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Escoffier School of Culinary Arts - Austin Reviews

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Through out each course, I found myself not only learning what I love to do as a career but also growing as a young adult with uniform, respect, and passion for this food and industry.
After visiting and touring the campus i believe the school is very established and neat. The professors are very professional and seem very driven to help their students. Also they are open to giving the experience in which they have learned themselves to their students preparing them for real word situations.
I start this summer on August 15, 2016 and so far I can't wait for this experience!! Recommend anybody who is interested in the Culinary Arts Industry to this school.
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you're really close with the people and instructors there because they're glad to help if they can, so the possible connections are a lot.
Everybody's different in their own way and bakes or cooks the way that makes them comfortable and we learn in different paces, but help one another when it's needed. We're all different ethnicity's, have different religious beliefs and our sexuality is different, but that doesn't stop any of us from being there for a fellow classmate to help them out or just being there as a friend.
The resource center has several computers, and the speed is okay. The downside is they have moved the resource center and due to space issues, there is often a class being held in it, so you are disturbing a class when you go in to use the computers or printer.
The financial aid person gets you started with the federal aid forms, but that is about it. There is very little concern or interest in helping you find other forms of aid that don't need to be paid back.
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