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I graduated in Integrated Marketing Communication in 2015. It’s the besr educational experience I have had so far.
Professors were very competent and invariably responsive to students questions.
Staff was also tremendously helpful and ready to address students issues/matters.

I undoubtedly miss Emerson College.
Emerson College has excellent professors, and unique arts programs, however the administration is controlling, disorganized, and insensitive to student needs: student facilities are in some cases fantastic and in others severely lacking. We had no student union for a whole year and a half, because the lease ran out. The theatre spaces are some of the best college theatres in the country, with the only broadway style theatre, and several other excellent performing spaces. However, the administration does not make it very easy to use the space. Our class tries to put on a senior showcase in NYC, and the administrators forbid it, because they are overly controlling of their image. Overall, it's worth putting up with them for the quality of the education, but be aware that there may be hurdles to jump.
When I visited Emerson College, I loved the experience. The students were extremely welcoming, as were the professors. The dorms were beautiful and the campus was wonderful!
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Emerson College has a warm, welcoming, and driven community. Upon touring, I immediately noticed the motivation and encouragement between both students and staff for success.
Emerson is an institution heavily weighted towards VMA and theatre majors. It flaunts its journalism program, but it's very lacking in that department. Many journalism majors cannot check out cameras or tripods and are instead given iPods and tripods for those iPods. Students in this journalism classes are very unmotivated sometimes, while in journalism organizations on campus are much more energetic about their profession. These organizations, as they already contain more motivated students, should receive more funding to entice more students to join them and produce greater work. There is much more diversity on campus this year, which is a step in the right direction as well.
The dining hall has definitely improved from previous years with the new service, although sometimes their options are weird. It's pretty hit or miss. I wish that there were more social space and a better campus center. The campus definitely feels a bit weird with all of the construction, but hopefully that will get better when the renovations are done.
Emerson is an amazing liberal arts school that offers a unique and competitive academic atmosphere for students.
As a journalism major, I love Emerson College for all the opportunities it gives me. The only downside to the school is the overwhelming price, but with financial aid it can be manageable. I highly recommend Emerson College.
The college is very welcoming to everyone and the people are wonderful. The only this I think they should have is dorms for all four years of college.
As a gender minority, it has been very easy for me to spend my time in Emerson College. I just wish that they give better accesses to filming equipment for all students.
I've only gone to visit the school and it was amazing, the students there are really nice and helped my way around the city.
It's an amazing school for academics. I'm a broadcast journalism major, and the material I learn each and every class makes me confident in not only what I want to be but reminds me how lucky I am to go to a school that is ranked #1 for journalism. The social scene is the biggest con for me, it's not a party school- at all.
Emerson is what you make of it. You either love it or hate it depending on your attitude. there is a lot of stuff to do outside of the campus physically and mentally. I've met a lot of cool people and grown as a person by going to Emerson. Everyone is very creative, independent, and driven. Sometimes people are fake and annoying but whatever just don't talk to them. Also, having on your resume that you went to Emerson is a huge bonus, people will most likely hire you even if you're dumb. expensive, but worth it if you're able to afford it. try to join as many orgs as you can, because that will be the best part of college. don't stay confined to the emerson bubble, go out and meet new people around the city, try to get a job that isn't close to campus, you will meet a lot of new, older people that way. overall, I had a good time at emerson but that's because I didn't stress about the politics and drama at school and just did my own thing.
Emerson is my dream school and it’s an amazing expirience! It’s in an amazing part of Boston with a number of things to do at all
times. I don’t think anything needs to change except for trivial things that every college has small issues with such as the size of dorms but they’re not uncomfortable! There’s a world of opportunities to be had outside of the school and great job oppurtinities for graduates! The study abroad is out of this world! I wouldn’t do school any other way
The people at Emerson are so welcoming and are always there to help out. When I first visited I got endless amounts of smiles and I never felt out of place.
Lovely campus in the heart of the city. Helpful and knowledgeable faculty. Lots of opportunities for students!
Emerson is a beautiful campus in a great city, but the people here are awful. They are so liberal, most jokes are regarded as offensive, and this is nonsensical to me considering they are one of two schools in the country offering a Comedic Arts major. People here are just spoiled, stuck-up snobs. I went from being someone in high school who was popular to a loner. Clubs are competitive to get into (at least major-specific, like a capella groups and editing clubs.) If you are super liberal and easily offended, you'll fit in great here. But if you are an intelligent, creative individual who is open-minded and can take a joke, you'll be censored by the political correctness surrounding everything Emerson. Classes are fun. The food is pretty good and I'm a food snob. Dorms are pretty. I just wish I knew what I'm telling you before I came here because I wouldn't've come.
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Emerson College is amazing if you want to expand your network. Essentially, you pay for your connections, not necessarily the education. While you do learn a lot her, it's not all academics. Much of our majors are trades and therefore we learn by doing. It's hard to sit in a classroom and learn about the history of journalism or the history of films and not create our own. We have a primitive location in downtown Boston that gives us access to so many opportunities as well as a great view from our dorm rooms. The faculty are very welcoming and want to help you succeed in your field.
Not bad but not great. This college was very expensive for so-so courses. I honestly had better teachers at my local community college (and those were all free).
I'm a second-year student at Emerson with a Communication Sciences and Disorders major. While major-specific classes are well-taught, our tuition is overly high since only 60% of what we pay for tuition is actually used for classes. The other 40% is for fun stuff and clubs for only 3 of all the majors at Emerson - film, theatre, and journalism. It's resources are only given to students in these majors, all other students have little-to-no resources other than classes themselves. There are very few clubs or opportunities for other students, and with an extreme lack of a real campus the school has no real place for students not involved in the three top majors. Also, while accepting of LBGQT students, Emerson has no diversity regarding people of color. In addition, it's food is terrible - several students have gotten food poisoning, sometimes having to be hospitalized - and other than spending millions of dollars on a new dining facility, nothing has been done to improve the food.
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