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Each day I go into school, it feels like a big family. I have not felt that way at any institution. They help with job placement and that is a plus.
I do not like online courses. I need face to face interaction. Communicating through emails with my teacher is fine, but I get more out of my education if it is in a classroom setting. I never spoke to any of my classmates except for when we had to post a greeting in a mass email. The workload was fine but having to wait for an answer to a question would take 2 days.
Erie 1 Boces has classes that I can attend around my daughters schedule. They provide morning and evening classes and I get out at a reasonable time. When I transferred none of my credits from the previous schools I went to did not transfer. I was well aware of that due to being told when I enrolled in those previous schools. The fact that I have to start all over again does not bother me at all. Knowledge is power.
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Not too much diversity that I've seen. A typical student is someone that either has or wants to work in construction.
My professor has been welding professionally for around 35 years. I know I am getting the best learning experience I can through my professor.
I love welding their welding program. I am currently taking welding 2 after completing welding 1 a few weeks ago. Getting hands on experience in an actual welding shop is great! We are challenged every class by the curriculum, it is also very fun! There are plenty of job opportunities for welders, along with a few skilled trades unions I could join.
The tuition is fairly priced. It is hard to receive financial aid through the school.
I like this school. It is an easy transition into the world, because it offers the courses you need to succeed. There are no Gen Eds, which is a down side if you want to transfer to another school, as well as their "credits" don't exactly transfer anywhere. Other schools may or may not give you "credit" for already knowing material. They prepare you well for the BIG EXAM aka the NCLEX-PN Licensing Exam. They make sure you are ready to take it and pass when the time comes. The instructors are with you every step of the way and are willing to help whenever feasable.
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