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I'm a second-year student at Emerson with a Communication Sciences and Disorders major. While major-specific classes are well-taught, our tuition is overly high since only 60% of what we pay for tuition is actually used for classes. The other 40% is for fun stuff and clubs for only 3 of all the majors at Emerson - film, theatre, and journalism. It's resources are only given to students in these majors, all other students have little-to-no resources other than classes themselves. There are very few clubs or opportunities for other students, and with an extreme lack of a real campus the school has no real place for students not involved in the three top majors. Also, while accepting of LBGQT students, Emerson has no diversity regarding people of color. In addition, it's food is terrible - several students have gotten food poisoning, sometimes having to be hospitalized - and other than spending millions of dollars on a new dining facility, nothing has been done to improve the food.
Emerson College provides great education for careers in communication and the arts. Students get hand-on experience in their respective fields that help to prepare them for the real world. Professors are often working professionals who help to add a real-world perspective to many classes.
When I visited, I knew immediately that it was where I wanted to spend the next 4 years of my life! The students there were so diverse and it seemed like such a tight-nit community. I attended a public relations class and it was extremely interactive and educational. Their athletics are not the best, but they made it clear that it was something that they were constantly trying to improve!
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The staff are very eager to help with admission problems, and their website is very easy to navigate and shows exactly what you need to apply.
Emerson focuses more on networking than standard academics , but only if you are interested in media arts is it effective. I chose to attend as journalism major, and did not get the necessary lessons or connects that the school emphasizes. The professors are kind and will do a lot to help you, but the administration and advisors not so much.
While it seems like everyone is doing fifteen clubs and going to parties all the time, once you find your people it becomes considerably less overwhelming and you can find your groove.
Because there's no actual campus and the population is very small, it's very difficult to find a community outside of your suite unless you're in a club or group. That was my serious struggle first semester. However, second semester of freshman year, I got into an a cappella group, and through them, was somehow connected to everyone else at school. Having this community makes everything feel better.
Emerson is a great college for students who are passionate about the field of communication and know what they want from the school. There are many clubs, television channels, radio stations, theater productions and sports to join and it's very important to be involved with these activities and not only to go to class. The professors and students are very inclusive and creative people but I've had many problems with the college's student services such as housing, dining, and counseling. The school tends to be more concerned with profit rather than the wellbeing of its students, the support they offer does not live up to what they claim. Overall this school has many opportunities and is what you make of it.
Emerson College allows students to be the best that they can be from day one. They never stop our creativity, and they always strive to have students be as successful as possible. Overall, Emerson is and was my first choice.
The resources and academics at this school are great. Although since there isn't much of a campus it is hard to meet new people outside of classes. Also if you are a huge fan of sports and want to go watch games all the time don't plan on going to any for this school, they are not widely publisized.
My four years at Emerson gave me great friends, helped shape my worldview, and greatly contributed to my career trajectory. The amount of opportunity there, both in and out of classes, is endless. The Emerson connections aren't a myth and the name is recognized outside the film/TV industry as well. I was a marketing communications major and I can't count how many times people in the marketing/advertising industry called out, recognized, and asked me about my school during internship interviews and networking events. After participating in an internship for credit at a Boston agency during my senior year, I received a job offer right before graduation, and I've been very happy there since!
I am lucky and humbled to be a student of Emerson College, there is no other college like it. My major is only offered at Emerson with tremendous amount of opportunities to apply my recently taught information to real-world work. There are so many on-campus and off-campus co-curriculars that I am happy to be a part of that I wouldn't get as elsewhere. Thanks, Emerson.
Emerson College is a very forward-thinking community which supports people of many diverse backgrounds. I recommend applying if you are very passionate about what you are looking to do with your college career.
Emerson College is the "hipster" college of the northeast! The students are described as "something else, not mainstream, not traditional, not following the current trends, but following the future trends, before they are trends."
I absolutely love Emerson. It is a supportive and encouraging creative community. There are so many excellent opportunities that aren't available anywhere else. Students are friendly and motivated and professors are supportive and knowledgeable. We have incredible co-curricular activities that prepare you for careers. Emerson was the perfect choice for me and I know that my education here will prepare me for my preferred career.
Emerson is a great school that has an incredible alumni program and has a lot of opportunities to learn. Although the nicest equipment isn't available for freshmen, it's easy to get on film sets of upper class men. They are always open to showing you the ropes. The housing is awful depending on where you live. They are remodeling Little Building until about 2019 which was by far the worst building.

The dining is also pretty bad... I've had friends find mold on brownies and reported it to our administration just to have nothing happen. Someone from our school just eventually contacted the regional director for Sodexo and they came by and overhauled our head kitchen staff. The administration tells us they care about us and other students tell you the administration cares about you, but I haven't seen the administration go out of the way to help us in a lot of ways, other than a "comforting" email after criminal activity near campus.
Emerson’s programs are especially enticing to me. An internship in the PR department of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, film marketing opportunities, and working with companies like Nokia and Zappos greatly appeals to me. Researching the growth of Emerson’s Marketing Communications Program over the last 10 years has made it one of the top ten Marketing Communications school in the country. These kinds of experience opportunities that provide professional development set people apart in the future workforce and that’s exactly why I want to get my Marketing Communications Degree at Emerson College.
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Emerson's Film Culture is really strong! The major projects are very professionally run by upperclassmen. If you really want to work on set it's only a matter of time before the opportunity presents itself. Don't take any opportunity for granted. I only wish that Freshmen Foundations Production class challenged Freshmen to make more films and taught more skills of Production, such as editing for Premier.
Emerson is a great school. The students are very accepting and easy to get along with. The professors care about you and your success. There are a lot of opportunities on campus to get involved with if you actively look for them. Theres something for everyone.
The years I have spent at Emerson College in Boston have been the best years of my life! The Boston Campus gives you the opportunity to live right in the heart of Boston, across from Boston Common! All of my teachers have been engaging and are experienced in their field. Course offerings are plentiful and interesting and I have easily been able to shape my schedule so that it works around my preferences. The friends and the connections I have made, I know, will have great impact on my future career. The option to spend a semester abroad or at the Emerson LA campus is another huge plus for this college. I am very much looking forward to my semester in LA next year. I can not say enough good things about Emerson. I feel as though this school has truly set me on the path to a successful career.
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