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Great location, staff, and campus. I love most things about this school. However, most of the students are disrespectful and the sports team members act like they own the place, despite being D3.
I transferred to Emmanuel from a community college in Maine after earning my Associate's Degree. I fell in love with Emmanuel after the tour and meeting the professors. Emmanuel is a very small school in the heart of Boston. The size of the school allows for strong connections with your professors and lots of opportunities for hands on experiences. The location of the school allows endless opportunities for internships, and for science degrees lab exposure.
I would like to see a change in the food quality. The quality of the food is not consistent. Also, there is not enough healthy food options. Sometimes, the healthy options are unappealing as well.
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The best thing about Emmanuel college is Professors. They are so helpful! Class sizes are small and it is really helpful because you can easily contact your professors and they are always ready for help to you. The local area is perfect. It is also so safety. Campus foods are very good.
Emmanuel College is a great school. That being said it is very small. Many people go home or party on the weekends, so sometimes it is difficult to stay on campus and make a ton of friends. The academics could be more challenging, but the professors really do care about the students. The food is fantastic, but you can get tired of it. The dorms are nice, the new building will be done soon and that will be great to have more on campus hosing. The school altogether is great but it does have its faults.
It's OK, could be better; students can be very snobby, act like they go to a 20% when they go to a 70+%
it was a great experience. I like emmanuel college because it is a small school where I can build great relationships with my professors.
As an incoming freshmen, it isn’t always a bit nerve wracking to know that I will be on campus in less than 6 months. But Emmanuel has their doors open for us! I attended a mini lecture in the Political Science department and I found it to be fascinating! This college offers a variety of programs in every field of study. Now I cannot wait to attend there.
Emmanuel’s campus is very pretty but small at the same time. The teachers are nice and really caring.
I like the small campus with smaller classes. The food is pretty good and there is plenty of opportunities for learning new things and exploring the city. I am not a big fan of the number of class options. There are many different classes available, but some are only available during certain semesters, which makes it hard to fully plan out your schedule for the upcoming 4 years. I also wish the quality of the dorms were a little higher. There is also not many options for housing on campus.
Emmanuel College is a very small college in the heart of Boston, MA. Being such a small college comes with a number of benefits and drawbacks. Some things I love about Emmanuel are the location, the sense of community, and the convenience of a small campus. You could not ask for a better location for this school with only a short walk to Fenway park, Newbury street, and a short T ride away from downtown Boston. Also Boston is a huge college town, especially in the area Emmanuel is located with Boston University, Simmons, Wentworth, Northeastern and many more just walking distance from campus it really does feel like this area is just one big college campus. Some drawbacks of a small college however are that it can be hard socially to find your group of people, as small colleges tend to form cliques and feel a little like high school. Also, for some people it could be a drawback that you don't get the typical large university experiences like football games and greek life.
I love the small number of students, which allows for a wonderful student/teacher ratio. almost every professor has their PhD, which I find challenging.
It is what you make of it, being in the city is great but if you are looking to be pushed mentally this may not be the right fit. The close vicinity to the best Boston has to offer is the biggest selling point for this college, although it is primarily made up of groups surrounding the underperforming men's sports team(s)
I like the tight knit community that Emmanuel has. The professors are incredibly nice. Though, there aren't as many opportunities given as if you went to a bigger school, and you have to search and sort of beg for opportunities. I would also like to see if Emmanuel could implement a scaling system much like other colleges. I am afraid that my grad school applications will look worse than others because other schools scale, even if we had the same performance, but their grades were scaled up. The area of Emmanuel is also amazing, especially for students who are interested in the sciences.
I love Emmanuel! I think there are always plenty of things to do on campus or in the great city of Boston! Also, the faculty and staff really care about the students and because it is such a small school, it is easy to form close bonds with each other.
The education is phenomenal. The classes are very informative, detailed as well as push you to do put in a lot of time and effort. Yet, I believe the school lacks diversity. I think the change in the population of the student body would truly make Emmanuel College an even better overall community.
Class sizes are small which allows for teachers and students to connect on a personal level. The ARC which is the tutoring center offers a variety of help for any student that is struggling in a subject or needs clarification on a particular topic. They also offer many study sessions.
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Emmanuel College is a 4 year Liberal Arts school in the Fenway area of Boston. It is a small school, which makes it very easy to get to know your classmates well and develop a relationship with professors that wouldn't be possible in a large university.
I love the small school feel right in the heart of a big vibrant city. It loses a star because the dinning plan is very much lacking.
Overall, I've really enjoyed my experience at Emmanuel College. It has a great, small campus placed in such as nice area in Fenway. With a smaller campus, it's easier to connect with and seek the help of professors. The other students are also very friendly. Another aspect of Emmanuel that I like is that it is accessible for disabled students. Not only are there elevators in every building, but there are services provided to aid those that need accommodations. As a commuter, I also feel as though there are many attempts made to include commuter into campus life and on campus activities. While Emmanuel does have many diverse clubs, I still feel as though there is a lack diversity. I'm very use to living in diverse areas and going to diverse schools. Emmanuel definitely makes an effort to be inclusive, but sometimes it can be tough when you are often the only person of color in the classroom. That being said, I've had a great experience at Emmanuel so far.
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