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I like the atmosphere, you can't get tired of looking at it, but the size is a serious consideration and the amount of parking spaces is a a growing concern.
Endicott opens it arms to each individual, accepting all races, disability statuses, learning levels, and so much more. One of the things I looked for in a college is that they were accepting of those with disabilities since I have done and still do clubs with students and young adults with disabilities, Best Buddies for example. Additionally, Endicott has a homey feeling that is impossible to describe, but quite possible to feel and is evident when you are on the campus. It's beauty and wonderful programs make Endicott a must consider for the place to call your home for the next 4 years. Go Gulls!
I highly recommend Endicott College to anyone looking for education in a private institution. We have a very tight-knit community where mostly everyone is friendly. Everyone is looking out for you and trying to help. Our campus is beautiful, and there's always something to do. This is a truly unique place which provides you with all the opportunities you need to succeed.
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Endicott is a beautiful school! I only applied to two school when I was looking at schools and Endicott was definitely my top choice of the two. The negatives that come to mind are the food at the dining center has easily gone down since we began in September and I am constantly disappointment every time I enter it. The school says they strive on having many opportunities and events for the students, however, they often coincide with one another and very few people attend or are able attend the events.
There are some negatives, however, there are positives. This campus is by far one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. In addition to the overall look of campus, the school is filled with amazing people, faculty, staff, professors, etc. There are there whenever for whatever help you need! Take advantage of them, they are awesome!
Although I do not enjoy Endicott 100%, I believe that I still make the right choice when it came to schooling.
Endicott offers so many unique and rewarding opportunities to its students, with the internship program and study abroad program being particularly integral in making my experience at EC so incredible. The small class sizes and beautiful campus are great, too!
Endicott College is great if you are used to a country club atmosphere. It is a complete culture shock if you are not though. The surrounding areas do not offer much to do and if you do not drink there is not a lot to do on the weekends. The internship classes are basically a waste of time, the longest I have stayed in the class before the professor dismissed us was 20 minutes (out of the 50 min class). One could find an internship on their own easier than using the school.
My first visit to Endicott College was on an open house tour, and it was a very pleasant experience. I thought the campus was very beautiful and well kept. I also thought all of the people I met were very welcoming and that the food services had a wide variety of choices, which is nice as I am a person with food restrictions. I also thought the dorms were very nice and bright, and didn't feel dark and old. I was also really pleased to find out that there are constantly activities going on for the students.
The Campus is beautiful and the classes are Ok but I feel like a lot of the people are preppy a stuck up
Endicott has a beautiful campus filled with wonderful people. We are a close knit community and really helps when learning. The internship program is unbelievable and all my summer jobs have come out of my winter internships. The professors are great and it is really a great place to learn.
Since I'm a freshman, I don't have years of experience, but so far, Endicott has been great. I really like my classes and the faculty is very concerned with helping students be successful. The campus is beautiful. How many other colleges have their own private beaches? I'm excited about the intern programs and the study abroad options.
The college tour was wonderful. My tour guide was very friendly, helpful, and informative. The campus is beyond beautiful and I can see myself going there.
Great campus and everyone is extremely friendly
I've had a great time at endicott. I couldn't be happier with the school that I chose.
I'm a finance major, and I couldn't be happier with the finance department at the Gerrish School of Business. Great professors, and great resources.
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Very safe campus. Campus police are always out patrolling, Campus is well lit, and easy to navigate.
The housing selection process is very flawed. It's very confusing and hard to navigate.
Its a d3 school, but sports are a huge part of the school. The atmosphere at games is more like a D1AA atmosphere
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A very inviting atmosphere, that makes you feel right at home.
I knew several classmates who had been assaulted. I'm not sure what was done about it - but it was kept very quiet.
They treat you like a dollar sign and not like a student.
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