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Enterprise Community College is a great school.2333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Enterprise State Community College has been the perfect fit for me coming out of high school. It's very exciting to have a college in my hometown I'm able to attend. The faculty and students here are all so welcoming. You can tell the people working there really want the college to have a family atmosphere. The teachers here push you to do your best. The classes here are not easy you really have to apply yourself to your studies. I would recommend this college to anyone who is looking for a small hometown feel before transferring to a university.
ESCC is not a bad school at all. It is pretty hard academically which gets you prepared for the next college step.
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The choice of classes or curriculum is pretty flexible, but I have not had to transfer credits yet.
I have taken some online courses, and while they are not terrible, I much prefer in-class courses. The online courses depend on the instructor. Some instructors are helpful and have a structured class, while others do not. The online courses do make it easier if you have a job or other things to do and cannot always attend classes everyday.
A degree from this school will be sufficient for most types of careers the school helps with, or you can transfer to a bigger school. There are multiple internship prospects for different programs. The career center/services are normally pretty helpful.
  • 8 months ago
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The courses and teachers are great. There is a variety of different courses to take. The class size is average to small.
So far, I have only taken basic courses for General Studies. They are challenging and rewarding classes. The workload is not too heavy, the facilities are nice, and the teachers are usually very good at their job and want to help students.
My major is EMT Paramedic. My school will be giving me the opportunity to intern in the ER and on the ambulance. I will be working two rotations in the ER and four rotations on the ambulance. My school gives every student an opportunity but it is the students choice to do it or not.
My school is a Community College so the classes aren't as big as a class at an University. I think that my school has average size classes meaning 15-20 students.
My school does give students the opportunity to intern.
  • 9 months ago
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There are many different times to take a certain class and a student is able to choose what best fits in their schedule. If something in a students schedule changes that somehow interferes with their school schedule then it is very simple to change a course time but only if the deadline hasn't passed. If the deadline has passed then it will be a bit harder to change the time of the course(s).
My school prepares the students to enter the work field as soon as they graduate with an associate degree. During a students time at this school they are able to intern based on their career. For instance, I am going for EMT Paramedic so I will be able to intern on the ambulance but I will also be able to work in the ER. Every student is given an opportunity but it is their choice if they take it or not.
  • 9 months ago
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The instructors at my school are very knowledgable about what they are teaching. If any student needs any form of assistance the instructor will meet with them at any time. I believe that the class size depends on if you are talking about a Community College or an University because University classes would be bigger than those of a Community College class. My school, which is a Community College, has average classes meaning 15-20 students in a class.
I would consider my school the best because the instructors want to help you succeed, the students are super nice, and the campus is kept clean. If I had to choose my favorite thing about my school it would be the other students. The other students at this school made me feel welcome the very first day. The students don't think of themselves higher than anyone else. They are willing to help with anything. I come to find that a lot of the students are like me in a way. By this I mean they are friendly, crazy, and like to have fun but at the same time they are there for the same reason I am and that is to further there education. If I had the chance to choose a school all over I would definitely choose my school again.
The have plenty of options to choose from with your schedule
I love the teaching style of the professors I've had so far. They class size were not overwhelming so that you have a better student teacher relationship
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The admissions dept is great. They made me feel like they really wanted me as a student. They were very helpful.
  • 10 months ago
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I believe Escc to be an academically sound school.
So far everyone has been extremely helpful in getting me started.
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