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The professors and the curriculum here are top notch. I have spoken to students of other Bible colleges and have found that the education here far surpasses the other schools in regards to scope and depth.
experience at epic bible college is great and feels home and they make you feel welcoming and like a family. I feel like they want everybody to succeed and they help you succeed.
They are very helpful and kind. They want what's best for you. They are encouraging. The professors are amiable.
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Epic made it very easy to apply and be accepted as a new student. From admissions, financial aid and counseling appointment for registering for classes all was very easy. I give them an excellent rating!
The various of programs is amazing!
Lack of communication or concern. No one had no idea who I even was!!!
The only issue I'm having is getting a hold of my official transcripts. They never responded to my emails or returned my calls and I work too late to make it to the school...
I started off with believing I can get somewhere, but overtime that idea failed...
Lack of communication and determination!
I wish it was cheaper - maybe more students would be more compelled to complete their degree rather than dropping out!
Classes should have 'em too!
It's not the first school I'd recommend but nor is it the last.
I have never had an issue with my transfer credits.
Although the school is a fully accredited private college, tuition and fees are comparable to the state colleges.
The youth ministry program is specifically designed to help students lead Youth Groups that seek to change lives.
The professors are truly passionate about what they are teaching. They love the Lord, and love the students.
This school is like family. I know an alumni who transferred to another school. She was complaining to her boyfriend that everything was a hassle there. The paper work, getting the classes, the tuition. The employees were just there to do a job. The school was a business. Her boyfriend remarked that the new school was the norm, she had just been spoiled here at EPIC. That is the kind of school we are. Employees are not just here to do a job. They are here for the students. They work with us to help us succeed.
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Highly competent and takes time to educate and work with students.
Overall the school has great teachers, administration and faculty that are easy to work with and very helpful.
Feels Like a Family – The student body at this school is very diverse in every aspect and they all come from different walks of life. There is diversity in nearly every category one could think up within the student body.This school's student body is much like a family and a close community.Everyone is very accepting of one another and aim toward help everyone else in their school work and areas of struggle in their life.
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