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The campus is very nice, especially the updated/new buildings. Personally, I haven't had any bad experiences on campus.
Estrella Mountain Community College is definitely a beginning mark for anyone who does not want to be under the stress of a four-year universtiy or paying outragous costs to be a student. EMCC has been such a huge help with helping me stay on track as well as blossoming into a focused and diligent student preparing me four any four-year institution coming my way.
Great Teachers, and resources. The class times are very flexible, also the student union is a great place.
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I really like he class sizes since they are normally all around 30 people. The campus is pretty nice and the people as well.
Estrella Mountain has excellent Advisors that give generally good advice. The professors are very knowledgeable about what they are teaching and can also help guide you in the right direction. The faculty is very generous with information and the atmosphere is cozy, with plenty of places to eat and rest.
EMCC is a great school for people who are not very social. The campus is small and there are many great places to relax in peace and quiet. The food is really good and not too expensive. Estrella Mountain offers a lot of interesting courses, as well. The only thing I would change is a better hiring system for professors. Some of them are not that great.
I have enjoyed my classes and instructors. Small campus and easy to navigate. My advisor is friendly and helpful.
I have enjoyed my classes and instructors. I would like to see more indoor study area for students and a higher level of accountability & organization in the admissions office. The process was disjointed and frustrating.
All of the professors that have taught me are very kind, helpful, and seem as though they genuinely care about the students they are teaching.
I like how all the teachers are very helpful when you need help. The tutoring center is great as well they were there when you don't understand something about homework or anything.
The instructors and advisors that are on campus are incredible helpful and are excellent resources for any student that hopes to enroll in Estrella Mountain Community College.
Being a college freshman, I've enjoyed all my experiences at Estrella Mountain. Navigating through the website has been really easy and everyone I've met at the school is super nice and friendly and definitely helps out a lot. I'm excited for my first year at college because of the staff!
I absolutely love EMCC. I had the option to attend Glendal CC, but as soon as I stepped on the campus it didn’t feel right. When I got to EMCC, I noticed a huge difference just in it appearance. The campus is well taken care of. I have been at EMCC go 3 semesters, and going on to my last this spring. I have nothing but positive experiences at this campus. Great professors, an abundance of academic advantages like free tutoring, and quiet study rooms. I was a little upset to find out that there was no football, soccer, or volleyball teams that I can go support but other than that, this school is truly worth my drive over.
I had the opportunity to graduate from this college. It was amazing two years of my life. I had no trouble with any of my classes. What I also enjoyed was that I felt safe every time. There were always cops near the area which made me feel safe being a female walking to my car at night can be scary, but i always felt safe with the security and cops around. Nice clean school I would totally recommend.
The teachers really push you to do better in school. I had a very passionate teacher and because of him, he made want to become a doctor. The tutoring center is great and resources are very helpful.
This school is amazing, you get small classes and one on one time with the instructors if needed. The advisory help you with the classes needed and to create a plan for the major and university intended to transfer to. They really push you to do your best and make the best out of the experience with the school. There are some clubs but they are awesome and try to get their members to interact with the community and volunteer.
The willingness of the instructors to help you succeed was inspiring. Many times they would stay after class or extend office hours just so they were readily available to help students. It was an easy campus to learn and traverse with plenty of outdoor tables and seating for classes to be held outside or club meetings, or just social gathering between classes. It really is an awesome college to attend.
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Estrella Mountain Community College is an awesome college. They help get students ready for their career. They offer many different programs and clubs that help students become more involved. I am apart of the Honors Achievement Award Program, you make easy money by simply attending an honors event and writing a 500 word summary on it, and also completing a honors project for a class of your choice.
I enjoy the diversity and the small classes. Student life on the other hand is very boring. I wish I saw more of the athletics. I am not even sure if EMCC offers sports.
Estrella Mountain is an inviting school with a great campus, staff, and security. There are always fun events popping up throughout the semesters and you will be sure to find a club that will suit your interests. The students are friendly and easy to talk to, be it in the school cafeteria, or the quaint cafe, you will be sure to make friends here.
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