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I transferred to ERAU from a junior college and lost an entire year. I love the small class sizes, but with that it limits my schedule because some classes are only offered in one time lot per semester. Overall an incredible school for engineers, pilots, and GSIS students- but only slightly above average for the rest of the majors.
I am still currently a senior in High School but I have been honored with an acceptance letter to Embry-Riddles's Prescott campus. Even though I have not yet started my college experience on Embry's grounds yet, I can already tell how dedicated and motivated this university is towards helping and innovating the lives of their students. Embry-Riddle's out reach programs are amazing. They clearly show that they want to see incoming and current students succeed and I believe them. I know that Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is the right choice for me and for thousands of others. I can not wait to start my first semester.
The thing that drew me to Embry-Riddle was it's small size, and that has many advantages. Classes are small enough that you can get to know your professors, as they don't have thousands of students they see only once a week. If you do want to go here, make sure to visit first, and talk to some of the professors. The admissions team does not know as much about the campus as they claim.
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Just started ERAU. Professors are very happy to be there, want to teach. Classes are hard, but tutoring available (included in tuition). Dorms are cramped (in a 3 person room), they are building a new dorm.
Great university. Small classes. Professors are knowledgeable and professional. - And always teach classes. No TAs teaching. Lots of hiking/outdoor recreation around campus.
I love attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. I have achieved a higher level of knowledge from the specialized courses that I've taken so far. Most professors are really organized and helpful. All professors are required to have a minimum set of office hours per week. Most professors have a passion for the subject that they teach, which make the classes more enjoyable. The school is very academically focused. My experiences at Embry-Riddle will help me stand out from other job applicants in the field of my study. The school is very well-known to the aviation and engineering fields, so it may be easier to find a job after graduating. My degree, Forensic Psychology, is fairly new, so it has not developed as well as other degree programs. When we have a career fair every semester, where companies come to the school to meet the students, there are not many networking opportunities for Forensic Psychology majors. That will most likely improve over time, however.
Embry-Riddle is an excellent and outstanding university to experience. The entire campus is academically driven and faculty and staff invests heavily into the students. The abundant resources and opportunities offered is unique and diverse. The professors are more than qualified and have excellent work history, career experience, and dedication in the students. It is completely a hidden gem in Arizona as I personally consider it to be at the same level as any and all ivy league institutions across the nation.
Great school that professors teach at. Wish the pricing was less and allowed for better student engagement. The school gets all four seasons and allows for great times. There is not much partying at the school and more on the academic side. The school is great at helping students get a job.
Best school in the United States! I fell in love with this school the second I got in. All the students and staff are brilliant and very polite, the classes are excellent with amazing student-teacher one on one. The campus is really nice as well as the dorms, the dorm neighbors are always polite and everyone is respectful. The level of the academics is outstanding and all teachers always make you do your best. Very international student friendly, national students treat us kindly and with great respect. Teachers pay close attention to all their students and help them out in every way possible. The campus is very safe and the studying environment is outstanding.
Embry has excellent teachers and is overall a great experience. However, it is absurdly expensive, the flying program is lacking instructors, and the food have gotten my friends food poisoning many times last semester. Once you make it through though, you will have the massive debt paid in a decently short amount of time.
For my first year at attending this school I really enjoyed how welcoming the people were. Most people are easy to talk to and will answer any question you have. The campus may be a bit small but it makes it easier to get from class to class. Teachers are great at making time available for their students' education. The dinning hall was great at the beginning of the school year but overtime students get tired of the same food and there became less food options.
I transferred to Embry-Riddle from a big state school and I'm so happy I made the choice to switch. The classes are tiny and you can actually get the help you need compared to 400+ student lecture rooms. The professors actually get to know you and learn your name, which comes in useful later. There's a lot of organizations and clubs to join despite the small student size, too.
However, the dorming isn't the best, there's not enough social activities, and some of the staff clearly isn't happy teaching. The campus is very tiny, too, with not a lot a students who aren't always the most social.
I love Embry Riddle because the professors are great at their jobs and teach the specific subject perfectly. I love how open the campus is and everyone there is nice and respectful. One thing I would like to change is for the school to provide teachers who have experience teacher the specific subject that they are trying to teach their students.
I'm trans. That always makes life difficult, but surprisingly, ERAU handles it well. You're allowed to put a preferred name in the system and that's what will show up on the attendance.
You can also room with people of your gender identity.
Fair warning: ERAU is a pretty conservative campus, so there's a number of people who are against us. But I assure you that there are plenty of allies in the faculty and staff who are here to help us. Also there are a lot more LGBT students than I expected and we essentially act as a family. You won't feel out of place here.
So if you're a trans student looking into ERAU, know that you'll be safe here and still have a great experience. I agree for the most part with other reviews on here, so take a look at those as well. I just wanna help any possible incoming trans students because I know I wish I could have seen a review like this.
Very professional setting, where the institution puts its money where its mouth is. Programs are goal focused and there is no messing around.
So Far the oportunities that Embrr gives to the stundetns pursuing a undergrad program are limitless, the expirence given in the lab by professors is unique and really goes into a hand-to-hand teaching rather than sticking to following procedures. Overall, I feel like embry is the right place to be.
Embry Riddle is a great school, however I do not believe that the tuition is very justifiable. The faculty-student ratio is fantastic and each professors' enthusiasm to their subject is electrifying. I would love to see the tuition drop to at least $30,000.
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I rate this college 100% in the rating. It is the 1st Aeronautical College rated by US News, and is guaranteed to get you a job after you graduate. If I were you, apply to this school, and the benefits you will get.
The staff at Embry Riddle is very welcoming and they keep the campus clean, there are great people that attend the school and the school has a high GPA average which pushes others to work hard as well.
It is a smaller campus, but very easy to connect with others. Professors know you on a personal level and are always willing to go out of their way to help. If you like all things planes, this is the place for you!