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I love Emporia State and I'm not saying that just because I've lived here all my life. Emporia is so charming and lively. We always have something going on and the overall ESU campus is beautiful and inviting as well. You could walk outside and there would be a squirrel 5 feet away, it's awesome. If I were to have lived somewhere else and I had the choice to pick any university, I would still choose Emporia State. I like it because it's not too big and not too small, it's the perfect size so you can still get the help you need. It has a great nursing program and many sports and clubs you can get involved in. I also like how there are people from different backgrounds. I've only been at ESU for about half a year now and I honestly can't wait for the years ahead of me!
I like the environment and people. It is a very small town and has a very quite comfortable atmosphere.
Emporia State is a fantastic school! With smaller class sizes you get to connect with your professors and are not just a number. The flat rate tuition makes it easier to pursue your dreams quicker or learn something that you wouldn't consider taking if you were paying per credit hour. There are plenty of things to be a part of on campus. Undergraduate research is also supported which would rarely happen at a large campus.
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I love this school. I was a residential assistant one year, president of a club the next, there are so many ways to get involved. Not to mention the learning environment is amazing. You get one on one attention with all of your professors if you take the effort to reach out and make the connection. everyone I have come in contact with in the community is excited to meet you and it is a really good atmosphere.
Emporia State University is a small, friendly campus with excellent professors that are willing to work with you one-on-one. Small class sizes mean more individualized time with your professors to ensure success. The campus is small but beautiful and well-maintained. It is easy to get from one building to another.
I like the small town atmosphere, while still being able to enjoy the conveniences of Walmart. It's nice to know most of your classmates, while also being able to drive a short distance to get necessities and random impulse buys. Living about an hour away from any major store is kind of a bummer.
Emporia State is a small college with friendly and helpful individuals. It has a very good football team and education system
This university is amazing and beautiful. There is a lot of diversity and an organization for everyone. The teachers are amazing and willing to help.
Emporia State University really transformed me. The friendly environment and wide range of student activities made it easy to meet people and make friends.
Life at Emporia State University has been a great experience for me. At Emporia, I didn't just get accepted into the school, but also got accepted into the community. The security rate at Emporia and the university to me is one of the best in America. The school is very safe for living that parents won't need to be worried about the children especially those from other countries like me. At Emporia, one can be rest assured to get the best quality education, learn from multiple cultures and traditions, get help when needed even from peer or community at large. Talk about funding, Emporia has also been rated among the top hundred most affordable schools and also of those that award the best funding. Low class size at Emporia also ensures that teachers know there students one on one and can always be there to help out when in need.
I have found my experience here to be very pleasant so far. I look forward to the next 3.5 years I have left.
I love Emporia State. They are very welcoming and friendly people. They know how to have fun and how to keep people involved on and off campus.
The professors all have your best interests in mind, so far I have had an amazing experience with taking art classes here, they aren't a walk in the park, but the teachers are always there to help and encourage you to think as creatively as possible!
I love Emporia State University. Its very friendly and welcoming. The classes are small enough that teacher know you by name and they always lend a helping hand. I cannot wait to spend my next 3 years of college at ESU!
Overall my experience at Emporia State University has been enlightening. As a transfer student from Washburn University I feel like I made the right choice. The only thing that I wish could change would be providing more equal opportunities for minority students
In my first year at Emporia State I have had a great time with school work and on campus life. Has a member of the track and field team I am involved in a lot of work around campus and in my free time. One thing I would like to see change is the food for on campus students I have struggled with having no energy day to day.
I really enjoy the looks of campus and how small the campus is. Classes are super easy to get to, professors are always available, and the community is wonderful.
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I am currently a freshman here as ESU, and I am studying accounting. This school has been amazing for me so far. There are so many services and organizations on campus that will help anyone find a way to fit in and become active. The class sizes are small so you can create a friendship with many of your professors. Emporia State University is AMAZING!
My experience with Emporia State was a good experience as I was able to improve myself in many areas of life, especially in my academic career. The best part of ESU is undoubtedly the professors. They take the students' learning very seriously, yet get to know them on a personal basis. The facilities have become more impressive in my time here, yet is not a huge focal point of the university.
While other univerisities have chain vendors arounds camous for food, the ESU campus is rather limited with the cafeteria and just a few other places to grab a bite to eat. For the amount of students that are on campus, the party scene can be rather disappointing. This can be attributed to Emporia being within driving distance of KU, KSU, Wichita, and KC. Many students leave town on the weekends. Overall, academics are the main focus on this campus, making the return on investment very high.
Emporia State University is a great school and I definitely recommend this school to everyone. It offers a lot of great programs and all of the professors are nice and willing to help students even on the weekends. The classes are small and I really like that because there is more 1 on 1 time in each class.
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