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Empire College School of Business Reviews

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its a perfect school, not so many students at the campus so it really does feel like home. all the administration know about all the students names and are really there for you if you ever need anything.
What I like about empire college is the atmosphere and the teachers and how they truly care about our education and success.
the workload is intense, but there is a huge network of help and resources to help at any given time. The Facilities are always clean. The teachers genuinely care about each students success. i could never imagine going to another school. i would recommend this school to anyone.
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i wouldn't choose another school if i was paid to go! I love my school. i love my teachers. i love my classes
The workload is pretty tough, but that's the same for any law school out there. If you keep on top of things it's manageable. I do wish the law library was a little nicer, but the people are extremely kind in the law school in particular.
I love this school. The staff are all extremely kind, and genuinely caring. They look after their students, and I've found that that's a very rare thing.
i will start in febuary
this school is well worth the money I'm paying. I got a little bit of financial aid, which helps, but I'm fine with the expense because I know my degree will make a difference in my career. I learned the hard way that it's very important to get all the right financial aid forms in on time-so don't make that same mistake! The only thing I wish the school would do differently is make its fees better known.
My school is full with a lot of positive attitude, starting with my instructors and how they help me through each of my classes, every Friday we have our computer lab room open for late class work or even to advance with outr work and finish early. Empire college is a great school, activities in school and out are announces by our instructors to each of us.
Being that most of my work is online I need a good computer and printer.
You have a lot of work to do and there is help from the professors. All you need to do is ask. You can get that A if you do the work,
The instructors want to pass you if you work, are not lazy and know what you are talking about.
Everything is great. The school and the people are very resourceful. I love our law library!
Everyone at the school is very helpful and overall resourceful.
My professors have been very encouraging and I have learned a lot from them and they allow me to go to work ahead of many of the class because I understand what I am doing and can help other students.
If you work to the best of your ability then you have few problems but if you are struggling then the school provides tutors or coaches that help you along by sending you in the right direction and giving you all the support you need.
When you do all the work to the best of your ability and help the teacher and have discussions online with your classmates and lead the discussion you usually get an A.
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The others in the class do a lot of communicating with other members of the class and through class discussions and emails we talk all the time. There are many students that are not in New York so the only way we can talk to them is on line.
There are many resources at Empire and the library is easy to get to even on line. The instructors are only an email away and there are always tutors that will help.
The paper work is difficult and they are always adding more paper work so it is hard to get books when financial aid is held up because of paper work.
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