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This school is amazing, you get small classes and one on one time with the instructors if needed. The advisory help you with the classes needed and to create a plan for the major and university intended to transfer to. They really push you to do your best and make the best out of the experience with the school. There are some clubs but they are awesome and try to get their members to interact with the community and volunteer.
The willingness of the instructors to help you succeed was inspiring. Many times they would stay after class or extend office hours just so they were readily available to help students. It was an easy campus to learn and traverse with plenty of outdoor tables and seating for classes to be held outside or club meetings, or just social gathering between classes. It really is an awesome college to attend.
Estrella Mountain Community College is an awesome college. They help get students ready for their career. They offer many different programs and clubs that help students become more involved. I am apart of the Honors Achievement Award Program, you make easy money by simply attending an honors event and writing a 500 word summary on it, and also completing a honors project for a class of your choice.
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I enjoy the diversity and the small classes. Student life on the other hand is very boring. I wish I saw more of the athletics. I am not even sure if EMCC offers sports.
Estrella Mountain is an inviting school with a great campus, staff, and security. There are always fun events popping up throughout the semesters and you will be sure to find a club that will suit your interests. The students are friendly and easy to talk to, be it in the school cafeteria, or the quaint cafe, you will be sure to make friends here.
This school is absolutely terrible, and no one should ever go to this instution. My only experience with this school was when Jennifer Elliot the ASB 214 teacher dropped me from her class for no reason. I screenshotted all of my assignments showing that I had completed everything on time and did not understand why she dropped me. The teacher, Jennifer Elliot, did not even have the decency or respect to message me back. I then continued on to call her chairman, and all he said was that teachers here at Estrella have the right to drop students if they want to. After paying for the class in full, turning in all of assignments on time, and the teacher could still decide to drop me for no reason! He told me that he pulled up my assignments and said that he could even see where everything had been turned in on time! If you value your own time and money, do not waste it at this institution, or else you will regret just as I have.
Overall, The school is fantastic I have received a lot of help from the student and staff! A very clean environment as well which is a plus for me and on top of that completely affordable!
The campus itself is very nice and all the staff there help you with anything you need, they really make you feel at home
I'm a freshman college in Estrella community college, I went for a summer class and in all honesty it's such an amazing college , they really do care about you're education and their services are very helpful, Im actually very excited for all of this .
I enjoy attending this college it is small, and the teachers are wonderful. I have been attending this school for about 1 year and half and it is wonderful. I enjoy going to school where there are not many students, and have the ability to have teachers help.
even though i only went there for one semester it was a great experience and i learned a lot. i had so many great instructors, they were all super helpful. i managed to pass my emt class with an A and i was super proud of myself. i would not have been able to do it without them
The school itself is a very nice place to be in. Although it depends on the professor you get they are very helpful and know what they are doing and teaching.
I enjoy every experience i have at this school. The staff is excellent and helpfully in everyway. The campus grows every year and offers new programs as well. I am attending a course in the South West Skill Center to become a phlobotemy and all the previous classe before me all have completed the program and all have passed there State requirements.
There isn't really much for Athletics, there's little clubs here and there that involve that but not much. As far for Academics I was exposed to some good material and very challenging courses. In the long run I experienced 2 very poor academic wise professors, the rest were fine but these 2 just went through powerpoints or basically had very low interaction with the class.
Estrella Mountain Community College is very good school, teachers are friendly, Registration/Financial Aid/Adviser help very quickly in timely manner.
Its a beautiful campus! The people in the Admitting office and academic counselors have been very, very helpful.
I do love my school, I find the environment to the education to be outstanding. I have never felt more accepted and comfortable about achieving my goals that I do now while attending here, Everything from the students, facility and everyone are so friendly and welcoming. I always look forward to coming to school.
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The professor are great. They get that life happens. If somthing comes up they are very willing to work with you. I really enjoyed going to school here, you develop a sort of friendship with everyone on campus.
This community college si so amazing! The campus is beautiful! Some of the teachers are okay. It honestly depends on what teacher you have. Some are really really ice but other can be pretty brutal. Overall ,I have had pretty good teachers and I have loved being a part of Estrella Mountain Community College.
I've been taking dual enrollment credits through EMCC for two years now while still attending high school. I admire that EMCC gives students the opportunity to get ahead in their college education. I've had a wonderful experience talking to the professors and staff on and off campus (school visits) and would recommend this community college to anyone looking for a good school to attend.
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