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I wish we had more activities to do but Ill be graduating college sooner than the rest of my friends I graduated high school with. Although there is no campus life . Associates degree is cheaper and just as good as a B.A
There is not alot and some people just come for the refund check
One room contains the library and there is not campus so no activities
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Facebook and Youtube is banned all social networking due to previous students using it in the class room but it sucks when you have time in between classes and cant use youtube and facebook. Especially because we pay for the lab fees in tution
The programs are well defined so you know all the requirements before you start. Workload is a bit much but if you do it you'll be fine and the help you get a job upon graduation
Its easy to register and this school only has two building so no activites
Its cheaper than the average 4year college and the financial Aid department does everything for you

All the instructors are very caring and helpful. But this school doesnt really offer anything else other than associates degrees and dipolmas . No cafe . 1 vending machine and the coffee sucks.
If you miss 5 days of class you drop a letter grade and cant make up tests here. They hold your refund checks to collect interest on it so we get it later than the average student and facebook and youtube is blocked like we are in high school or something.
But other than that its an okay school not much going on
I think there is a wide variety of sudent personel at my school.
I do not think they help you as much as they say they will.
I am taking classes to further my education. so far I have only taken general education classes.
I am not taking any online classes. I am attending erie business center campus.
I feel confident that I will find employment.
I never took an online course.
Small classes and people always there to help.
It was extremly easy to fill out the forms online.
Always willing to work with you with different schedules.
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Everyone there is looking to better themselves and have a common goal in mind.
Computers readily available for any work you may need to do.
I don't have to take crazy electives. Focus on what you're there for.
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