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Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine Reviews

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Students love to work together!
The students are great!! I have made some of my best friends here
I really love this school! They set you up to take the boards and all the teachers are very experienced. They tell great stories and really want you to learn!
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Have to register for classes on the computers on campus. Can't access from home which can be difficult if people work. However, the school's secretary will help if this is the case; so in the end it all works out
Some Help – There are some networking opportunities provided by the school. The assumption is however that we will be striking out on our own right after graduation.
We're a Family – Most of us 200 some odd students go to school full time. Not many of us work outside of the school, so we all tend to help eachother out. This has created a very closeknit community. And if any of us need help, someone is sure to give it.
Clinic Rooms Need an Overhaul – Everything at the school is for the most part great. I love it here. I would like to see our clinic facilities get an overhaul. There are some repairs and improvements that need to be made.
Good Information Teachers Need Help – I am at a school whose job is to teach us how to become doctors of a form of medicine that has existed for several thousands of years. Several of our teachers come from a culture that believes the student does all the work and the teacher does very little. Most of the professors tend to sit and read to us, it is everything we can do to stay awake. There are a few however that do take the time to help us and to keep the students engaged in the learning process so that we actually do learn something and don't just memorize so we can pass a test.
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