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The campus is absolutely beautiful and the atmosphere is amazing! The town itself is fabulous and there is a lot of fun places to go and things to do in Emporia. I love the overall feeling of everything there and it's such an amazing place to be.
Emporia State is a great small town school, even though they are D2. Everything on campus is a convienent walk (15-20 minutes from front to back). The Teacher's College is nationally rank and the school of business is AACSB accredited. The campus has flat rate tuition and fees within that such as printing, laundry, and campus wifi. There will also be a new residential hall opening fall of 2019. Overall, I love going to school here and would not want to go anywhere else.
Everyone was really nice and the teachers sat down and talked to me about different ways I could go with the career I wanted
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The small class size is great, your professors get to know you and you get to know your professors. Sometimes the class selection is limited depending on your major, just because it is a smaller university. It is a great place to get your undergrad though. And the cost is ver affordable.
Emporia State's environment is one to remember. The college is an average sized Division 2 school, but has the environment and student involvement as a Division 1 University. One can tell that everyone on campus is there for a reason and it is to succeed farther in their education and meet their career goals. The faculty is excellent when it comes to making sure students are there and engaged in order to keep them motivated as well. Emporia State is an excellent campus and an excellent place to get one's degree.
Emporia is exactly a place to be for students who is pursuing a teaching degree. I have found the campus is where I have met several friendly students. I have meet professors who were willing to help and support you.
This university is great!! The teachers are very helpful and nice. You won't be disappointed. I am from Emporia and the town is very nice but it can get boring. Not much variety for shopping. The bars are a lot of fun. Emporia State will give you a great education and the sport events are a tradition. Watching the Lady Hornets and Hornets play basketball are so much fun!! Football is starting to make a comeback and tailgating is amazing!!
I love the home town atmosphere that Emporia State has to offer. As a student you don't get lost in the crowd like other universities. You have endless opportunities to get involved and have fun.
I love the homey feel of Emporia State University. No matter where you are or what class you're in, there's always a familiar face. Living in the dorms isn't great but even in the dorms it feels like a community. We always have somewhere to call home even if we aren't close to home. One thing I would change is the food in the cafeteria because most of the time its some variation of a grilled cheese or some variation of a cheese burger. Overall Emporia State is a very good college that is very welcoming and nice.
I would like to say that Emporia State is one of the best colleges in Kansas. If you are looking for a great college experience, a lot of extra-curricular opportunities, excellent education, and significantly cheap tuition, Emporia State will be the place for you. This school has such a great learning environment, the people here are so nice and so embracing to one another. I have never thought that my experience in college would be that great.
Love the School, very safe and friendly environment. Teachers care about how youre doing in the class and outside the class. Food takes a lot better than most any other college food tastes, dorms are super nice and brand new.
I am from a small town and went to a tiny high school. I went to ESU and felt at home. The campus is absolutely spectacular and the class rooms are very nice also the food in cafeteria is great too!
I love the campus atmosphere, though I wish the food provider was different. The closeness of the buildings helps me to get to classes on time. The small class size allows me to have a better relationship with my professors, and feel more comfortable asking for help.
I thoroughly am enjoying Emporia State. Academics are great despite being a Division 2 school. Diversity and inclusion is phenomenal and progressive. There is not so much visual diversity, but there is a wave of understanding of diversity equity and inclusivity and an entire department dedicated to it. Athletics are great. There is a lot of money invested into Athletics and many of the teams reach state competitions. There is quite the variety of professors at Emporia State. There are some that are only interested in their career, but an equal amount are also dedicated to their students. Dorms are great. There is currently construction for a new upperclassmen dorm. Campus is beautiful and has an abundance of squirrels. The party scene is about average in Emporia with a 18+ club/bar and multiple 21+ bars. House parties are not a thing. The local area is very friendly, especially to students. The town has some big town/city amenities with a small town vibe.
Emporia State is a tremendous university and has benefited me in ways that I couldn't have imagined. The community itself is filled with friendly faces and generous people.
They have your best interest and want you to succeed. My adviser and Resident Assistants are amazing and help me step by step until I get what I needed. When I first applied I wouldn't have thought of such a great college. Students become family and staff becomes mentors. The professors are awesome, they don't want you to fail and are willing to give you extra chances if you are willing to try harder.
I love emporia state. campus is so pretty and I love the community on campus. It's small enough where I know quite a bit of people but still big enough that I don't feel well known.
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I enjoyed Emporia State University for many reasons. One of them is that they have a great campus and it is very well put together. It seems that everything is in the right location for efficiency. The diversity of the students and staff is just fantastic. Everyone is very friendly and I look forward to attending Emporia State.
I love Emporia State and I'm not saying that just because I've lived here all my life. Emporia is so charming and lively. We always have something going on and the overall ESU campus is beautiful and inviting as well. You could walk outside and there would be a squirrel 5 feet away, it's awesome. If I were to have lived somewhere else and I had the choice to pick any university, I would still choose Emporia State. I like it because it's not too big and not too small, it's the perfect size so you can still get the help you need. It has a great nursing program and many sports and clubs you can get involved in. I also like how there are people from different backgrounds. I've only been at ESU for about half a year now and I honestly can't wait for the years ahead of me!
I like the environment and people. It is a very small town and has a very quite comfortable atmosphere.
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