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Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest Reviews

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There are no campus police which means there are no parking fines/tickets! YAY! Also, the initial permits are part of your total tuition and replacements are free. The availability and space is great and close to classrooms.
The program I am in allows students to take classes during evenings and weekends in order to keep a normal job. They also are generous with scholarships/grants and allow students to pay off tuition with a monthly payment (as long as it's paid by the end of the semester). The faculty is great and accommodating and are there whenever you are in need. Overall I rate this school with an A.
We are in the heart of Texas...the only real bad weather that hits here is the heat.
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The safety issue is fine but we do not have a medical clinic so that is the downfall.
The campus is located close to the University of Texas campus and it is right near downtown Austin. Great location easy for walking access. Plenty of food options to choose from within a 2 mile radius.
The course load offered here is for very specific degree plans. Extra courses in theology are required but I find them intriguing and ultimately necessary. The professors here are very in-tune with their field of expertise. The only down fall is the courses are not all available every semester so you must plan out your degree path to make sure all necessary classes are taken.
The program offers excellent class options with nice electives that are all taught by professionals with years of experience. The advisers and directors here are hands-on and very helpful with any questions or resources needed.
Great options for off-campus housing with excellent prices (especially for the location they are in!
Plenty of computers and cheap/free printing (depending on what it is used for).
Since this is a small campus, there are specified times when meals are served. The quality of the food is great and there are options for vegan/vegetarian.
This is an Episcopal seminary where mature, older students come to seek a degree in ministry services. Most people are married.
The scholarships are very helpful and easy to obtain if you qualify.
The location of the school housing complexes are amazing and the price is unbeatable. They are a bit small and outdated but the amenities make up for it. The laundry room is also very affordable and there is a pool with a grill.
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