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Emmanuel is very expensive for the quality you receive. Unless you are living in Roberson, you are going to be living in bad conditions - no air, rats, spiders, etc.. they say that it will be taken care of, but the res-life staff are not helpful at all. The food is mediocre, but there is not a lot of options. The professors on staff are top notch. They really care about student success, and you can genuinely see Jesus shine through them. Unless you are a Christian ministry major or an athlete, it is very hard to make friends. I found myself paying to live on campus but going home every chance I got!
It’s a pretty good college. I would like to implement light throughout the campus for night and a healthier food.
I toured in February of 2017, and my tour guide made it seem like events were always happening. Rob lob is supposedly the place where everyone hangs out, yet every time in went in there, it was empty or with very few people. The food is terrible quality. The dishes were always dirty and the kitchen staff is not very friendly. The wifi barely worked. I lived in Jackson for one semester (the oldest building on campus) and in some rooms, you couldn't even connect your phone to the wifi. I contacted my RD repeatedly and she said they were working on it, but it never got fixed. There is a major spider infestation in the buildings. My RA said she would have someone come spray, but they never did. The showers will scald you when someone flushes the toilet in Jackson. My professors were amazing, but the classes were not challenging at all. I would never recommend EC to anyone who wants the college experience.
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Wonderful college, every class seems very personal. Each professor truly cares for their student, they are not just a name on a class roster.
This college is awful on so many levels. Small, dark, dingy, and smelly dorms. The food in caf is like slop, and I seriously wonder if the meat is authentic. If you are not a local yocal, or on an athletic team it is difficult to find friends. Leadership really needs to take a good look at how coaches treat their student athletes, and the false promises they make.
It has been a great experience in the aspect that the people are great, the classes are well set up, and the environment of God is strong within the campus. However, if you are a student and don't do a sport, I feel as though you have a tougher time making friends, just because the college is HEAVY on athletics, like more than 80% of the students are athletes.
Emmanuel is a place to call home, where you meet people you come to know as family, while also furthering your education and becoming a person of integrity.
Aside from the great athletics, which has a bias to certain sports, there is not much that the college offers. Average food, small college, some friendly professors, yet cafeteria workers yell at you for taking a bowl of fruit because you're taking too much. Somewhat unpleasant.
Emmanuel is a great institution for those who want a Christ-centered education in a rural community. The professors are very caring and willing to do whatever it takes to make the student succeed. Some of the rules and policies are too strict for college age individuals, but it comes with the Christian environment.
The social aspect of living on campus is really great. Although, the dorms are not very spacious. It really depends whether you live in the dorm-style buildings or the pod-style buildings.
Emmanuel College doesn't really have a Greek life.
Even if you aren't great at sports, everyone feels welcome to play intramural sports. They are a great way to make friends and really get involved socially at the school. I highly suggest getting involved with one of the sports.
Emmanuel College is the place to be! The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the academics push you without breaking you. Not to mention the overall christian atmosphere is very welcoming.
we have a lot of rules period. Safe
when being recruited for soccer the school was amazing they made me want to go there.
I've had difficult teachers, really god teachers, and boring teachers they all varie
depending on if your in the new dorms or old
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we do not have greek life.
well we just got a new coach for soccer but the month where we had the mens coach was fantastic excited to see where this new coach will take us. the mens basketball team is amazing they just won regionals and moved on to the nationals where they won their first game. Honestly all are sports are very successful.
I came to this school because I got an opportunity to continue playing the sport I love. If I was not playing soccer I more than likely would not be attending this school. I love the friendly environment and atmosphere the school has. I could do without all the rules that come with attending this college though.
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