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A lot of students who graduate from Empire go on to pass the State Board test and land great jobs in salons. A few years ago Discovery Channel came down looking for students to work on a show, and the students did so well that they were hired by Discovery Channel after they graduated and took the State Board.
In addition to the uniform and faculty issues, when you go in to take a tour, you're told that you'll get a tablet with your books loaded onto it. At orientation, you're told that you get the tablet when the next set of students start (Empire starts new students every three weeks). When your three weeks is up, you have to nag the administrator all day to make sure she remembers to pull you out of class at 4:00 p.m to set your tablet up. However, you only get said tablet if they came in on time. If they don't you're stuck lugging around a three pound textbook until the tablets decide to come in.
In addition to the fact that the administration is unorganized, the dresscode has a lot of grey areas and most of it depends on the teacher and what kind of day they're having. I was sent home because the pants I was wearing (that I'd been wearing since the second day of school with no problems or issues with anyone) were "a denim-feeling fabric" and I'm pretty sure the only reason anyone said anything about them is because the new Home Office Head visited the school and he wasn't happy with what he saw so the administration started acting brand new to get back into his good graces again. So the next day I come back to school with the new $35 pants (and the tag showing that they are advertised as pants) I bought the day before after I left school only to be told that I technically couldn't wear those pants either "because they looked like leggings" since they fit tight to my legs. Also, if a student comes in with a black and white patterned sweater or shirt and the pattern is small enough to where the garment "appears to be grey" the student either has to take it off or go home.
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The one thing this school does for it's students is post jobs in a spot where student's are sure to see them; in the break room. Various salons come to Empire looking for students to fill various positions and Empire then posts them on a job board in the break room so students can come in, look to see what's available, take down the number that the salon left, and call to see about a position. Another thing is that we're required to sign up on which is a website where students can post pictures of their work, their resume and cover letter and contact information so salons can contact them about open positions. Students can also search positions in a specific area and apply from the website.
I had to wait a month to meet my actual teacher because they were waiting for her background check to come through for three weeks then they had to train her for the last week while my classmates and I were being tossed back and forth between three different teachers. We were told that because the curriculum was switching from 1.0 to 2.0 they realized they would be one teacher short when they moved everything around to fit the new curriculum. My thing is, they should've gotten word that they would be updating the curriculum at least a year ago, so they should have taken care of the faculty issue before they had a group of students being tossed around between three different teachers with three different learning styles.
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