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This college is such a joke, from the financial aid department to the actual nursing instructors. Please do not be fooled by the fake reviews on here, the administration wrote them, you can tell because most of the reviews were written on the same date. You pretty much teach yourself the entire nursing program. The instructors are not helpful and definitely have favorites in the class. I just graduated and I do not feel prepared for the real nursing world. I would write my ENTIRE experience with the nursing program, but it's too much to type. Please avoid this school, go to Okaloosa Technical College instead.
The financial aid is amazing and very straightforward, we have monthly meetings over our current status with finances and anything that may help.
The school doesn't offer the course of study that I want to pursue after completion of my LPN, they offer classes for a specific degree but don't offer a higher degree as it is still a small school.
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The workload is a lot but it's broken down into studying, homework, and learning how to do specific paperwork. The teachers are very helpful and understanding with compromising the work load. The pace is very fast with a test a day or every other day and the teachers give adequate time to study.
I love the easiness of the teachers and the pace we go at keeps everyone motivated. The workload is a lot but mostly it's a lot of studying and clinical experience being added.
It's a small campus meant for completing the courses meant to further education or get your degree. The college helps the people in the community get college classes and the experience they need.
For the amount of money I have put in it I believe wholeheartedly that I am getting a valuable education. If you are concerned about your financial aid go speak to the ladies up front. They can help you with any questions you might have.
The professors are willing to do anything to help you succeed at this school.
The one program our school prides itself in the most is it's LPN program, and I'm in it! This program allows us to learn at a fast pace with individualized studies. We get the opportunity to work hand in hand with nurses throughout the community on clinical days. The curriculum is the best! The books are so easy to understand and the homework load is not too much at all. We are one of the only programs that use ATI as a resource for testing purposes.
From the very beginning this school has been so helpful to me. I struggled to get the money to attend in the beginning... they worked with me on my tuition dates and allowed me opportunities to apply for scholarships through the school. The teachers welcomed each and every student with open arms and hearts. If we need anything we know to call them, school related or not. I've had the opportunity to touch so many lives already with clinical at different facilities, I wouldn't be able to do that anywhere else.
While my school is very small in size there are plenty of places for students to gather to study or just simply hang out.
Our student body is extremely diverse! The school has high school age students all the way up to individuals in their 50's.
My schools program has one of the highest pass rates for the NCLEX exam around. They have jobs plus resources available on campus to help find a job after you have graduated.
I am a completely self pay student so I am very interested in exactly where my money is going. They map out the entire financial plan with you to show you exactly how your money is applied. As far as the education goes I believe I am getting exactly, if not more, what I am paying for! The teachers love their jobs and truly enjoy the time with us. If you are interested in financial aid talk to the two ladies in the admissions department. They have been the most help to me and they work with every student to achieve greatness.
I am in the practical nursing program at my school, and it is definitely different than any other. Through this program you are allowed the opportunity to not only be taught and read the materials but as well as hours of hands on experience. Whether it is through clinical days or lab days you are give the chance to really understand the material you are being taught, and be better prepared for a job one day. The facility is fully equipped with the proper tools in the labs to help us day to day. After graduation they allow you the opportunity to take the NCLEX PN and become licensed.
Every teacher at my school finds it very important to be involved with the student's academics. It helps immensely that we have small class sizes so the teacher's are able to develop a relationship with the students that ensures quality education. Even the front office and admissions department are very student oriented. They are more than helpful and really take time to understand the needs of each student.
My school's student body is very diverse. In one class room you have anyone from the daughter who's parent's wrote a check, a girl who is single with three kids who receives financial aid, to the few who are working while going to school. Education is equally important to all of these people and they strive together to make that common goal within reach.
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This is a Practical Nursing program and is geared directly to the acquiring of your LPN.
The curriculum is face paced and built around N-CLEX and real world applications.
Our school is a mixture of young adults as well as older adults. I find it hard to make friends at our college.
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