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Emory has been a fun and challenging school to attend. I have learned a lot from my professors and have made meaningful relationships with my faculty. The campus administration works hard to create an educational environment that suits all students. The campus life is great for a DIII school. There are SO MANY student organizations and clubs to join, and Greek Life is vibrant on campus. Almost every student is involved in 2-3 activities. Overall, Emory has been a wonderful school where I have been challenged academically and socially, and have had fun along the way.
A great school with lots of faculty support, student resources, and friendly staff! This is the place to be if you value healthy, long-lasting friendships and a fair beginning to a new chapter in your life.
I found Emory University to be rigorous in terms of academics. The professors are readily available, supportive, and they encouraged meetings during office hours. I like the fact that there are a lot of student-run organizations. There are also a lot of on-campus events that make weekends and even finals week more enjoyable.
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Emory's atmosphere is very welcoming and uplifting. I have never felt unsafe at campus and have always been able to find help or someone to talk to. I'm glad to have chosen to come here and the professors and academic life is definitely worth it.
If I could go back to undergrad and decide again where to go to college, I would absolutely choose Emory again. I was very fortunate to learn from great professors who clearly were very interested both in the subjects they taught as well as their students.
During my time at Emory University, I enjoyed the diversity in the student population, relatively small class size with helpful professor office hours, and significant financial aid coverage throughout my four years. A major drawback at this institution was that some professors were unable to clearly explain concepts in upper level chemistry courses.
Emory offers a challenging environment to help students learn and grow. There are many fun and interesting classes to take such as a theater class with Mr. Adam Fristoe from vampire diaries! Being in such a fun city as Atlanta also offers a fun environment.
Emory University has great professors and the school itself is amazing. Two things that Emory could definitely work on would be teaching students how to use the shuttles and providing better food to the students.
Very accessible professors with a lot of research opportunities, especially for those interested in medicine and public health. Atlanta is a great place to live and to learn with a lot of local history and close access to nature
I am so gracious to have the opportunity to attend Emory University. With the amazing faculty and staff, research opportunities, and course variety, I have been throughly pleased with my choice to attend. Emory is a great balance between being a research institution and providing a liberal arts education. If you want a primarily liberal arts education, this is not the place to be. I do think that you can make a schedule that explores education and fulfills your general education requirements.
I've found that Emory has a lot of great resources to offer in terms of classes as well as business connections, but I was underwhelmed by it diversity and culture. Though it strives to be inclusive, I have often found myself disillusioned by the lack of variety of different types of people I meet.
I love the diversity at Emory University. I have felt like the academics were a bit oversold. There's many good professors but I would say overall it's a bit limiting.
Such a great community on campus including students, professors and the other staff around campus. Wouldn't want to spend my four years any where else.
Because of the campus, people, and opportunities, Emory is truly an incredible university! The campus is definitely one of the most beautiful and safest campuses I have seen. New buildings are constantly being built and old buildings are being remolded. The people are truly the heart of the institution. Students and faculty provide a welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment.
Emory University provides excellent academics to its diverse student body. Being part of Emory, it is both competitive and rewarding. It provides great resources and benefits to all its students, faculty, and staff members.
Emory University is a great place if you are looking for community, no matter your background. Everyone is welcome here. There is a club for anything you might be interested in. Most of all, the surrounding area is loaded with numerous activities and opportunities for students when exploring off campus.
I did like that it was close to my home and the school was very close as well as i felt that the teachers were connected to me more than other collages with up to 200 students in one class.
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Emory is a great school for the academics and its beautiful campus. However, the student body is not that diverse, there is not much school spirit, and sometimes hard to integrate.
Emory is a very large campus with some very good aspects to it (professor availability, student involvement, etc), but it also has some drawbacks. You can definitely feel the "Ivy-wannabe" vibe from a lot of the students here, and there aren't a lot of opportunities to actually do research. The vast majority of research is conducted by graduate students and some professors, which is understandable, but they don't really give any opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research other than being a research participant.
It is a great experience for four years. I enjoyed my classes, the campus, and the people that I came in contact with. I can't wait to experience the rest of my college years!
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