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My overall experience while touring the facility, was how diverse the floor was. All types of individuals teaching, learning, participating, etc. No cliche groups that I could see. Everyone helping each other. And the fun interaction between students & customers was enlightening.
the classes are decent size and the teachers make it fun with activities
you can be offered internship for an associates possession at Eric's salon
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the school is understanding to different things that may come up
don't really know much about what happens with after school not there yet
this programs covers several different things that with your license you will be able,to perform multiple different services
the school has a awesome creative and positive enviorment
They work off an hour system. They allow us a few weeks past our predicted graduation date to finish school. They understand that we have lives outside of school and do let us come in early some days and do make up hours. For the students that have to work or have kids and other responsibilities they offer a night program which I've heard really great things about.
Most of the online things that we do are just taking our exams, which is really easy and convenient. We also have some assignments that we create in Google.doc which is easy to understand and learn. They help you out a lot in understanding your projects and homework assignments. They give you realistic deadlines to turn things in, and possibility of extra credit.
Once you graduate and become an Alumni of the school you will receive information about continting education. They give you a discounted rate and really keep you in the loop with what's going on in our industry. To a lot of us once we graduate and look for jobs it's very important for us to continue our education and be students for life.
The courses of the Cosmetology program are really great, and are very easy to understand. They try hard to put everything into different perspectives so that everyone's way of learning is taken into consideration. Most of the instructors are easy going and want us to succeed. While there are a few that are only here for a free ride in this career path.
Since Eric Fisher is so well known, the school gets a lot of acknowledgment. Most of the salons around the area really focus on the graduating students that come from here since our quality of work is so much higher. We really pride ourselves in being better than the other schools because we are set up to be so successful.
Going through the Cosmetology program has been great so far. They offer a Prosper U program which really prepares us with helpful communication skills and just developing good habits and people skills. The workload is very manageable and the facilities are very nice. It's just like being at a high end salon which out the prices. They really help us get jobs and constantly post new job opportunities throughout the Wichita area.
So far this school has done a really good at preparing me for greatness. The instructors are really great and each one has different skill set from the other. They all are very helpful and want us to succeed. I'm very happy with myself for choosing Eric Fisher Academy, they treat everything just like it would be in real life. They prepare you for the state board better than any other schools in the area. They have the best graduation rate and everyone that has graduated from here wouldn't go anywhere else.
They have everything we need
The internet is fast working. They give out Ipads and everything works great
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