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I love ESU because so far it has provided me with a very great education. I was nervous coming here because I did not know anyone, however, it has helped me get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. I am a very academic focused student and having so many materials and options available for studying has been very helpful in my academic success here at the university.
Great school with amazing student body! Cute little town too! this was my dream school and I am so lucky to be apart of the student body! Teachers, and students do an incredible job on making sure all students feel welcome. The town is also very welcoming. I wouldn’t have wanted a better place to call home.
Emporia State University is a big school but is small enough for small town people like me. I am looking forward to attending Emporia for their Crime and Delinquency studies. They are open to many payment options and they have many great student activities to join.
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I love the sense of community ESU has! I grew up in a small town, and ESU was the perfect transition. Not to mention ESU has one of the best education programs in the country. Also, Emporia has fantastic attractions and many things to do.
Everyone is so sweet and friendly! I cant wait to become a successful teacher thanks to Emporia! The town seems safe, the apartments seems affordable and the school is extremely welcoming.
I love the classes and the campus. I visited some friends here last year and loved it so much I decided to transfer here. They have top notch professors who have actually worked in their fields, even the classes taught by GTAs. It’s affordable compared to bigger state schools and it’s the only school I’ve ever heard of to have tuition go down one year to the next.
I like the way they have the classes set up. They give a good family experience and better opportunities. The community is very helpful and nice. I hope there would be more exciting things to do but if you are looking for a relaxing environment and a place to focus on school this would be it. The sporting events are very exciting every in the community comes to watch and support and you knowing the athletes makes it a great experience
I like Emporia State because they have a lot of major options. The campus is really nice and the town is awesome.
The financial aid here is a joke. Administrators rip students off with reckless policies instead of treating them with the respect they deserve. There was a game shop here, but it closed down. ESU had declining balances available for its bookstore, but that stopped. A dining restaurant was open for business upstairs in the Memorial Union, but it ended. Do not come here looking for college party life unless you want to rebel against the conservative authorities here that make Kansas more like a police state instead of a party state. Emporia State University used to have more art and entertainment funding, but people quit doing that. This college is becoming more lifeless, more limited in opportunities, and greedy as the years pass. I tried talking to club presidents of this university, but some of them ignored me because they have better things to do.
My overall experience at Emporia State University is great! ESU has valuable resources and professors to help you get along the journey. Emporia State University has a close knit environment and friendly community-university relationship.
Good online program for Earth Sciences. The staff is very nice and helpful. There seems to be a great opportunity to further my career.
I transferred to ESU as a junior, so I did not get to spend a full four years there. However, my two years were great. As a music major, I played in the marching band, wind ensemble, orchestra, and flute choir. Sadly, the music department is underfunded and under appreciated. However, the music department is full of nice people, and the professors are always willing to help their students. It was also easy to earn a minor in another department (Spanish in my case).
During my time at Emporia State University, I was able to have dozens of opportunities that I would not have been able to have at other schools. Between being involved in Greek Life, half a dozen student organizations, and volunteering on campus, I loved my time on campus. ESU does a great job of helping students find internships and jobs when graduation approaches, which makes the transition out of ESU just as easy as the transition into ESU. Additionally, because ESU has the 2nd lowest student debt in the Midwest, is a College of Distinction, and has a 98% Job/Higher Education placement rate after graduation, it is easily the best school in the state of Kansas. Flat rate tuition is a life saver, allowing you to take an overload of credit hours and pay the same rate you would pay at 10 credit hours.
Safe campus. Not much diversity around town. Especially if you are from a different country and background. Professors are there and there. School don't really look to help student but look to take their money. Trash overall.
I took the schools business program. the advisors and most of the teachers were very good, I enjoyed attending classes and am proud to have graduated from this school. However, their financial aid department is a joke. they don't help you with anything there are constant changes and when you call to ask questions everyone sounds confused and you get put on hold for long periods of time because they have to figure out their own protocols. Not to mention they accidentally gave me 5 grand because of a glitch and if I had spent that money I would have owed it all directly to the school. i honestly don't know what these people are being payed for because every year I have to constantly call and check my own things and have them approved. Might as well shut it down if students have to do the entire thing themselves while the employees remain clueless.
Personally, I have loved being at Emporia State University! Most of the teachers here have been exceptional and really care about what they're teaching and helping students. Of course there has been the rare time where I had a teacher who wasn't a good teacher, but those teachers are gone now which shows the school takes pride in having great teachers at all times. The school is affordable which is great when paying yourself for school. Campus is also small enough that getting from class to class is easy. Because the school is small, I get any extra time with the teachers I need since they don't have as many students per class to manage. Overall, I really love my college!
ESU is a great 4 year university in Kansas that has great tuition rates. I took my general ed courses at a community college so unable to talk about those course at ESU, but my core classes were great. Class sizes were not big and I was not just a number. The professors in the physical sciences department and education department were great. All of the professors I had were always available and easy to talk to. The town of Emporia as a whole isn’t too big and reminded me of my hometown growing up. Great college.
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I love how Emporia State University loves their sports. I am a sporty girl and I love sports as well, and being able to be myself in the stands along with everyone else, is so cool. I love how small it is, because it is super easy to make lifelong friends in just a short amount of time.
The art program is my home! I love all of my professors except maybe one. I feel like I've learned so much and I still have two years to go!
Taking online courses - instructors are very good at creating a virtual classroom environment. The scheduling is done in a fair manner and course offerings are relevant to my major
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