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You are away from home, you meet your RA and people on your floor, oh my, there are so many like minded people here, and we get to grow together. Emmaus felt like a summer camp - so many friends, great experiences and heart ache. But let me tell you something, a lot of people lose focus of the future, and so many people I graduated with ended up with dead end jobs - This college DOES NOT prepare you for life after college.

You will end up with a lot of student debt, and unless you want to become a Theologian or preacher, you will have a useless degree in Bible. You are better off going to a community college or in-state college. State colleges have devoted Christian groups like Navigators/Campus Crusade/InterVarsity. If I could go back in time, I would not go to Emmaus Bible College - I did make lifetime friends there, but so many people ended up with dead end careers.
Emmaus is a great college because of its size, it has less than 300 students and this makes it so that there is a family-like atmosphere. Everyone knows your name and the teachers care about you and really want you to learn. I highly recommend Emmaus to anyone looking for a good Bible centered college with a family-like feel.
Firstly, love that it's a Bible College with strong theology. It's also cheap (relative to other options). It's small which I love, but may not be for everyone. Has a helpful 1-year program to give you some leeway but not lose credits.
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Emmaus is the type of place that I would highly recommend if you are a student looking for a place of community, excellent teaching, and spiritual growth. As a student, my favorite part of the school is that the professors want to see you succeed and genuninely love you! Connections with fellow students and professors are ones I won't forget.
Awesome faculty, there's a huge sense of community at Emmaus. Lots of information is pushed into your head and the professors are brilliant.
This college has given me countless opportunities to learn and grow here at the school as well as in the community. Classes can be challenging, but in a good wa to grow your knowledge of the Bible and the world around us. Professors and staff are personable and always ready to help. Definitely a school to study at if you want to get deep onto God's Word, learn basic knowledge with a christian perspective, and experience interacting with an incredible community of people both inside and outside the walls of the school.
I have so enjoyed my time at Emmaus thus far! The professors are great, they really invest in the lives of the students. The campus environment is inviting and welcoming from the start. This is a place of spiritual growth and the accumulation of Bible knowledge. I have learned so much about the Bible and Business (my degree program) and I feel I will be ready to enter the workforce when I graduate next spring.
I attended a tech college prior to coming to Emmaus. Emmaus has been very accepting to all of my transfer credits, the transition was issue free.
Emmaus just began online courses this year. The feedback on them has been limited.
I don't really know a whole lot in this area. But I do know that most of my friends who graduated in the last two years are working at a job they went to school for.
One of my Bible professors right now is actually working on an internship for me right now. My degree will prepare me to do mission work effectively over seas by giving me the tools and knowledge about the Bible for impactful ministry. Emmaus does a great job with the alumni. The host alumni games and invite the alumni to a lot of student events to keep them involved with student life.
The professors and courses are top notch. I am a Junior at Emmaus and there has not been one class pertaining to my major that I have disliked. The professors are engaging and knowledgable in their field and they really make time for each student. I have met with numerous professors outside of class for coffee, to talk about a life issue, etc...They really make time for you and care how you are doing spiritually. The class sizes for the most part range from 10-25 students and this size allows for the professor to be personable with each student.
I am in the Biblical Studies Program at Emmaus and I have been thoroughly satisfied with it thus far. The workload is challenging but not over burdening. You have to work but the professors know what line they can and cannot cross. They challenge you to think and put in effort to make you interact with the material being taught. The classroom facilities are top notch, they just updated all the projectors this year. In the Bible Program the professors do a great job with imparting information but they also challenge the student to think of ways on how to apply these truths that are in the Bible into a real world setting. The Bible really is made real and relevant. My professor right now is actually on his own time is trying to hook me up with an internship to Zambia.
The professors take time to get to know you as a person outside of class. They'll meet with you at a coffee shop, invite you to their home, and so much more. You can tell they really care for you and want to pour into your life both academically and spiritually. The setting of Emmaus make it prime for developing life long relationships and growing closer in your walk with God.
Overall, Emmaus is the best college that can be fit for anyone, such as those who struggle or don't struggle with finances. They are more than welcome to help and figure out a solution for each student that comes. Their love for Christ is strong and it encourages each of us to not give up on our education but to continue it for the glory of God!! I am excited to continue my Emmaus experience and use that experience to influence others around me. I would recommend this school to any person around the world whether they can afford it or not because Emmaus would still help, care, and provide for each student.
I transferred 6 credits from High School Composition class and they transferred well.
I loved playing volleyball, making lifelong friends and getting to know the professors.
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The quality of the courses and professors is top quality. The class sizes are small and personal.
There seems to be plenty of opportunities for internships once you get to that part of the degree program.
The student body is diverse in where they are from, but we are all Evangelical Christians so we all agree in the religious aspects. They are very accepting, but you cannot get into Emmaus unless you are a believer.
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