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I started the program this year, and so far I have loved every moment of it. The chef instructors actually seem like they care about you, your education, and future success in the culinary industry. They answer your questions and are not above coming over and helping you understand what went wrong in a dish so that you can start it over and get it right. The campus may be small and arranged in a strange manner, but the accessibility to nearby local restaurants more than makes up for that. If you attend here, make sure you have found housing on your own because it'll probably be way cheaper than if you go through their approved complex.
Great school. Very attentive and would recommend this school to anyone looking for a culinary journey. Easy access online and lots of fun classes too. I can work at my own pace and still have time for a social life. A very interactive platform for an online school and as I said easily accessible. I get great grades because of the ease of course curriculum.
I can work in the best restaurants around the world.
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My class setting is small and it is exactly what my class is about it is in kitchens. It's perfect.
I know that we have them but haven't had the chance to take them.
Pamela Palmer help me find a job right way. She is my career services lady and is awesome.
My instructors are awesome with the way they tech.
I love the how my instructors are engaging with each of the students at school.
I have been very happy with the class courses offered and the styles the chef know what they are teaching and make it easy to learn.
they have the best staff for this and they are very helpful in this dept.
I have had no problems with this school they were up front about everything and have been very helpful with me on every step of my journey and have made the the best experience of my life.
I had no problem with the online courses
this school has been great with job prospects and career center help and network help I do wish it was a degree instead of a diploma for the price
I have experienced so many things that I never new before i really believe this is going to help me the future
This School Is Amazing! The Chef really know what they are talking about and care about you as a person. they take the time to talk with you and work with you as a student. The Class sizes are are a little bit bigger then I had hoped for but other than that I have not complaint with this school I have been very happy with my time here!
There are three classes available, morning, mid and night classes. Morning and night classes are easier to work around than mid-day classes
Occasionally the online portal has some tech issues which they resolved as quickly as they could. The instructors are very cooperative and are there if one needs them.
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After you graduate and leave the school, the instructors and staff are still there to help you - give advice, help find a new job, get in contact with known chefs.
Everyone does an externship for a minimum of 8 to 10 weeks, which is essentially getting a job in the field and completing a set number of hours within that time period.
The course is very fast paced, you learn a lot in 6 week increments. The instructors are very hands on and are very helpful.
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