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Overall a great university. However, the party scene and food could be better. I went to Oxford which is the Liberal Arts school of Emory and loved it. The people here absolutely create a great tightly bound community.
A viable alternative to the Ivy League schools that have drifted away from their core educational values. A rich and inclusive cultural environment where students can grow and thrive.

You can keep your jaded Northeast colleges that take and refuse to give back. I'll take Emory and Atlanta; the city too busy to hate.
I enjoyed the diversity of Emory as well as the beautiful campus. There are lots of things to do in the city of Atlanta and we comingled with students from Georgia Tech, Morehouse, Spelman and UGA. There are students from all over the world attending Emory, which gave me an appreciation for various cultures. The school has several endowments so it is a great place to take advantage of the rich culture. There is a great Greek life environment and there are plenty of organizations in which you can be involved to develop leadership skills.
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Emory University has the potential to be a great university, but the Office of Admissions ruined my experience. They had a huge miscommunication between the departments, and I had to bear responsibilities to their actions. They did not own up to their mistakes. In fear of a lawsuit, they took my transfer to another school as a way to bury the problem and label it as my fault. In efforts for readmission, they said my personal statement was not long enough, but another student in the same situation was granted admission with a paragraph. They have potential to be good for those who are good in their eyes.
The University provides a very welcoming environment from the first day you arrive. The community is very friendly and diverse so you are sure to fit in. The academics are very tough but the professors are very prepared and always provide proper study aids and office hours in order to assit you. The social and party life at Emory is not a big one but the city of Atlanta is one that provides a lot of things to do and explore. Overall I would recommend Emory University to anybody who is interested in a well-rounded college experience.
Emory has a nice campus, but as a private university, I don't think it's a good return on investment as an undergraduate.
Emory University is honestly the best place ever. Although there is currently a lot of construction going on, the campus is still warm and inviting and the people are open and kind. Every school has it's problem professors and ways to improve, but I would not exchange my experience for the world.
I took a tour at this college, and in all complete and transparent honesty that this college has been my favorite and always will be. Such an inviting and welcoming student body. Competitive and educated but always polite. And the campus is just beautiful. Open sidewalks and greenery while still located close to the heart of the great city of Atlanta.
At Emory I am treated like a scholar and a student, not a number! The professors actually care about how much you learn and what you get out of the classroom- they care about what you do with what you've learned. The Emory family reaches across the globe and is a massive source of amazing connections.
Emory has an amazing atmosphere and a huge supportive campus. It is a place that truly cares for its students.
Emory University is the place to be for pre-professional students who still want to have fun. Campus life embodies the "work hard play hard" mentality, asking hard work of its students and rewarding them with countless opportunities for fun. Spring concert almost never disappoints, and greek life is still an option at this liberal oriented institution. Moreover, students get the opportunity of learning under professionals who are world class in their fields, forming relationships and experiences that will define their careers. An all around wonderful place to be, within the city of Atlanta, Emory University is the place to come.
Emory is known as the Ivy league of the South and it definietly lives up to the name! It is a very good (yet expesnive school), but offers many oppurtunities, much financial aid, and is very diverse. The food is not that great, and can be a bit isolating if you are a minority, but other than that it is a very good school!
Emory University is an AMAZING college. The school is all about giving each student a chance at success, so there are countless opportunities always at the taking.
I went to a tour during Spring Break with my school. It was beginning to sprinkle, but out tour guides really helped to lighten up the mood. They were incredibly kind and were considerate of us when walking througout campus. Asided from our guides, the camous was very beautiful. The facilities were clean and even the food was delicios! PS. They have an adorable waffle maker with the Emory logo on it!
Emory University is a beautiful school in Atlanta Georgia that has a Southern yet modern and innovative feel. The people on campus are extremely friendly.
Overall Emory has been a fantastic school in every way: academics are excellent, campus is breathtaking, professors are friendly and want to get to know students, etc. The atmosphere is very competitive which, for the most part, is beneficial and encourages students to work their hardest. However, this competitive atmosphere also produces extreme amounts of stress for students, making testing weeks somewhat miserable. However, Emory's stellar reputation along with its Atlanta location makes it one spectacular university.
When I walked on to campus on Veteran's Day of 2016, the sun was glistening through the trees. Everyone was happy and walking with someone next to them. Currently, there is a good amount of construction happening to create the new student life center. That was the only down side to the visit. The construction was a bit noisy and the campus looked unfinished. However, the close connections to the Center of Disease Control and their own hospital located on campus was astonishing. They truly have great materials and equipment readily available for their students. Emory is a school that I would not only be happy attending, but I hope that soon I will be able to attend.
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I have really enjoyed Emory. The size is nice because you see people you know every day, but there are still so many people to meet. There is not a lot of school spirit. Students are very academic and do work on Fridays and Saturday. People do go out, usually 2-3 days a week, but it depends on the friends you surround yourself with.
I visited Emory University last summer and fell in love. Although the campus isn't huge, it feels homey and cozy. The small class size, I would think, is wonderful because you get to interact with the professors easier.
I am currently a freshman at Oxford College of Emory University. I love my experience at Oxford because I fit well there. Although the dining hall hours can be annoying, I love the small community and how easy it is to make friends on campus.
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