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Emily Griffith is truly a wonderful school. To keep it short and sweet, I would say to anyone aspiring to join an affordable college; Emily Griffith should be your first choice!
the class size for the lpn program is larger then I would of liked, the school offers a wide range of programs, so far the professors are ok
the workload is pretty heavy but that is to be expected with a nursing program.
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good, a little overwhelming, will be rewarding in the end
We are required to intern with companies before we graduate, and therefore most to all graduates have jobs as they leave school.
The class size are perfect, everyone gets the same amount of one on one time with the teachers.
I see so many alumni coming through our classes to help out, and everyone has an internship or job in their field by the time they graduate.
The homework, though sometimes tedious, is so informative and helps to make everything learned in class stick. The dynamic of this specific major is amazing, we get to meet so many people and everyone gets along so well.
I'm so glad that I chose this school. The sense of community resonates loudly inside of it. Everyone is so focused on striving to be the best they can be, yet they still help those around them.
The campus and its members are outgoing, when it comes to preparing students for careers that they like to purse
the professors at this school do an out standing job teaching, they always clarify everything before moving on to the next subject and what i like is that the instructor always tries to make the class as interesting as possible so we can learn faster instead of falling asleep.
The program that i'm in its just mind blowing, we learn the processes of how advance manufacturing is made before we talk about anything else, than we go to the good stuff hands on training working with materials and how to proper operate a machine and finally my favorite topic how to read blueprints.
My overall experience in this school has been outstanding, I've had the chance to witness and learned how to operate one of the most resent technologies developed in recent years. im so glad i apply for this college, if i had the chance to chose a college again i would pick the same one.
my experience at this school has been more than better, before we even started going to this school the instructor talked to use to see what would be the perfect schedule for us to attend class, with this type of flexibility we didn't had to worry about nothing.
in my opinion online courses are slightly better than traditional classroom experiences because your more focus in what your trying to get done rather than getting distracted with class mates and you can always ask for help to your instructor in something is left unclear.
in my opinion its top ranked, our instructors teach us the very first process all the way to how its done.
this school teaches low amounts of students in each class making it easier for a much better understanding because the instructor clarifies any determine doubt right in the spot,
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The school helps you a lot learning as well has finding internships with company's that are specialized in your career for a better understanding of the determined course, they make this possible thanks to our outstanding instructors that are always interested in our future, helping us opening new doors for success.
What makes my school unique is all the diversity. The great academics and also the great atmosphere and the wonderful people. And last but not least the teachers.
The student body is very diverse we have Hispanic students. African American students, White students and Asian Students and a whole lot of other nationalities. We have all kinds of smart and intelligent and also outgoing people at our campus.
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