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The graphics and web design program. The instructors and staff are all intelligent in the field and understanding of outside circumstances. They are also very helpful.
The instructors here at Erie institute of technology are always trying to improve the skills you have come here to perfect. they are approachable and care about your success. Safety is a priority here which is a great thing.
My overall experience has been ok. There is room for improvement in this small school. The turnover rate for teachers is higher than what I would like to see. Computer equipment is outdated.
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I should have sued this school. I was physically abused, and humiliated while trying to give a presentation I worked very hard on. Not by students by the professsors. No professionalism. Kevin mosgrave smacked me in the back of the head for making a mistake. Not a gentle hey you made a mistake smack a very hard smack that brought tears to my eyes. Scott domowiks the program director and a man with 2 masters degrees was unprofessional enough to laugh in my face while trying to give a presentation I worked very hard on, and then failed me. I graduated this place less of a man and shouldn't have to pay, I should sue them.
We recently bought a house with a bad Oil furnace. We didn't really have the money to switch over to a propane system, but the HVAC class came out and installed a new propane furnace at cost, which helped them with learning and training as well as helped us save some much needed money!! The instructors and guys were FANTASTIC!! They did an awesome, complicated job in 2 days and we couldn't have been happier!! Thank you to Dan, Jim and all the guys for everything!! I would HIGHLY reccomend them!!
They are flexible to a point, but when your personal life comes before in strenuous times, they do not understand, due to attendence counts against your grade.
The job prospect is wide. They help you network and get an externship.
Some teachers were amazing, but others were a little to harsh on your work. And expected you to do what they wanted.
A Value of an associates degree, is alright. Ive been looking at a lot of Graphic Design Jobs, and they say Bachelors degree required.
The Multimedia Graphic Design Program is a wonderful program. The workload is comfortable, the environment is welcoming and friendly. The only thing I had an issue with was, I wish it was not so abroad in the cirriculum. Job opportunities are great. I just wish they did not count your attendance towards your grade.
The classes are great, the environment is friendly. I just wish they were a little more understanding.
I don't start until September 2016 but I was impressed with the orientation and walk through with the school administrator. He answered all my questions and satisfied my questions.
Classes only go from 8-5 no other options
Wish i would have went here first
I'm doing better than I ever have in school thanks to Great Lakes
The school has realistic lab rooms that prepare you for the real world
Financial aid helped me through the extremely difficult process of obtaining aid
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You get life time help for job placement from the school after you graduate
So far I am learning more than I could have expected. On certain days we leave the class to go put of knowledge to use in real applications.
I have heard much about it, but have not used it yet. I am currently first term.
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