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Erskine College is a terrible school. It will make you depressed and you'll die of boredom. It is a dry campus and anyone that is even associated with alcohol is fined. The administration is filled with horrible people that bleed students dry of all their money. DO NOT COME HERE YOU WILL HATE IT! The food is awful, the people are awful, and you will be broke, fat, and lonely at the end of it.
Erskine is what you make it to be. If you want to be miserable here, you most definitely will be. However, if you take the time to get to know classmates, professors, administration your time at Erskine will be more enjoyable than most. The people here actually care about you, do they have their faults-yes- but don't we all.
Amazing school, great people! Just being around the people in due west makes you feel good. its a small town where everybody knows everybody. and everybody makes you feel welcome. they truly make you feel like family. Great experience.
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Do not go here. You will have a lot of regret. Erskine will put you in both debt and depression. The professors and classes are incredibly hard. You will be given loads of scholarships as a freshman that make the incredibly over-priced tuition seem doable. But it is so difficult you will lose all academic scholarship after a year. There is nothing to do. there are no people, no events, no places to go... its incredibly lonely. Erskine College is the reason Dean Harris is dead. He committed suicide. He was a handsome, intelligent, athletic, kind person. He is gone because this college made him feel so stressed, lonely, unintelligent, and sad.
WARNING! Please oh God Please do not go here! If you thought you were inprisoned in high school you thought wrong. The Classes are even dumber and the teachers are communist sympathizers. If you want to be taught by Masonic devil worshippers go to Erskine. P.s go to snappers if you are hungry
Erskine is a great place to go if keep your nose in the books. I feel like its a great place to keep one focused due to the lack of distractions. There's a few local businesses like a hardware store and a mechanic, but absolutely no party scene. The housing and food are mediocre and the school is mostly made up of Caucasians. The athletics are decent and the campus is very safe!
Erskine College has given me great opportunities to advance and make my future prosperous. All the professors are kind and everyone here treats you like family. It's an, overall, great choice for higher education.
Erskine is labeled a "Christian College" but about 10% of the students on campus are actually legit followers of Christ. I would say the majority of people on campus do their own thing also Erskine is really small. Only 600plus people actually go to the school currently but a upside Is less distractions more able to focus on your sport and school work. The dining hall is about 7/10 some food is good but some of the food is not made properly and tastes terrible with no flavor. Class size is about 20-30 in a classroom which equals more attention and personal relationships with your professor.
Erskine is a very small, Christian school. It's a close community and with the nicest people you'll ever meet. Being in the middle of due west sometimes it gets a little lonely and quiet but sometimes it's a good thing. You get your peace and quiet with no distractions. The classroom environment is for the students to be able to have a close relationship with their professors and to have an opportunity for a one on one learning experience.
People feel that if there's no party then they don't have anything to do that weekend.
Since we're in the middle of nowhere, we (if you go to a party) have to drive 30-45 minutes to get to one.
small school not many professors to choose from for classes. Study areas are not good at all, because it's in the middle of where students hang out.
Most people are at this school because they're athletes and don't care about the religion background of this school.
The campus police live right in the middle of campus. It is easy to get in contact with the police if anything goes wrong.
The courses are challenging and the professors are incredibly smart. The class sizes are small, which makes learning easier.
Erskine employees help students to make connections so that they have career prospects once they graduate.
Housing is great! It's a lot better than I ever imagined housing to be. It's clean and can be spacious if the furniture is put in the right spaces.
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The Greek life at Erskine is great... It's different at Erskine because they have literary societies instead of sororities. These groups support each other and helps the community with different community service projects.
Since Erskine is such a small school there is a lot of school spirit shown from the students.
Erskine is a small school, which makes learning more personal. There are many interesting courses to take that helps prepare you for anything life throws at you.
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