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It's my first year in Estrella Mountain Community College and let's just say so far, it's been alright and decent for me. I Like how the whole school looks like, the buildings, everyone who works here, the food, plus even the food is 10 times better than the food at the high school. But yeah, the teachers are okay, so are my classes, but i'm really struggling on math though. But on the bright side, i'm making some really good and awesome new friends. I feel like i'm having a wonderful time adjusting to Estrella. and to be honest, even though i still miss high school, i'm still having a good time in college.
Overall my experience has been great thus far. This community college does want you to succeed and provides the necessary tools for you to do so but you have to be willing to apply yourself or they cant help you much. Take the time to reach out to staff if you need something they will be happy to help. You have to accept guidance and put in effort to receive it, like anyone should.
I really enjoy the steam engine in which students can create handmade products with 3-D printers and by utilizing the wood work shop. The student union is a fun place to hang out with other students in and the classes are small providing a nicer learning evironment. However, I do not like some of the earlier math course teachers.
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This is a beautiful campus with small classes. I love having smaller classes because the teachers were able to give me attention and help me if I needed it. Everything is pretty close and it doesn't take long to get around campus.
I have been going to Estrella for two years. The teachers are amazing but the counselors are not. I should have been done in my first year since I transferred from another college, but the counselors failed to tell me I need more classes. I would recommend seeing multiple counselors to get a clear plan. Overall, the school is nice and does offer lots of classes.
My experience has been average. I would like this college to really care and help their students in academics and future college life. The advisers do not give out consistent information about transferring or classes needed to take. They also don't take their time to look into things and come up with information that will better the students. However, some of the professors at this college take their time to help their students really achieve and get good grades.
From my experience this is a good place to start building your education towards your future. I have gotten some remarks from others that go to a 4 year university asking if it is easier at a community college, and I’ve told them just because it’s a community college doesn’t mean the classes are watered down. The professors I have met want to give you the college experience of a university level or greater, and have the background and teaching experience to prove it. Two instructors that I personally recommend are Professor Eckert for computer science and Dwain Desbien for physics, because they definitely give you the learning experience at a university level. There are even free tutoring sessions on campus to help you with almost any subject. The safety of the students is taken care of with the upmost importance, so that we can learn in peace.
Amazing campus with beautiful calming scenery. Their tutoring services are always readily available and their teachers are very good quality!
I like that this college is close to home and it provides both online and on campus classes. The campus is large and we'll kept.
When I first moved to Phoenix I enrolled at Glendale Community College and was overwhelmed by the number of students and crimes that happened on campus. I did not feel safe while enrolled there. I grew up in an extremely small town in Northern Michigan and wanted to find a much smaller campus that felt more like home and Estrella Mountain is just that place and is just far enough out of the city. I feel much safer there and the school is much better for a one on one experience.
Estrella is an amazing college and if you join clubs it will make things easier because if you have questions you can ask anyone in the club.
Something I like about EMCC is that it’s a quiet campus, very peaceful and friendly environment! You get the help you need in any building you go to and everyone is there to grow!
I think Estrella Mountain Community College is a decent school. Some professors aren't the best, but I have also had some of my favorite teachers here. There is a lot of students and it is a busy school.
My overall experience at Estrella Mountain Community College was good. I got the chance to understand what it is like being a college student, packed with homework and a great deal of responsibilities. The professors are strict, but they help you develop and grow into a successful college student. I would definitely recommend others to attend Estrella Mountain Community College because it is a great environment to take your college classes at. There is very few things that I would change at Estrella Mountain Community College. The only thing I would change and that I didn't like was the lack of advisers to accommodate the students.
It was a good experience as I learned a lot of good advice and knowledge from some of my professors there.
My experience at EMCC was positive. I was impressed by the courses offered and the teaching staff was always helpful and knowledgeable. There are many cultural events on campus and many clubs a student can be a part of. I attended sporadically over a 3 year period as I was working full time as I pursued my AA and AAE. I enjoyed the experience.
I love that at Emcc the classes dont usually exceed 30 people and it feels like you can have a much closer connection with your teacher and fellow class mates. The classes are always easy to find and no matter if I have taken a class online or in person its always just as interesting to me. I dont feel out of place at this school. Its located on dysart rd which has many places to go eat and shop and its in good year its such a good city.
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I love the location of the campus, the people are really nice, and the rates are good. My friends have also gone there and have spoke very highly of the college and professors.
I've been a student at EMCC right after I graduated from high school. I am a web and graphic design major and so far I've enjoyed my time there so far. Because of my major, I got to experience the multimedia section of the school and the professors and other students within the same area of study are great. Not only did the professors guide us, but we fellow students helped each other and learned new things. There are other things on campus that are free and available pretty all the time such as counseling, advisory, the career and transfer center, the safety office, tutoring, and financial aid. The professors I've had are great and are always willing to help you out and will have office hours where you can meet them after or before class. Overall, I really like this college and I recommend it to anyone who wants to save money before transferring into a university or to go whether you know what you want to major or not.
What I like about Estrella Community college is the flexible school schedule days and times available. I was able to work full time and still attend school, while enjoying my personal life. What I would change about the school is nothing really. Maybe open up more scholarships and accessible ways to access them.
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