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I love Emory & Henry. For me, it is a second home. If you're looking for a small school, with big school spirit, this is the place. Teachers know you by name. Class sizes are never more than 25 (that's huge). Sports may not be the best, but you'll always have a team to cheer for. Dorm life is fairly typical, but offers unique living opportunities. Emory is the best decision you'll make.
Emory people. That's what alumni around the school (and far away) are known as, and know each other as. There's an uncommon bond of those that go to E&H and stay on to graduate from there. It's a place that truly breeds better people, and people who always want to come back.
My experience at Emory & Hemry has been fantastic so far! I am a student athlete on campus, I enjoy the scenery and also the people around and at the school!
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Class sizes are small which is gret for getting to know the your peers and the professors
We only have one career center but they do a great job of sending emails to students with hundreds of jobs and oppurtunities
This past year, our school had a lot of diversity and race issues. Our school needs more security cameras and officers in place
The newest dorms are great but most of the older dorms have issues with air conditioning
I am not apart of greek life but everyone that joins always says its one of the best decision they ever made
The school and student body support the many teams on campus.
What makes my school unique is that we are always striving to better ourselves and our community by listening to our students
Emory & Henry doesn't have a lot of campus activities, which makes it pretty boring.
they offer a lot of academics
Overall the diversity at E&H is pretty decent
Drugs and alcohol at Emory & Henry College isn't noticeable. There are some students who may do both, but you will not be aware of it unless they tell you.
My experience with Emory & Henry's professors have been great. They are really nice, and they are willing to work with you if you need the help.
I have not experienced and I have not heard of anyone that has been sexually assaulted on campus.
For the most part, Emory & Henry College offers a lot of career opportunities that people choose to do.
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Living on campus has it pros and cons. I like being able to go next door or across the hall to see my friends. On the other hand, you are not allowed to have parties on campus, or drink alcohol.
Greek Life at Emory & Henry College seems to be wonderful. Everyone is treated like brothers and sisters.
During the first semester, I wanted to transfer. I felt bored a lot of the time and I was stuck on campus in my dorm. When second semester came around, I left my room and hung out with people outside of my room. I went out with them a lot and I finally had the "this is what college is supposed to be like" feeling.
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