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ERAU's reputation rests on a strong academic background and an extremely high return on investment value. The school prepares students for entry into the fields of science, engineering, aviation, and intelligence and their programs for each remain highly decorated. I enjoy the university, its professors, and the student body.
This college is for people who want to succeed in life. If incoming students are not willing to work this college will batter them for every step they take. This college prides itself on simulating a work environment. Only choose this school if you are willing to put school work ahead of everything.
ERAU is by far the best decision I made in relation to college. I have learned far more than I could have imagined. I am pursuing a career in Security and Intelligence and as far as I know, Embry-Riddle has the best credentials to help me pursue a career in a security and intelligence field. They are not just great at security and intelligence, but also with engineering and aviation. By having minimal degree options it has allowed for students to have a more advanced learning environment. I also play on the Women's soccer team and even though it makes academics harder, I am still supported by my professors to keep pushing myself to learn more and get help if I need it!
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At Embry-Riddle, the most important thing to consider is to love what you do. This university will help you realise your dreams to become a pilot, engineer, astronaut, or anything you could think that flies. The staff and teachers are all very friendly and caring.
Growing up in a small rural town in Indiana always motivated me to go out and do bigger things. Arizona State has the most students in the nation, so naturally I visited there. While in Arizona I found Riddle and fell in love the instant I stepped foot on campus. I never thought I would end up at a school as small as this but I'm going into my sophomore year and can't wait! The 1 on 1 time spent building relationships with the professors is one of the best things about this school. They can open so many doors for your future. The student body is extremely diverse and you'll never struggle to find something to do. It's the ultimate small college experience.
I've really enjoyed my Embry-Riddle experience so far. It's a small school that's constantly improving facilities and degree programs. I can't speak for the larger majors- my major is still pretty new- but I've not been in a class with more than forty people, and my degree specific classes are even smaller, so there's a lot of teacher-student interaction. Classwork is challenging, but that's one of the reasons I wanted to go here!
The academics are some of the best in the country. The only things lacking are their sports teams, as well as school pride as a whole.
Great place if you are a serious student. If you've come to party, go elsewhere, as you won't fit in with the student body (largely stereotypical nerds) and will be bored out of your mind. The course work is very intensive, and leads to plenty of late nights. The Daytona campus is the parent campus, and as such controls the funding for Prescott, which is often a downside, and as a result there are crowding issues because admissions lets in more than housing can accommodate, because Daytona won't fund a building project to build enough rooms, and other similar funding issues.
I myself will be attending the school soon and based on what I seen everything is top notch I honestly don't know if theres a large party scene but it seems like there isn't a large scene as everyone is focused on completing their respective majors. The area is very out doors so if you desire outdoor activities, then this is the school for you.
The thing that I like most about Embry Riddle is the level of education that you get. The Professors are really knowledgeable about what they teach and they have lots of real life examples that help to visualize the material learned. The Professors also really enjoy feedback and improve the class based upon the feedback that they get.
The atmosphere here in Prescott is like being surrounded by family. The classes and campus are small but large enough to hold a variety of activities as well as people to get to know better. The professors are all extremely knowledgeable and can be reached for extra help at any time. Overall the experiences I have had here are some of the best memories I have.
My overall experience at Embry-Riddle has been great! I love the campus and faculty, the field of study in is exciting and there seems to be no lack of funds when it comes to teaching equipment and materials. Embry-Riddle has so many resources for its students. I definitely recommend this University!
The campus is amazing. The professors who work here and faculty are the best people I have encountered. All of which have diverse backgrounds, which make the university truly great.
I am a transfer student and this college and have had nothing but a wonderful experience. It is a small college but don't let that deceive you. It is an accredited ABET college and busts out the best engineers the world will ever see. I enjoy it here they welcomed me in and now I am completing every class to graduate. The best school!
The Best school for Aerospace/Aviation majors and Global Security. This is not like a public college, classes are challenging to push students to be prepared for their career. Also the ROTC programs, especially Air Force, is the best that I know. Not 5 stars due to things such as food and cost.
I am Currently a Sophomore and Embry-Riddle and coming here to get my one of a kind bachelors degree in Global Security and Intelligence was the best decision I've made. The school is pretty big and there isn't a significant amount of students enrolled so its a relatively small school which is nice if you like it that way. The surrounding area is stunning all year round. The Staff and Professors here are extremely nice and are almost always available to help you because there is about 30 students in each classroom. This opens up more opportunities for one on one time with your teachers. There are a variety of different activities for students and staff to hang out and relax. Our student union has several entertainment choices ranging from video games, pool, and ping pong. Over 95% of our graduates are employed full-time within a year of their graduation from here. There is a bunch of positive things I can say about Embry-Riddle. This is a one of a kind type of school.
Embry-Riddle is a fun school where professors are always willing to help. The open-door policy is extremely helpful, especially when the coursework becomes over-bearing. Professors are usually cordial.
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The school is very expensive but many students are in ROTC and get help paying that way. The faculty is very kind and extremely experienced in the subjects they teach. My largest classes have been ~45 students but most hover around 15-30. The male/female ratio makes all parties sausage fests.
All of the instructors are great, knowledgable and have a passion for teaching and helping you. If you are coming for flight training, I highly recommend coming in with a private pilot's license because getting a flight instructor is tough to do.
Very good school the school has a lot of resources for students to use and the library is very helpful, while the school is at first difficult to get used to, once adjusted the staff are very helpful and friendly, and will help resolve any problems you have
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