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I was in for a service today and was appalled at the unprofessionalism of one of the instructors named Melissa. She was so rude and disrespectful to students. I cannot believe she is teaching students. Who in their right mind would follow her poor modeling of professionalism. She needs to be reprimanded for her hateful behavior toward students. Are teachers ever reviewed by their students? This feedback might be beneficial. Anyone who speaks to students the way Melissa did today should be dismissed. What a sad representation of the teaching staff she portrayed today.
I think to take Online classes the teachable material has to be appropriate, if I was just reading things and answering questions for a test, or maybe writing a paper or something like tht, then online would not be horrible. for something like Empire teaches you have to be present, so much of this is hands on, I don't think you can learn proper technique if you don't have someone who has mastered the art shows you and you practice orver and over. you cant possibly get the full effect in just reading or watching videos.
Since I still have over 900 hours left in my training I have not done much with the post grad services at Empire. I was aware that there are these services and when I get closer to completion I will be exhausting all forms of assistance and services that will put me in the best light to be successful.
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Before we combined our classes, I felt like our class size was perfect. It was easier to get the one on one assistance and it was a lot better of a learning environment. Unfortunately, even when things seemed to be moving along really good, one or a couple girls will start being pretty harsh in their speaking to others and it kind of brings down the rest of the class. I really like being out on the floor, where I am out mixing up with the public and really showing and find outing what I can do and maybe what I may need more work on, its a good way to measure.
Again, I know that going to this school, Empire Beauty School is going to prepare me for the state boards where I will then be able to apply and obtain my Cosmetologist license. Once I am armed with this I hope to be able to have more opportunities open up. I will not be stuck in just one area. I think it would be great to work on a cruise ship and provide the papering duties, doing clients hair, facials, nails even all these things I would able to do. Having more things to offer is a better way to market myself as well. I want to work under someone like an internship that I can learn from and then go out on my own. Empire is giving me the knowledge, experience and the tools, I will make those tools work for me in the form of success.
Empire is the 2nd college I attended, I tried to go to school an get the core classes out of the way, and I really was not successful in doing this, I was thinking I was going to get a business degree or a Vet Tech certificate. The more I had to go to school and do math and English again the more frustrated I became. I have always been interested in the ins and outs of hair, makeup, facials, so perusing a career as a licensed Cosmetologist seemed like the right step, I could get in and learn everything I can and start a career for my self, and do so without creating so much major debt for myself. I have some people that my grandmother knows that are willing to help me get off the ground as well. I really like that each of the things we do at Empire is based on per module, so I can get one thing done before moving onto the next. It's been a wonderful program to be able to be on the floor in real life situations working on real people, hearing back from them if they are happy with the cut I gave them, or do they have any constructive criticism for me to take and learn from? Its great to deal with the public. I'm really excited to have the opportunity to get out and make a name in cosmetology for myself.
My overall experience at Empire has been great so far. I think the things that stand out for me at my Littleton location is that the one on one teaching method is wonderful, I have found that this course of career is taught the same by the instructors but not digested the same for all the students. I appreciate the one on one atmosphere and the hands on teaching I learn very well this way vs just reading a book. Its just been of recent months that our school took in another school that was closing, and since then the girls that came in have been negative, harsh on others and made the environment more uncomfortable. I am determined to get through the 1800 hour course so it will not deter me but we had a nice little family of girls that were fun and energetic about this life choice before, wish it was that way still. If I had to do it again I would like to see more organization on the administrative level, sometimes I get different answers from one person to the next, but I really like our administrator I just think she has a lot to do and its hard to keep up with the different programs. At least she is approachable and has a good relationship open door policy with me and my mom who is involved in my schooling as well.
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