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I like the close knit community, the small classes, and the Endicott Pride that is evident in all parts of the campus.
Great student community. The Business Deans are extremely helpful in all aspects. Some of the professor's lack knowledge of their subject. Endicott has many connections in the Boston Area and a good amount in CT, but if you are looking anywhere else it is extremely difficult. There are many opportunities through clubs.
I loved Endicott's internship program and how they make you go into the real world to test out what kind of work you think you might be interested in. I love the professors and the small classroom sizes. The staff are willing to work closely with you to get the best learning experience and to help you improve in and outside the classroom. My favorite part about going to Endicott would be the small campus atmosphere where you see a lot of familiar faces and can get to know a lot of people on a more personal level than if you went to a big campus.
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I loved endicott college because of how welcoming and caring all the staff and students are to new students coming in.
This is convenient and applicable for practicing teachers. Especially to attain recertification. Professors are generally approachable. Online.
Great if you’re a normie rich kid wanting to manager in business biology or nursing.

Art department is great too but the rest of the school will make you feel out of place.
The classes are a toss up between extremely informative and helpful for the future, while the other half provide students with nothing. The internship program that is supposed to help Endicott stand apart from other schools is poorly run and hurt students more than it helps them.
Endicott College is a beautiful school that has great academics and a wonderful internship program. I, however, have not been a fan of the social life here on campus. I have found a large majority of the people to be judgmental and separate themselves into individual groups. I wish that this school had a better social life but besides that, I have had a great time at the school.
Endicott has come a long way in the past few years. The campus is beautiful, right near the water and has great new construction. I hear the academics and student body have greatly improved too!
Endicott offers a unique internship program which has provided me ample opportunity for job experience and hands-on education. The campus is beautiful and provides an exceptional learning environment for all students. The issue at Endicott is the amount of parking on campus. The school makes it difficult for students to park their cars because of a lack of available spaces.
The professors are great and very helpful, the campus is beautiful, and the dorms are nice. The food is good for the most part and so are the athletics. They have a really good nursing program as well.
Endicott is a beautiful campus with the water fountains but some students are careless and trash the campus. There are not much fun non drinking activities to doon weekends but student life does their best. Professors are great but inconsistencies with professor attendance in my general education. As much as some people like a day off, it putts the class behind and the professor rushes to cram as much as possible veggie the final which is a unnecessary stressor. I understand if the professor is sick but toy tend to catch on it the professor is making excuses not to show up to class. I'm paying a pretty penny to go to this school Ann's I feel it's a little unfair. The largest highlight of this school is it's internships because experience before the real world tells you if you like what you do or you switch majors. It also helps get jobs out of college which other college students have trouble with.
I love the environment and facilities, and I have met some of my best friends here. The biggest complaint I have is how dang expensive the school is, and the fact that they do not adequately compensate their resident assistants. Also, the mathematics department has a tendency to grade towards an average of a C - lower than the minimum GPA required in order to maintain the scholarships they grant.
I loved the campus. It made me really want to be there. So beautiful. I really like talking with students and teachers.
The small community allows personal learning experience and a lot of one on one time with professors. Fostering education and having an exciting experience for students is number one on the professors list. Every week a newsletter is sent out with the plethora of activities, events, and other occasions that students can participate in or attend. Even tho it is growing exponentially in size, the community is still tight knit and close, with the campus fostering this relationship between students and faculty.
I only started going to Endicott in the Fall of 2017. But I can honestly say that I love this school. Not only is the campus beautiful, but the events that take place are exciting and refreshing. You never have to worry about being bottled up in your room with nothing to do. All of the events are free too, which is perfect for a college student. On top of that the people here, both students and teachers, are extremely nice and helpful. If you struggle with classes teachers are open to helping, but there is also the tutor center so you can receive help if you don't want to go to the teacher. Everything about this school is something I adore and I can't wait to get the best education available to me.
It may not seem important, but the beautiful scenery of the campus makes Endicott really special. Endicott doesn't feel like a college campus; it feels like a home. Nature is all around is truly celebrated by the students and faculty, and it is crucial that college students feel comfortable in the environment in which they'll be living for four years. Also, no other college prepares students for career experiences like Endicott. Internships are mandatory and part of the course curriculum and the internship experiences I have gained throughout my time at Endicott have not only shaped my career path but have also allowed me to learn more about myself and what I want in my future.
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Endicott College is a beautiful campus with beaches right across the street. There are many majors and incredible classes to take. The teachers are amazing and always willing to help their students. The internship program is great and a very helpful tool to have. Endicott College pushes students into the future and provides the assistance they need.
I enjoy being here because of the program I am in and the friends I have made through it. The weekends and night life aren't great. Dorms could be better, but definitely are better than some from other schools. Staff are all very nice, some are unorganized/ not very interested, but most enjoy their jobs and it shows. Food it pretty good most of the time, lots of options and some consistent options of you do not like the changing meals. Einsteins bagels is a life saver.
Endicott has been one of the greatest experiences if my life. I am a commuter student and thought that I would feel like an outsider. I was completely wrong. The campus makes me feel at home and the Professors have been great. I couldn't imagine being at another school.
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