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It has a very nice campus, and does not seem like it is located the middle of Atlanta. Emory offers many opportunities to its students and believes in putting the students first.
I visited multiple universities during interviews for the Physician Assistant program. Emory University was hands down the most impressive program I visited. The facilities are top-notch, but honestly it was the faculty and staff that sold me. I could tell that they genuinely cared about selecting the best overall "person" for their program. What I mean by this, is that may places I visited only saw me as numbers and figures of GPA's and test scores, they didn't really look past that. Emory wanted to really get to know what type of a human being I was, and asked questions that indicated what type of character I possessed.
The main complaint I hear around campus is that the food just isn't good. OF course there are alternative dining options to the main hall, but if you have to use your meal swipes, you're kind of stuck.
Professors are hit or miss in that a good one is really really good and a bad one...yikes. Most students here are pre-med and struggle through many large and sometimes not at well taught classes in chemistry and math. Outside of the great resources for pre med students in the area, I don't think the actual education they get is all that different from one you could get at a much more affordable state school.
If you're like me and you stick to smaller programs like psychology and creative writing, the professors tend to be much better.
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I attended Emory University from Fall 2013 to Spring 2017. My major was Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology, and I was very involved on and off campus during my time there in various extracurricular activities and student organizations. The school is great and filled with students who are pursuing graduate school degrees, whether that be in medicine or law, and the business school also has great connections and job placements after graduation.

My experience at Emory was very positive; the academic environment is challenging, but fair, and you always feel like you have the resources to do well. The one aspect of Emory that I would like to see improved is the student body and school spirit. There are great benefits of interracial dialogue and activism on campus, but students can tend to form groups and 'bubbles' on campus because of this as well. It doesn't help that Emory doesn't have a football team or prominent sports team either, but overall, Emory was a great academic experience.
The academics are very good, all the professors I've had have been easy to understand, communicate with, and incredibly insightful. The food is definitely below par, but the campus overall is good.
Overall, my experience at Emory University has been a positive one. The academic rigor exceeded my expectations. Emory has Atlanta for a background neighborhood. I have had incredible conversations with people across the world. As a university, it is one of the best in the US.
Oxford College of Emory University has professors that are engaging and compassionate. However, Oxford College is very small and secluded. There are not a lot of activities at or around Oxford, so it can be pretty mundane and lonely. Moving to the main campus in Atlanta will be very refreshing to have more access to restaurants, people, activities, etc.
I like the professors at Emory because I feel that they are dedicated to ensuring that the students learn the materials versus a bigger state school where there is not as much focus on every student. I also like the campus when it isn't under so much construction, and I think having access to Atlanta is a bonus. I think the campus food could be improved, as well as some of the older dorms.
Being in Emory University, I've enjoyed the close yet large community this school has to offer. As it is a medium sized school, there is the closeness you can have within a community but also enough space to choose what type of community you want to place yourself in.
I'm on the Oxford campus right now, and while it is very small, it is beautiful. The academics are rigorous. I feel very safe and comfortable. The dining options are mediocre, as Oxford is rather isolated, but this isn't such a problem at the main campus. However, Emory is not the place to be if your parents make a lot of money but won't help you pay for college; I'm in a financial rut, and I know others who are also going to have trouble affording Emory in the coming years.
Love the area and professors are very knowledgeable in their fields. Academically challenging but great choice for school!
Emory has a wonderful learning environment, perfect for students who want to study and go on to better opportunities. The Atlanta area has many companies that come frequently to find talent, so there are few reasons for not making use of Emory's reputation and location. The professors are wonderful, and the curriculum adequately prepares you for success, no matter where you end up.
Its one of the best schools to go to. I want to go here because of the BSN program they have but, my cousin goes there .
Emory is great in academics and resources. There is so much to explore and experience, so many different people with different backgrounds, and great support for classes. The academics are the best part of Emory. The campus is beautiful but the culture is suitable for certain types of people. However, the fact that Atlanta is so close makes it easy to get off campus and see a completely different culture. The campus is safe and comfortable. The only thing that takes away from Emory really is the crazy tuition.
Emory is definitely a place that encourages academic excellence and engagement. Students often are involved with several clubs, organizations, or other community activities, which makes it seem so that everyone is constantly busy changing the world. Unfortunately, because it is a smaller school located in a fairly suburban area, you can often feel disconnected from the larger Atlanta community. Overall, Emory is a great place to live and learn.
Beautiful campus. Amazingly kind and interesting tour guides. Amazing pre-med opportunities. CDC near campus, and they have their own hospital.
Overall a great university. However, the party scene and food could be better. I went to Oxford which is the Liberal Arts school of Emory and loved it. The people here absolutely create a great tightly bound community.
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A viable alternative to the Ivy League schools that have drifted away from their core educational values. A rich and inclusive cultural environment where students can grow and thrive.

You can keep your jaded Northeast colleges that take and refuse to give back. I'll take Emory and Atlanta; the city too busy to hate.
I enjoyed the diversity of Emory as well as the beautiful campus. There are lots of things to do in the city of Atlanta and we comingled with students from Georgia Tech, Morehouse, Spelman and UGA. There are students from all over the world attending Emory, which gave me an appreciation for various cultures. The school has several endowments so it is a great place to take advantage of the rich culture. There is a great Greek life environment and there are plenty of organizations in which you can be involved to develop leadership skills.
Emory University has the potential to be a great university, but the Office of Admissions ruined my experience. They had a huge miscommunication between the departments, and I had to bear responsibilities to their actions. They did not own up to their mistakes. In fear of a lawsuit, they took my transfer to another school as a way to bury the problem and label it as my fault. In efforts for readmission, they said my personal statement was not long enough, but another student in the same situation was granted admission with a paragraph. They have potential to be good for those who are good in their eyes.
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