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Emmanuel College is a 4 year Liberal Arts school in the Fenway area of Boston. It is a small school, which makes it very easy to get to know your classmates well and develop a relationship with professors that wouldn't be possible in a large university.
I love the small school feel right in the heart of a big vibrant city. It loses a star because the dinning plan is very much lacking.
Overall, I've really enjoyed my experience at Emmanuel College. It has a great, small campus placed in such as nice area in Fenway. With a smaller campus, it's easier to connect with and seek the help of professors. The other students are also very friendly. Another aspect of Emmanuel that I like is that it is accessible for disabled students. Not only are there elevators in every building, but there are services provided to aid those that need accommodations. As a commuter, I also feel as though there are many attempts made to include commuter into campus life and on campus activities. While Emmanuel does have many diverse clubs, I still feel as though there is a lack diversity. I'm very use to living in diverse areas and going to diverse schools. Emmanuel definitely makes an effort to be inclusive, but sometimes it can be tough when you are often the only person of color in the classroom. That being said, I've had a great experience at Emmanuel so far.
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Overall, my experience at Emmanuel College has been great. The college has a lot to offer for students that enjoy being involved around campus. Even though it is a small school, there are various clubs and organizations to join, and there are many events planned for students to participate in during their time at Emmanuel. Also, by being located in the city, students get the opportunity to explore Boston and spend time off-campus.
Emmanuel College is a small campus in a big city which gives it the advantage of being a small knitted community with the connections a huge, but distant community college would have. However, I will say that it is not as diverse as they try to advertise. However, despite this fact, the friends that I do find are worth it.
I loved orientation and am thus far very excited to be attending the school in the fall. Everyone seems very open and welcoming.
I am a parent whose daughter attended. If your child wants to be challenged academically by his/her peers this is probably not the right school. Our daughter transferred after her second year to another college and she is very happy now. Most of the students are there to party not to study. The administration is good but not great. New administration is needed at the top - been there for a long time. The campus is in a wonderful location and more spiritual based volunteer opportunities need to be explored. This campus has the potential to be incredible but the location was the only stellar feature we experienced. The food was good - that was another plus.
Emmanuel it as close community based liberal arts school in the heart of Boston. It's focus on so many different career paths and majors allows students to experiment and explore all of their possible interests. Being a part of Colleges of the Fenway also allows students to take classes at many other institutions all over Boston.
I love the location of Emmanuel. Its amazing to be surrounded by all the hospitals. Its inspiring especially because I want to have a career in the medical field. I love the small classroom sizes. It makes getting help from professors very easy and they are able to get to know you. What I don't like is that there isn't enough handicap parking and there are a lot of stairs.
I absolutely love this school. The campus setting is small, but you get to know people from a lot of different majors and grades. The different clubs and organizations are very welcoming and positive. Being so close to the center of Boston there are so many opportunities to explore the city with friends and to find internships and off-campus jobs.
Even though I am just halfway through my first semester here at Emmanuel College, I knew from the moment I stepped onto the campus, I would want to spend the rest of my time here and earn my degree(s) from here. There is a such of community, but also leadership.
my experience so far has been great. i feel safe on campus and the faculty and staff are so amazing and helpful!
Professors at this college are very welcoming and easy to approach, so the transition from high school to college was not difficult.
Emmanuel College is a great private institution in the heart of Boston. It's located right down the street from Fenway Park and the world's most renowned hospitals. The professors are passionate and truly care about students' growth. There are countless opportunities to those who seek it.
Emmanuel College is a great college! It has been an easy transition for my first year of college. Its a small university but you still receive all the qualities of a big campus, due to being in the city. As of now the college is expanding and luring more students. Lots of construction is being done on campus, but once the new residence hall is completed, it will look fantastic. One thing that the college can improve on is having more on campus sport options and intramural.
It has been okay. I've never felt like my life has been in danger so I won't really know.
This is my first week living in my new dorm. For the most part it has been pretty good. I don't really like the bathrooms as they are kind of old and people have really gross bathroom habits. For the most part, people respect their neighbors and try to keep the noise level down during the night.
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I don't really know as I don't pay attention to anything sports related.
It's has been a great experience.
Emmanuel makes you have an internship before you graduate which is amazing. They recommend having a couple of internships before graduating, to get you out there and with a company or organization that you know and love.
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