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I would like to see Essex County College to expand its space for more tutoring and student space to do work.
It's a state community college so they offer lots of benefits to students. Essex county was not my first option I actually attended a school before and ended up liking the community college more then I did my private college.
My experience at Essex County College has been amazing. I had great professors that helped me to move out of my ignorance phase. They thought me all I needed to know and I successfully completed my degree with honor and a 4.0 GPA. However, the school needs to be renovated to offer more comfort to students.
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Essex County College is a fine institution in terms of some aspects, but if we keep those aside, there are some things for which improvements are to be needed.
1)Professors: Very good. Professors are very good. But the teaching would be much better if they used stuffs like presentation slides to teach subjects like history.

2)Academics: Fine. In some of the departments, I strongly suggest adding more people.

3)Campus food: Unsatisfactory. Maybe for some other people, it's a good food but I really think that it is not good.

4)Safety: Good. There is campus security every time and because there are more universities and residential apartments nearby, you can find police and security everywhere.

5)Athletics: There is a soccer team, a college gym, a fitness center and a basketball team as well. So, athletics and fitness, to sum up, are good.

Hope this will be helpful.
Some teachers are really great but some are the worst. Financial aid sucks. The school might be closed because they decided to take most of the students money.
Essex county is a good school but the campus lifestyle is terrible. There are not much activities for students in the school. Also, some teachers do not take the jobs seriously. It’s either they are late to class or their grading systems are poor.
School is close to everything. You can take various buses to the NJ Transit or Path Train to head to NYC
Professors are great and really seem to care about their students! Office staff at the West Essex Campus are great. Office Staff at the Newark Campus are a hit or miss, some are very rude and not helpful, some are great and super helpful.
I've been attending Essex County College for a couple of years now and my experience so far has varied. First let me start with academics offered, there are a lot of different opportunities for an individual to participate in, and all fields have a dedicated advisor to help you along it's all informative and very helpful. The location of the college isn't bad as well, it's located about 5 minutes from the general downtown area so there's plenty of shops to browse. The only problem I've had with Essex County College is a problem related to safety. On multiple occasions I've had people approach me who didn't even attend the college and try to solicit something from me. I'm not saying security is terrible but it could be improved.
I really dont like this school. The classroom enviornment are very poor in quality. The professors dont really show any interest in teaching. the students are very poor in attendance.
Students are very welcoming but staff and faculty can be very challenging to deal with and some lack professionalism. Other than that Ive enjoyed my time at the school, it's been fast and straight forward.
I like it here! I'm a general science major and it's been interesting so far. I go to the West Essex Campus, and one of my professors even said that he liked this campus better than the one in Newark... lol.
When I first began at Essex County College, I was not really thrilled being there. But as time went by I observed how very dedicated and willing the professors are. They are very resourceful and caring, and most if not all are very willing to see you succeed. Best of all these professors are very highly qualified with masters and doctorate degrees. Unlike some of these charter schools, with some leaders and most teachers struggling with a bachelor's degree and thinking to themselves they are the 'World's Greatest'. thanks to those wonderful professors at Essex! I owe my educational success to you!
Some professors are good, and others bad it all depends if you understand the course you're taking but its better to check ratemyprofessor just in case if you struggle with a subject you will take a good professor who will help you understand the lesson.
So far my experience with Essex County College , it's been a good learning experience and i can now transfer that knowledge when i go to a four year school.
theirs never no advisers to guide you the financial aid people are rude and slow professors are good
Essex County College is a great place to begin your education or career. The very helpful and hands off staff makes learning a breeze. If a student happens to fall behind in their studies, the learning center is a great place to find a tutor ! The flexible hours of 9am-9pm make brushing up a breeze. I highly recommend Essex County College for anyone who wants to further their education.
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When I first entered Essex County College, I already had in my head that I would hate the school. After being there my first semester, I realized that it actually isn't such a bad school. Yes, the location may be a little scary for some people, but the people at the college are not. The professors are nice, and most of them even care about the students. You also save a lot of money going there instead of going straight to a University. I like how the college is run, and the academics there is very well. But, one thing I would change is the way some of the staff members interact with the students. Some of the staff members may be a little rude at times, but it doesn't hurt to crack a smile sometimes. Other than that, I would recommend ECC to a new college student who doesn't know what they are studying.
Essex County College is an okay college. The campus is large. The workers lack communication but they are helpful when you can actually reach them. The classrooms have a comfortable setting, although class sizes varies you can still get a one on one connection with your professor.
I like that ECC Is easily accessible, close to everything. I wish that the retention rate would improve somehow maybe by emplemting more tutors.
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