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I enjoy the flexibility of taking course while working full time. One thing I would like to see change is more of an essence of aerospace in their lower level courses.
Online school that has an extremely fluid schedule. Work at your pace when you want to. Professors know the topics very well, and will always find a way to help.
The professors are very informative and very motivational. Even though I'm going through the online course, you still receive interaction from the professors. I've had a great experience with Embry-Riddle's worldwide campus, and I wouldn't change nothing about what they are doing academically.
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I love this school, its changing my life and makes me love my life every time i take a class. I feel close to the people i take the class with because we are all apart of or have been apart of the aviation community.
Very flexible staff for military students. Genuine concern for the well-being of the students. There is accountability and classes can be confusing, but the good instructors will give you the opportunity to grasp the concepts by working with you one on one if necessary.
embry riddle worldwide is a great school to go to. The school offers flexible hours. classes are avaible in person, online and webcam. the school is perfect for active duty state side and over seas. also great option for veterans out of the service and working full time of using the post 9-11 gi-bill.
I have liked that Embry-Riddle is an extremely military friendly school. Being active-duty military makes school life hard, but Embry-Riddle reduces the stress. Having an advisor on base eliminates the need to contact someone time zones away. Their online class platform is easy to navigate and the instructors are very helpful and respond to questions promptly. I have had a very good experience with this school and will continue to earn my degree through them.
Embry-Riddle has provided me with an amazing opportunity to finish my degree while stationed in Europe. Their vast array of online classes make it easy to the classes you need when you need them. They are a great asset for the military community.
I go to Embry-Riddle Aernotical University world wide campus. They are very friendly and will work with you when it comes to all aspects of your life. I am active duty and got stationed in Japan, they are very willing to work with my schedule.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide is a great school. It is not a campus, so you don't get the campus life but the professors are great and thee classes are very well structured. I have actually learned a lot and the eagle vision modality is amazing and very interactive.
Average education for top tier tuition. Like any other large, private university they prey on ex-military veterans and charge extreme tuition for what they offer. They like to pretend they are an ivy league school, but they most certainly are not. They also have horrible customer service if you file any sort of grievance with them.
I am only completing my first term after a very long hiatus. It is definitely challenging. The coursework is not the usual "canned" variety - it is unique and engaging.
I gained a diverse academic knowledge in my field. Simply having the ERAU name on your diploma brings a competitive edge on job interviews. As far as the Daytona Beach campus goes the gym and pool are excellent, I always enjoyed going into the college of aviation after school and practicing on the flight simulators, and the student lounge was very nice and had a pool table I used to play on in between classes.
I have been enrolled in ERAU - WW for about 2 years now. I enrolled so i could take online courses and get my first yewar of college completed by the time i transfer to the daytona beach campus. I have taken ,Math, Engineering, English, and a speech class. Every class has had a similar course flow. You get your list of assignments due at the end of the week and up to you to complete everything. There is usually a discussion post, homework assignments and a test due every week. I do not prefer online classes because theydo not challenge you enough.
I have been taking courses online through Embry-Riddle for over a year now. It is very convenient, and the advisors and professors are very helpful. I am in the military, so my schedule can be a little hectic at times, and the staff at ERAU are extremely helpful and it is a great university to attend!
Embry-Riddle is a great university to attend if you are pursuing a degree in the aviation field. They offer flexible class schedules and a mixture of online and in person classes are available.
Embry-Riddle is a great school for the field of aeronautics. The faculty is wonderful and very helpful.
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I just started my experience with Embry Riddle, but so far they have been great. They are very military friendly which is a huge help with the constant changing lifestyle of the army.
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University-Worldwide (ERAU-WW) is an institution of true learning. From the versatility of monthly Undergraduate course commencements to the content of individual coursework, ERAU-WW offers the same opportunity to everybody of any status--LEARN. Additionally, ERAU-WW is far more than just an aviation school. They remain at the top of university ratings for quality and accessibility year after year, while maintaining captivating material and intriguing instructors. The student success analytics rate continuously above 95% routinely, and in ANY program on record! Undoubtedly, ERAU-WW should be the first pick for anyone unsure of goals, or steady on real world and up-to-date education.
My overall experience so far has been somewhat positive. While I do have problems, I can say that I am making progress. One problem I can say is that it is kind of hit or miss on what kind of professor you can get. I have heard some polarizing things from other students. One positive is that I find the Eaglevision classroom is an interesting alternative for online class and real classrooms.
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