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Empire Beauty School - Wyoming Valley Reviews

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A degree for this school will definitely get me to where i want to be in life. The quality of the career center on campus are great.
Out of all of the schools I have looked at this school has the best (as in lowest) tuition. The financial aid process wouldn't be any simpler and better, its extremly quick. The education I will be getting is %100 worth the money i will be paying.
It is going to be great, from the tours i have had. The day would being by the students clocking in, then we will start our classroom work, the teacher would teach us the material, demonstrate it, and the it would be the students turn. Once we have reached the most we are able to do in the class room, we would then start on clients and so on. The facility couldn't be better, everything in the school is up to date, clean and professional, as if we were in an actual salon. In one of the rooms off the school, there is a whole wall of internships/job opportunities that get updated frequently.
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The professors in the school are great. i have met with a few and the are the most humble, honest and caring people. the class registration process couldn't be any simpler. You would just get in touch with the school and and a representtative would call you back and then the school would call you to set up a visit and then you could go visit or just set up a meeting to apply. Then you would go in to apply and then they will help you through the rest.
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