change.
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My school is amazing! I'm so lucky to be attending, my only disappointment is that it is so closely compared to NYU and often left to transfer over. Though these things don't directly effect me, it does sometimes make me question whether or not I should've tried harder to get into NYU
It's 70% female. Guys are hard to find.
There's always plenty of food options available, ranging from fast-food to vegan and organic options.
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