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I went to Emory for my freshman and sophomore year. Since it is a small school, you get to know everyone very fast and it is easy to make friends. Greek life is popular here, but a lot of them seem judgemental towards those that are not in there sorority/fraternity. There also is not a lot to do in the area, but there are some great hikes. My biggest complaint was the academics, some classes were not very organized. I would have liked more events on campus or clubs to get involved with. Overall, the college has some good things and not good things. It really depends on your major and social interests.
Its a beautiful campus in Southwestern Virginia. Awesome programs and great recognition! The food is great, the staff is amazing, and the campus safety is awesome. The tuition is a little high, but given it is a private liberal arts college that should be expected. It is definitely worth the money.
Everyone on campus is so welcoming, and they want to ensure you enjoy your time there. I am looking forward to attending in the fall of 2018 and playing on their volleyball team #stingersup
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The college has many great programs to choose from. The students and faculty are a joy to be around, and the campus itself is beautiful. Both near a nicely sized town and out in beautiful rural Virginia.
My experience so far has allowed me to grow and reach new heights in my academic career. My professors have exceeded my expectations. The havd and continue to provide me with invaluable knowledge that prepares me for the world of Occupational Therapy. I have been most surprised by the warm welcome from the marion community. I have been blessed with kind and caring classmates that embody the principles of Emory and Henry college. Overall I could not be more satisfied with my experience at Emory and Henry.
Emory and Henry college is good college. Professors are tough but for the students own good. It’s a quiet place and everyone is very friendly. The food is good but sometimes repetitive.
What I enjoy most about Emory & Henry college is that it is a safe environment and I feel like I am home. What I would like to see improve would be their food.
I really like it here because everyone wants for you to succeed. Professor are ready and willing to help you on anything. The alumni are fantastic. Only down side is that there is not many thing to around campus. There is a lot to do on campus but not off. Nearest town is about 20 mins away give or take 5. Nice environment, has a very nice, welcoming neighborhood. Very homey.
I love Emory & Henry. For me, it is a second home. If you're looking for a small school, with big school spirit, this is the place. Teachers know you by name. Class sizes are never more than 25 (that's huge). Sports may not be the best, but you'll always have a team to cheer for. Dorm life is fairly typical, but offers unique living opportunities. Emory is the best decision you'll make.
Emory people. That's what alumni around the school (and far away) are known as, and know each other as. There's an uncommon bond of those that go to E&H and stay on to graduate from there. It's a place that truly breeds better people, and people who always want to come back.
My experience at Emory & Hemry has been fantastic so far! I am a student athlete on campus, I enjoy the scenery and also the people around and at the school!
Class sizes are small which is gret for getting to know the your peers and the professors
We only have one career center but they do a great job of sending emails to students with hundreds of jobs and oppurtunities
This past year, our school had a lot of diversity and race issues. Our school needs more security cameras and officers in place
The newest dorms are great but most of the older dorms have issues with air conditioning
I am not apart of greek life but everyone that joins always says its one of the best decision they ever made
The school and student body support the many teams on campus.
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What makes my school unique is that we are always striving to better ourselves and our community by listening to our students
Emory & Henry doesn't have a lot of campus activities, which makes it pretty boring.
they offer a lot of academics
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