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Well, when I first started, the lady who really is the financial aid specialist was on maternity leave. So, I believe the other administrators were just winging it. I had to be very proactive and ask a lot of answers from the lady in the office, as well as the home office financial aid person. As a result, I received what I needed in the end. However, I do know some girls weren't quite as tenacious, and had a harder time than I. One was told not to bother even trying to apply for financial aid, and I don't think that was right. I think, since the program is Full-time, they should know how to deal with situations where your income will be reduced due to fewer hours or completely diminished, and be able to provide more financing options.
There were an eclectic mix of people and personalities. There were mostly all girls, so it was a little crazy at times. I thought that I learned a lot, and will continue to find ways to learn more.

Esthetic program was wonderful. We were a close knit group who worked and hung out together, and jus helped each other out along the way.
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Only 2 majors, so the curriculum was very focused. I wished there were advanced courses that we could take, though.
They didn't have any computers or WiFi at the school.
Small campus, so didn't have any kind of centers. Mostly, our instructors were our resources.
They are there to help you find a job, since it will just look good on the school. I want to try myself, but they told me to contact them if I'm having any trouble finding one.
Nothing to complain about. It was a school based on clocked hours, and as long as I showed up everyday and got my work done I got credit.

There are only 2 majors at Empire, Cosmetology and Esthetician program. The Esthetician side, which I was in, was more calm and less drama. The cosmetologist side was always loud and drama filled, but we didn't need to interact so much. The school body was very diverse in multiple aspects. To make it through the programs, you have to just stay focused and keep your on eye on the end results.
I liked the short program. Some of the students attitudes weren't the most positive and were discouraging, but that could be true anywhere. I think I learned what I needed to pass my tests and boards to receive my license , but would like to take extra courses to continue my development in the esthetics career field.
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