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Lazy and full of excuses as to why they never show up to class Or do their work.
It's like a 9-1 job. With little to no flexibility.
Has a lot more cons than it does pros
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Love my classes, love the size of the classes, love the interaction with the teacher and students during the many class discussions, learn so much more than I thought I would, absolutely love the professor I have had 98% of my classes!
There have not been any employers recruiting except a local telemarketing company, which no college degree is ever required to work at. There is no alumni network that I know of. I have 1 semester left until my internship and have yet to meet with anyone in career services.
Overall I think the tuition and fees are a little ridiculous, I pay a lab fee, have yet to figure out what they use that for.. the computers are probably a good 10 years old, there is never any paper to print things. Half the time you're lucky if the computers and printers even work! Financial aid office is pretty good, I've only had to deal with one person and she has always been friendly and helpful. As for if I'm receiving what I paid for, professor wise, yes, other things, definitely not.
They offer lifetime help with placement, other than that I have yet to hear of anything for the alumni come from this place.
The professor for legal studies is absolutely amazing, we all learn so much more than a book could tell us! The reason I did not give a better rating is not even the professors fault. The school is not equipping us with all of the resources we need for some of our classes. The professor has had to come in on their day off to try and resolve issues so that we are able to continue learning.
The only reason I say it's bad is because most colleges in our area will not accept any of the credits from this school. So, when I graduate with my associates degree, if I decide to further my education I will have to take all of these classes again just at a different college.
Everything is out of date. The computers only work when they want to, Microsoft Office is not registered in the computer labs where classes are being taught. The library is smaller than my bedroom, I probably have more books than it does. The building is way out of date, they have window ac units in the rooms so unless you want to roast, you can barely hear the professor talk!
Its great financial aid and academic advisers took care of all that for me i didn't even have to think about it
Im Going for medical assisting associates degree and i think its grate the teachers have smaller class sizes so its easy to get the help you need and they are always willing to help in any way they can. I feel confident that I can graduate with a satisfying grade from ETI opposed to a larger university.
It all went very smooth the professors work with you the entire way the curriculum was handed to you in a general outline in the beginning workload was about average the teacher don't over load you but they do keep you busy. Class registration was simple I just told her where i was at with my credits and what program i was interested in and my availability and she took care of the rest.
They're really good at explaining and breaking things down so you know how much money is going where and why. They were really beneficial in telling me to use certain loans or perhaps find a scholarship to make college more affordable. I think the education there is fair priced mainly because of the smaller class sizes makes learning more one on one and that's exactly what I needed. The best tip or advise id give to someone is start with the books they're expensive if you can get one a friend had or find it cheaper somewhere else go for it.
Tuition is not as bad as I thought it would be. Possibly a little expensive but for a small class size and the way we are being taught and prepared is well worth it. The financial aid dept had everything prepared for us when we got there as to how much I would have to pay for the classes and divided everything into what we have to pay every semester.
They take their time with you and explain what the course is about. Financial aid takes time before you meet with them to find out what you qualify for and what you will have to make up. They also will give you sites to find scholarships and additional money to help you.
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