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I have attended EMCC for 2 years and I have enjoyed everything about my experience. The professors and faculty that I have dealt with truly care about helping students find their way. I did not know what I wanted to study when I started but I found a plethora of resources ready to help me find my life's passion.
My personal favorite thing about attending EMCC is that it's a smaller community college, making more availability for classes. They offer all sorts of classes at all times of the day so it's easy to accommodate one's personal or work life. The food that they serve on campus is cooked by the students in their culinary arts program, and is always delicious.
First off, I have a disability, I have Autism, and EMCC provides me with the accommodations that I need to get through the day and also to accomplish my dreams and that is to be a Computer Science, I want to own my own business some day. So I am taking 5 years at Estrella so I can complete my CS degree there and enroll in to Grand Canyon University to complete my business degree. The only thing that I would change is that when our teachers are going to be out for some reason or another, that they would notify us ASAP. Because sometimes I am stuck at school and nothing is open yet. Other than that I love EMCC, if I have problems I go to the Disability department and they take care of any issues. I would highly recommend EMCC.
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Estrella Mountain Community College is a nice campus and has lots of helpful resources, like the centers for writing, reading , and math. The professors are very helpful and want to make sure you understand the concepts they teach.
I have nearly completed the SLPA program at EMCC. I have completed all of my classes online. I have been very impressed by the faculty and curriculum of this online program. The few times that I have had to go out to the campus I have been impressed with the guidance counselors and the campus environment. My only complaint is it being far away from my house, but that was easily remedied by my program being offered completely online.
Estrella Mountain Community College has small class sizes, a very nice campus, and I love that they have a 3D printing and laser cutting lab. The Southwest Skill Center offers reasonable priced degrees with actual experience.
I love this campus and if I could get my entire education here I would! It is so easy and convenient and there is help and resources every step of the way.
My experience at EMCC I think is excellent. This school provides mass amount of information and ways in order for you to get your degree done. As well as help with transfer to university as the campus has university reps present on the regular.
The employees at Estrella Mountain Community College focus on the success of students. They will do whatever they can to help you move forward. I have had the pleasure of being with this college for two years and in a few months my journey will come to an end. Midway through May I will be graduating from Estrella Mountain Community College with two degrees.
I absolutely love this college. The campus is beautiful, and well managed. Estrella Mountain Community College is more than a school for me, it's like a second home. I spend much of my time here, and the staff is always friendly! Most of the professors here like to get to know you as a person, and are always willing to help. Of course, there are always things that can be improved, such as more options for school food. Most of the time the same kinds of foods are offered everyday. However, that doesn't mean it isn't good! The meals are still fresh and amazing. I'd give 4 and a half stars if it were an option! Also, this school is very affordable, which is very nice.
A great community college with many great resources and opportunities. Many great staff and professors all willing to help students achieve academic readiness. There are many different clubs, organizations and groups to join. In addition, there is a writing center, math center, computer labs, library and many other places to visit if your needing help in a class. A very safe campus with police on site and constantly driving around campus. The only thing I would change would be to stop officer on campus from giving tickets.
The campus is very nice, especially the updated/new buildings. Personally, I haven't had any bad experiences on campus.
Estrella Mountain Community College is definitely a beginning mark for anyone who does not want to be under the stress of a four-year universtiy or paying outragous costs to be a student. EMCC has been such a huge help with helping me stay on track as well as blossoming into a focused and diligent student preparing me four any four-year institution coming my way.
Great Teachers, and resources. The class times are very flexible, also the student union is a great place.
I really like he class sizes since they are normally all around 30 people. The campus is pretty nice and the people as well.
Estrella Mountain has excellent Advisors that give generally good advice. The professors are very knowledgeable about what they are teaching and can also help guide you in the right direction. The faculty is very generous with information and the atmosphere is cozy, with plenty of places to eat and rest.
EMCC is a great school for people who are not very social. The campus is small and there are many great places to relax in peace and quiet. The food is really good and not too expensive. Estrella Mountain offers a lot of interesting courses, as well. The only thing I would change is a better hiring system for professors. Some of them are not that great.
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I have enjoyed my classes and instructors. Small campus and easy to navigate. My advisor is friendly and helpful.
I have enjoyed my classes and instructors. I would like to see more indoor study area for students and a higher level of accountability & organization in the admissions office. The process was disjointed and frustrating.
All of the professors that have taught me are very kind, helpful, and seem as though they genuinely care about the students they are teaching.
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